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Armenian Desert Safari (13 March 2009) Monday, March 09, 2009

A joint event with "Emirates Greeks".   

Rate AED 150 per person 

1500hrs      Pick up from outside Raffles hotel, next to Wafi City, Dubai
1545hrs      Arrival at the desert meeting point depart for the dune bashing
1630hrs      Stop at the camel farm and proceed to the sunSet point
1820hrs      Proceed towards the Bedouin camp
1930hrs      Four course Arabic buffet with barbeque meats and soft drinks.
2045hrs      Depart from the camp
For booking, you need to call Talal Schaikh of North Tours directly at 04 2222808 (ext. 206), mobile 050 3898946, e-mail: dsd@northtours.net

For further enquiries, contact Serine Gharibian at 050-3678820, e-mail: serine_gh@yahoo.com or Azad-Hye Group.

Bookings could be made until 12 March 2009. Last day (13 March 2009) bookings are not accepted.

Click below photo to enlarge:

Desert safari

Abu Dhabi: Paregentan celebration Friday, March 06, 2009

Paregentan in Abu Dhabi The Armenian Weekly School of Abu Dhabi celebrated the Paregentan with the teachers and children.

Click to enlarge the photo.

Sharjah: Armenian karaoke and dinner Thursday, March 05, 2009

All You Can Sing and Eat

The Cultural Committee of the Armenian Community of the Northern Emirates is pleased to invite you to a unique gathering to enjoy a light dinner while singing on the tunes of Armenian Pop songs.

The event will take place on Friday the 6th of March 2009 at Pierre Keusseyan Community Hall starting 8.00 pm onwards.
Tickets will be on sale at the entrance. Price per ticket: Dhs. 30 for adults and Dhs. 15 under twelve.

It is advisable to book your places by calling to Mr. Datev Soulian 06-5660320.

You are all encouraged to join us with the members of your family and sing our popular songs.

The Cultural Committee of the Armenian Community of Northern Emirates

Original announcement (PDF format, English and Armenian)

Armand Shirakian comments on the annual Armenian dancing parties in Dubai and Northern Emirates Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good day, New in Dubai from Los Angeles, was lucky to find out about the ball through a co-worker in the office. Going alone and with no prior reservation was lucky enough the organizers had a couple of extra tables in the back for the last minute shows. Did not waste any time mingling with the crowd especially at my table.


The MC was a bit disappointing, especially messing up the names with some of the foreign dignitaries who may chose to have second thoughts next year. Given the MC announced the food will be served around 11:00, most people were hungry anyway at 9:00 + so they kindly made their way to the food court which did not include any real Armenian plates. Had no idea that Beef Bourleogn and Sushi were Armenian delicacies. Nevertheless, the food was ok. I was looking forward to having a nice Armenian "gatnabour" you know the Armenian rice pudding at least for desert. But alas, we had to indulge in the famous Crème Caramel and Apple Pie.  



Suzy Karadjian comments on school and education issues Monday, March 02, 2009

Suzy KaradjianIn order to expect better results from educators or to bring other educators from abroad I think the School work should not be a volunteer work and it should be paid work, so at least we can demand better results.

A good solution for our students maybe is the daily Armenian school idea, which has been discussed for a long time now, but there must be honest discussion about how this can work out.

We need to attract the students with extra-curriculum activities. They should not come to the school forced by their families. New methods should be introduced in the educational system to make talking and learning Armenian more fun.


Parev Emirates monthly gathering: March 2009 Saturday, February 28, 2009
Parev Emirates Event
Monthly gathering: March 2009
Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 04 March 2009 in The Sapphire, The Century Village, Garhood, Dubai, at 09:00 pm (Location map)

When you are there ask for the Parev Emirates corner.

The Saphire Dubai

The Sapphire's telephone
(useful for last minute directions, access and parking info):
04 2868520

Nishan Basmajian: The number of supporters of the school has increased Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nishan BasmajianPosted as comment after the following article: Sharjah: A new community approach adopted by the School’s Board of Trustees

I am thankful for the comments made at the occasion of the "Ghavourma" event organized by the Board of Trustees of Ohannesian School with the active participation of the six female teachers, without whom that event would not have succeeded.

Allow me to make few clarifications:

1. The Board of Trustees has not volunteered nor has been given the task "to take care of the entertainment and the social needs of the community". The "Ghavourma" event had indirectly a pedagogical objective. The target was hit. 

2. As a member of the Board, I assure you that until now The Board hasn’t lost neither its educational nor its pedagogical focus and trust the members, they won't lose focus in the months to come.

a) I appreciate Azad-Hye being concerned and worried. Just to remind the readers, right after the "Ghavourma" and Bingo event the teachers, with the support of the Board, organized few more events, educational and social, which have been well accepted by the school children as well as their parents. All the past events (and the events to come) have been decided weeks before the "Ghavourma" dinner event. Read more (including our comment) 

Sharjah: Professor Juliette Gulamirian's final lecture (28 February 2009) Friday, February 27, 2009

Professor Mrs. Julietta GulamirianFor two weeks Professor Mrs. Julietta Gulamirian (PhD in Pedagogical Sciences), author of pre-school Armenian textbooks for Diaspora schools, has been the guest of the Ohannesian Armenian School of Sharjah.

During this time, she delivered several lectures (some for the teachers and others for a the parents and wider audience).

The last lecture of these series will take place on Saturday, 28 February 2009, at 08:00pm in the Armenian Community Hall in Sharjah. See announcement here (PDF format, in Armenian, nicely prepared flyer).

The title of this conclusive lecture is "Should we punish the child?”

The lecture will be followed by constructive conversation about educational methods.

Gulamirian will also summarize here 2 weeks fact-finding mission in our community and will highlight some of her recommendations.

At this important point we would like to inform you that Azad-Hye has decided to pay more attention to our UAE Armenian two schools (Sharjah and Abu Dhabi).

For this purpose a School Support Unit has been established.

Here are some of the ideas that instigated the creation of the School Support Unit: Read more 


Forming a School Support Unit in the UAE for our both weekly schools (Sharjah and Abu Dhabi) Friday, February 27, 2009

The Armenian community weekly schools in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi (UAE) are functioning for more than 25 years now.

The initial core needed for forming these schools have remained the same, but the methods, challenges and prospects have undergone many changes.

The Armenian school forges a remarkable bond where each student becomes the concern of the entire group. It enhances the sense of belonging to the Armenian nation.

Azad-Hye has decided to pay more attention to our two Armenian weekly schools in the UAE (Sharjah and Abu Dhabi). For this purpose, a School Support Unit (Վարժարանի Աջակցութեան Միաւոր) has been established with the members of Azad-Hye Group and friends.

The unit is a kind of forum for providing new ideas and constant support to the already ongoing efforts to improve the educational level of the school.

We all recognize that there is room for improvement and we all know that this is a common concern and therefore we need to work together in this respect.

The School Support Unit will help highlight the concerns. It will work closely with the School Board of Trustees. The task in front of the Board of Trustees is far bigger than anyone can imagine. We all need to support the Board and ensure the improvement of our school. We believe that our Unit will add something in this process.

Here are some of the ideas that instigated the creation of the School Support Unit: Read more 


Paregentan celebrated in the Armenian School of Sharjah, 26 February 2009 Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dubai and Northern Emirates Armenian Annual Ball 2009 Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dubai and Northern Emirates Armenian annual ball took place at the “Al Bustan Rotana Hotel”, Grand Rashidiya ballroom, Dubai, on Thursday, 19th February 2009 from 09:00pm onwards.

Specially invited for this occasion was singer Koko Asaian from Aleppo (Syria) accompanied by Sbidag band.

In a bid to attract more people (having in mind the current worldwide economic crisis), the entrance fee this year was AED 300 (US$ 82) per person (compared to AED 375 in 2008). Beverage rates were also reduced. All at the expense of the food quality. No Armenian dishes were served (although the distributed commemorative book included more than 30 culinary delights, mostly for demonstration purposes). The number of attendants this year was 380 (30% less than last year). Read more

AGBU Young Professionals chapter opened in UAE Monday, February 23, 2009

AGBU logoAGBU Young Professionals – UAE Chapter is a professional network for young Armenians eager to interact with professional and like-minded young Armenians in matters related to current events, challenges, concerns and issues.

As part of a growing global network, the AGBU Young Professionals in the UAE is a forum for Armenians interested in professional development, and support of Armenia and Armenians through education, business development and entrepreneurship. The AGBU Young Professionals -- UAE Chapter will organize activities in the UAE and interact with young Armenian professionals in the Middle East and internationally. The AGBU Young Professionals in the UAE will also partner with other YP programs worldwide and participate in international events such as FOCUS.

To learn more about AGBU Young Professionals please check our website: www.agbu.org/yp 

Come join the Armenian Young Professionals of the UAE for their kickoff social event next Friday 27 February 2009. We'll be taking the outdoor sunken terrace at Calabar in Downtown Burj Dubai. Read more

Abu Dhabi School calendar 2009 Sunday, February 22, 2009

CoverWhat is behind a calendar?

A calendar is a system of organizing days for different purposes. It has social, religious, commercial or administrative use.

But for Abu Dhabi Weekly Armenian school a calendar serves as more than just a tool for organizing days. It is a combination of a visual tour, brief national history, social review, work of art and several other elements besides being the fruit of dedicated work and inspiration.

As we mention inspiration, we come to know the person who motivates the whole process: Gulizar Jonian, the Principal of the school.

Click each month below and you will see the details of the calendar. First, you will have a good reference for Armenian religious and national celebrations. Then you will notice the birthday of each student according to the month. Read more

Armenian School of Kuwait: Kermes 2009 Friday, February 20, 2009


Տէղի պիտի ունենայ Չորեքշաբթի 25, Հինգշաբթի 26 եւ Ուրբաթ 27 Փետրուար 2009-ին:

Այս տարուայ Քերմէսին տէղի պիտի ունենայ`

1-Միշտ համեղ եւ իւրայատուկ համ ու հոտ ունեցող տիկնացի պատրաստած ընթրիքներ
2-Ճոխ յայտագիր - Անակնկալներ
3-Snack (fast food, hot dog)
4-Bingo՝ բացառիկ նուէրներով
5-Գիտելիքներու Աշխարհ (Հ.Օ.Մ.-ի պատրաստութեամբ)
6-Խաղեր՝ Crazy Hat & Crazy Quarters
7-Տիկնիկային թատրոն
8-Շպարում ..... եւայլն, եւայլն
9-Վերջին օրը վիճակահանութիւն

First day of Great Lent / Medz Bahq (23 February 2009) Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February and March 2009 Sharjah Church schedule

Each year the liturgical calendar lists many occasions for observing Paregentan (good living). One such occasion is Poun Paregentan (Main or Prime Good Living). The name rings for all people with a joyful sound. It is the signal for the start of the abstinence. It serves as a joyous celebration as a counter-balance to the burdensome weeks of abstinence (lent). It is a toast for long life, health and success. It is a heartfelt expression of an attitude toward loved ones, disclosed in gatherings and around bountiful tables.

This year paregentan is marked on 22 February 2009

The Peace Service (Khaghaghagan), the Rest Service (Hanksdyan), and the Sunrise Service (Arevakal) are performed more often during Lent than at other times of the year. In popular terms Peace and Rest services are combined and called Hsgoum.

Peace Service, performed in the late evening, contains prayers for peace at the end of the day. Rest Service, which comes just before retiring for the night, asks God's continuing care through the night. Sunrise Service, performed first thing in the morning, reminds us that God is the giver of the light of the morning and the light of salvation.

The Great Lent (Medz Bahq) is 48 days from the day that followes Poun Paregentan until the morning before the Easter (this year it starts from 23 February 2009 until the morning of 12 April 2009). The main part of the Lent is between Poun Paregentan and Palm Sunday "Dzaghgazart" (6 weeks), followed by the Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Holy Easter (total 7 weeks).

Read more

Full seven days of Armenian jazz in Dubai Tuesday, February 17, 2009

With the support of the Embassy of Armenia in the United Arab Emirates, famous Armenian jazz players and singers will be performing in the 7th edition of Dubai International Jazz Festival organized by Chillout Productions from 18 to 27  February 2009 (the Armenian musicians cover the period form 18 to 24 February 2009).

"We celebrated the 70th Anniversary of Armenian Jazz last year. We will be participating in the Dubai International Jazz Festival with 18 musician. This is a great opportunity for the music lovers and the general public in the UAE to know about our jazz traditions. It reflects the fact that jazz is a very popular form of music in Armenia", said HE Vahagn Melikian, Ambassador of Armenia in the UAE. Read more

Pyunik football club camps in Ras Al Khaimah Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pyunik logoArmenian football club Pyunik is camping in Ras Al Khaimah with complete set of players since Sunday 15 February 2009 for two weeks. 

The team plans to have two friendly matches with local clubs.

Sargis Hovsepian, Robert Arzoumanian, Karen Dokhoyan and other known players are in the team.

Pyunik has won the Championship of Armenian clubs ten times since it was founded in 1992. 

Website: http://www.fcpyunik.am/ (in Armenian only)

Sharjah: Armenian educational course by expert Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the purpose of improving the educational level of the educational staff, the Board of Trustees of the Armenian Ohannesian Weekly School in Sharjah has invited an expert from Armenia who will be delivering lectures to the educational staff and to those interested in educational subjects.

Lectures will start on 14 February 2009 and will continue for two weeks, totally 6 lectures.

The lecturer is Professor Julietta Gulamirian, Ph D in Pedagogical Sciences.

Please contact Mr. Datev Soulian at the community center number 06 5660320 in Sharjah for more details and the exact dates of the lectures.

Original announcement (PDF format, in Armenian)

Community page

Armenian Jazz in Dubai Sunday, February 15, 2009

Armenian Jazz in Dubai

4 times per week to Yerevan with Armavia Airline Friday, February 13, 2009

ArmaviaArmavia Airline is increasing the number of weekly flights operated between Yerevan and Dubai from three to four.

U8 303/304 flights will be operated on the following days:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from February 2009.

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