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Kev Orkian
The only Armenian comic pianist in the world.
Kev Orkian has performed for many years across the world with his off the wall comedy show (with Piano accompaniment, also by Kev). 
This one man show will have you rolling in the aisle with laughter as Kev tells us the storyís of his up bringing and what it like to be the only Armenian comic pianist in the world (and how proud his parentís are with that achievement).
Kev is an accomplished pianist playing renditions of the great classic's we all know, whilst also making you laugh with his clever musical interludes and comedy timing.
Kev will perform in "The Madinat Theatre", Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE, from 06 - 08 February 2008. 
Tickets are priced at 135 AED (about US$ 37)
Show commences at 8.30pm

Kev was born in London and comes from an Armenian background. He trained at Brunel University in drama and music and also trained for a two-year National Diploma in Performing Arts.
Prior to appearing in musicals, Kev was a principal dancer with the Russian / Armenian Kev Orkiandance troupe, as well as being guest MC for "Five Decades of Love".
Kev Orkian is also a consummate pianist having performed classical repertoire at the Victoria Palace, Wembley Conference Centre and Kensington Palace. Kev has also been involved in British tours of blues and rock concerts.
Kev has also appeared in numerous commercials playing various lead roles in Kleenex, Maxim Magazine, Low alcohol beer, which he couldn't finish because he got drunk after several takes.
2004 saw Kev supporting some of the countries top comics when he toured with Joe Pasquale and Jim Davidson performing his Illegal Immigrant Pianist act.
15-20 January 2008 Kev will be performing in the Armenian Heritage Cruise, while later on Febrauary 2008 he is scheduled to be in Oman.
Kev Orkian's official website: http://www.kev-orkian.com/

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 (7506 reads), comments: 1
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Posted by Nishan Basmajian on Friday, January 18, 2008

To the concerned:

I'll attend (God willing) the show with family and friends. Let us (Armenians in UAE)  be at Madinat Theatre hall the days of the performance. This is a good opportunity for the Cultural Committee of the community to try to organize a performancre in the Keusseyan hall in Sharjah at an affordable price. In this respect a reportage can be sent to the Armenian Newspapers in Beirut, Aleppo, Europe etc.

Azad Hye, thanks for announcing the event in the website, I would request you to try to organize an interview with Mr Kevorkian. Let us not forget the fact that it is difficult to ask Celebrities the 11th hour to allocate time for anything unscheduled, therefore it is advisable to act from today and be in contact with him and the organizers of the events, if, of course, the concerned committees have the intention to organize what suggested above.

Madinat Theatre is trying (indirectly) to make the interested in art and culture feel the Armenian cultural presence in the country; It is, therefore, our duty to take advantage of this, at the same time to reciprocate to the gesture by being physically present in the theatre hall. On another hand, by inviting the GUEST and the responsible organizers of Madinat event to the church, by showing them the warmth any Armenian deserves and making him perform in our hall, we give him the feeling to be proud of being Armenian and that he isn't anymore a guest but HE IS AT HOME. 

Thank you

Nishan Basmajian

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