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Socrat ArakelyanContributing in the creation of an informed public and more effective and accountable government

Members are free from outside interferences
Azad-Hye Special

Socrat Arakelyan (Fellow, Public Relations Team, Policy Forum Armenia) is based in Dubai. We had the following interview about "Policy Forum Armenia":

What is Policy Forum Armenia?
Policy Forum Armenia (hereafter, PFA) is an independent professional non-profit association aimed at strengthening discourse on Armenia's economic development and national security. PFA was launched in February 2008 and already includes a 60-plus-strong membership of young Armenian professionals from around the world specializing in various areas of public policy.

What is PFA’s Vision and Mission?
In both substance and form, PFA transcends the traditional bounds of Diasporan involvement in Armenia's nation-building process. Through its hybrid operations as a think tank and advocacy group, PFA aims to help shape public policy in Armenia by offering alternative views and professional analysis on various issues pertaining to Armenia's economic welfare and national security, culminating in innovative and practical recommendations. Furthermore, PFA aims to contribute to the creation of an informed public and more effective and accountable government. PFA hopes to work with the Armenian government along with the private sector in an effort to resolve problems surrounding the economic conditions, social developments and international relations facing Armenia.  With a dedicated group of capable intellectuals and professionals, PFA may be the ingredient to help Armenia have better developmental policies in place and as a result get closer to its full potential.

What areas and issues does PFA aim to tackle?
Anything that has to do with Armenia’s economic and social development as well as national security would be of interest to PFA and its membership. Topics currently under discussion include Human Rights, Armenia-Diaspora relations, Financial development in Armenia, Environmental issues, and U.S.-Armenia relations. 

How does PFA get its message out?
The State of the Nation Report is PFA's flagship product. To be published bi-annually, the State of the Nation Report will provide a critical assessment of processes taking place in Armenia and offer recommendations on key policy issues. The report will analyze and offer constructive criticism of past trends and future prospects in various issues in economic social development and national security. The State of the Nation Report will be geared toward a readership consisting of government officials, businessmen and other stakeholders in Armenia’s development. PFA membership believes in free exchange of information and professional analysis. During the troubling events which followed Armenian Presidential Elections, PFA provided news service to those unable to read news on Armenia via News and Reports, Radio PFA, Blogs, and I-Report.

Who can join PFA? 
The organization's main asset is its worldwide network of professionals and leaders who are dedicated to bringing about a new brand of involvement in Armenia's development in their respective fields. While historically the Diaspora has focused on philanthropic endeavors and brick-and-mortar type projects, PFA intends to help Armenia bring about self-sustaining change through better policies, via the creation of an informed public and more effective and accountable government.  Just a glimpse at the impressive assemblage of diverse professionals and leaders that comprise PFA suffices to demonstrate the organization’s potential. Therefore we welcome applications from individuals who have the education and experience necessary to achieve a practical, working solution to challenges facing Armenia and the Armenian nation. We also seek to establish partnerships with international as well as Armenia-based organisations with complimentary goals, a track record of good governance, transparency, and accountability to explore synergies toward achieving common objectives.

Why Support PFA?
PFA is the only nation-wide independent professional organization with an objective of improving policy design and conduct in Armenia. PFA believes that having well-thought and properly implemented policies today are key for development and prosperity of Armenia in the future and are far more important than natural resources or “favorable” geography. PFA members are free from outside interferences. They do not receive financial compensation for their effort. The PFA’s governing bodies are independent from any government, political party, or other interferences.  Furthermore, PFA encourages sharing alternative ideas—no  matter how different they are from the consensus—through the various communication tools it has and is in the process of building.

For more information about Policy Forum Armenia (PFA) you can contact Socrat Arakelyan at Sarakelyan@pf-armenia.org or visit the web site www.pf-armenia.org 

Socrat Arakelyan is a banking officer in the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to moving to the UAE, Socrat worked at the UK representative of the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units.

Whilst working as an Economic Researcher and Assistant to the Director of the Confederation of British Industry London (CBI), Socrat was responsible for developing policies and promoting the views of CBI members on transport, land use planning, infrastructure development, environment, energy and health & safety issues through active involvement in policy consultations with Greater London Authority.

With a degree in Economics and Politics, and a Diploma in Anti Money Laundering and Securities & Investments Qualification, Socrat specialises in anti money laundering/terrorist financing, compliance, anti-corruption and corporate governance.

Having lived in Armenia, the UK and the UAE, Socrat takes a keen interest in developing and promoting Diaspora related issues.











 Policy Forum Armenia





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