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My NationThe Book: "My Nation"
Subtitle: The trails and trials of an Armenian repatriate
Text and photography by Arsineh Khachikian
Published in 2008

Arsineh Khachikian will be in Dubai and attend book signing event of her newly published work "My Nation".

The event is organized by Virgin Megastore and will take place in the books area of "Virgin Megastore", in Deira City Center (Dubai), at 08:00pm, 28 October 2008.

On this occasion Arsineh says: "I'm honored to be sharing my book with the UAE Armenian community where I've met so many devoted people to our culture and country. This book reflects on our successes as Armenians with the goal of defining our future. The UAE is in a very unique position to play a role in Armenia's future with it's close proximity to the homeland as well as their flourishing community. I hope that this presentation sheds some light on our strengths and needs in a way that unites us world wide in a mission to define our future as a prosperous nation."

"A lifetime spent searching for my own identity has led me to the discovery of history in the making. Underneath each rock I turned lay more rocks, revealing the story of a people undefined in a modern age: Armenians. This book will explore the depths of a people who challenge assimilation, defy expectations of defeat, and triumph in the face of their own doubt. Itís the story of my life and my nation through the lens of my camera, my eyes."

About Virgin Megastore:
Since its establishment in the UAE in 2001, Virgin Megastore has created a whole new dimension in entertainment. As active sponsors of major entertainment events in the UAE, Virgin Megastore's support and sponsorship is not only innovative and interactive, but highly compelling too. Not just music, not only movies. In the ever-expanding world of entertainment, Virgin Megastore leads the pack by continually identifying newer, more inventive Virgin Megastoreways of catering to the customers' needs. Which is why today they sell a range of products including music, DVDs, books, electronics, mobile phones, multimedia, games, accessories, merchandise, computers and a whole lot more...†

Visit any Virgin Megastore in the UAE at: Deira City Center, Burjuman Center, Mercato, Mall of the Emirates and Abu Dhabi Mall.

The above event was made possible with the joint efforts of Virgin Megastore, Boghos Tutunjian, Creative Works AP and Azad-Hye.†

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Self portrait of Arsineh Khachikian

Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 (6724 reads), comments: 2
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Posted by Arsini Anteryasian on Saturday, November 01, 2008

I missed the event. Can I buy the book from Virgin Megastore? Could you please let me know the cost in UAE Dirhams.


Dr. Arsini

Posted by Boghos on Monday, November 03, 2008

Hi Arsini,

Yes you can purchase the book at Virgin Megastore Deira City Center. The retail price would be AED185. By next week books will be spread to the rest of the stores in U.A.E. 


Boghos O. Tutunjian

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