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Picnic of Dubai Sharjah Armenian Youth in 2004Azad-Hye: We all know how active the Armenian youth in Dubai and Sharjah have been lately. This started by Hye Lounge team with the announcement of their first event, followed by other events on almost monthly basis. The emphasize was given on social gatherings.
For most of the participants it was a surprise to realize that the number of young and professional Armenians in the UAE was bigger than any previously known figure. Hundreds of Armenians now are connected through these events and others wait their turn to be "discovered" and get involved.
The Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates was also relatively quick to respond. In an open meeting with the youth in 14 July 2007, the Council succeeded in grabing the attention of many new comers. A new youth committee or directive body was elected in a democratic way(perhaps for the first time in the history of this community), which will lead the way to dig out more about the needs of the youth and act accordingly.
At the time being the athletic and social activities seem to have the upper hand. We hope very soon to see some cultural events. Sports is for the body but culture is for the mind and soul.  
The athletic interests of the youth in our society are so obvious that a group of fans are planning to attend Armenia - Serbia EuroCup football qualifier match on 13th October 2007 in Yerevan, Armenia. The relatively cheap Armavia (from Dubai) and Air Arabia (from Sharjah) airline tickets are favoring such decision. 
Obviously, traffic problems in Dubai are not an obstacle in front of our youth. They are ready to fly thousands of kilometers to achieve their goals. But these goals are not always as clear as we would imagine. The Council, the Church and other bodies such as the Media Committee, Ladies Commitee, Cultural Committee (most of these committees are now in the Intensive Care Unit) need to assist in defining these goals first.  
Photo: Picnic by Dubai-Sharjah Armenian youth (Archives, 2004)

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2007 (5125 reads), comments: 1
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Posted by Sevag Davidian on Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear UAE Armenians,

Azad Hye mentioned about a group of Armenian football fans planing to attend the Armenia - Serbia match.

Well, just to add on that information, I like to inform you that till today, the number of that group is grown to 15 and we expect more.

Everyone is welcomed to join us, no age limit. But we will be much happier if you can invite non-Armenian friends to join you, us too.

We are planning to leave on the 13th October, 8am flight with AirArabia, the ticket costs 640,- Dhs. only!!, back with the 17th October flight. Others are planing to go earlier than that or stay couple of days longer.

There are other flights with Armavia too.

The hotel costs shouldn't be much, very good rates at the Canadian-Armenian run Parev Doun Hotel in the heart of Yerevan.

Important information is that the 13th or 14th October is going to be holdiay in UAE for couple of days it will coincide with Eid al Fitr.

The match ticket rates are not expensive, 2000.- (20 Dhs.), 4000.- (40 Dhs.) and 6000.- (60 Dhs.) trams only.

We are planning before the match to meet and proceed to the stadium together and sit together.

If you are willing to join us, please register your name and details with us

We are planning to make special t-shirts for the occasion.

My details: Sevag Davidian, 050 6507947, email: sevag.davidian@gmail.com

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