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Women’s Excellence Group – WEG

Azad-Hye Special

The Abu Dhabi International Centre for Organisational Excellence – ADICOE,  is an organization affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

In its pursuit of excellence, ADICOE has now established a Women’s Excellence Group – WEG. Thirty professional women, acclaimed leaders in their respective fields, have been invited to be part of a unique initiative called the Big Sister/Little Sister Program, in order to provide mentoring for young women who are moving up their career ladders.

To launch this group, ADICOE organized a 2-day “Women’s Excellence Workshop” at the Chamber of Commerce, directed at young and rising managers identified by their respective organizations as "high potential."

Dr. Catherine Norton was invited from Australia to present workshop on effective leadership.

On Wednesday, 03 March 2010, six high profile professional women took part in a panel discussion focussing on how they have reached the current point in their careers, the challenges they faced and ultimately how they triumphed.

Gulizar Jonian (left) and Dr. Catherine Norton

Member of the Abu Dhabi Armenian community Gulizar Jonian was chosen to be one of the six inspirational women invited to the panel.

Over 150 people attended the event. Dr Catherine Norton the moderator, introduced Gulizar as “a Canadian Armenian known for her commitment to her profession and the many other businesses she has undertaken, in addition to her volunteer work and being a local media and TV personality.” The latter was in reference to Gulizar’s appearance on a prime time TV program showcasing as a model leader, inspiring team members to keep high their optimism and excel, even under stressful conditions.

Gulizar introduced herself by saying “I’m an Armenian, born and raised in Iraq, where I studied Architecture against the advice of many who considered it a male dominated industry.” She then went on to talk about the various stages in her life, the challenges she faced, the countries she lived and worked in, and what she learnt from each experience. In conclusion, Gulizar noted, “As the epic author says, the journey is just as important, if not more than, the destination…”

During the question and answer session, the audience asked the panellists their views about how to overcome the challenges facing working women and the invisible ceiling that hinders women’s progress, to which Gulizar replied, "I do not believe that there is such a ceiling, and if there is one, it is there to be broken…"

See part of Gulizar Jonian’s introduction in a video clip on Youtube:

Gulizar Jonian and the other panellists were given a commemorative plaque by ADICO’s CEO, Dr. Hadi El Tijani (see below photo) as a token of the organization's appreciation. The public was invited to continue networking over a buffet lunch at the Chamber of Commerce.
















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Gulizar Jonian's Email


Abu Dhabi International Centre for Organisational Excellence – ADICOE
Women’s Excellence Group – WEG

The ladies of the Women’s Excellence Group – WEG will meet regularly to discuss issues related to empowering women in the economic development of Abu Dhabi as per the 2030 Economic Vision and shall further provide input and advice to ADICOE on women’s leadership development needs.

They shall also participate in master classes/workshops/seminars organized by ADICOE, thereby establishing The Excellence Alliance, consisting of six of the world’s leading educational institutions; Cambridge, Oxford, London Business School, Harvard Professors, Singapore Civil Service College and National School of Government UK.

Their task is to work collaboratively to deliver unique modular leadership programs tailored to meet the regional needs.





































Posted on Friday, March 26, 2010 (6964 reads), comments: 11
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Posted by hanan on Thursday, April 01, 2010

إنني إحدى الحاضرات لحلقة المناقشة والتي استمعنا فيها الى ما سرد من نجاحات السيدات المتكلمات.


وأود أن أحي السيدة " كوليزار" وأحي فيها الروح المشرقة دائما وصفاء النفس المرتفعة عن التكلف .


لا يمكننا إلا أن نلمس الاطمئنان الذي تضفيه هذه السيدة الكريمة على ما حولها والمليئة بالنشاط والطموح. لتمنح الآخرين قوة الثبات.


باركك الله وبارك سعيك للخير. 

Posted by Menas Chakmakjian on Friday, April 02, 2010

الف  مبروك والى المزيد من النجاحات  يا كوليزار  .

Posted by Joan on Monday, May 03, 2010

Well done, Gulizar!

It is great that others recognise your many skills, professionalism and wonderful, positive spirit!

Keep going strong!



Posted by Seta on Monday, May 03, 2010

Great achievements!!!  You're an energetic and an inspiring woman.  All the best.



Posted by Fran on Monday, May 03, 2010

Brilliant Gulizar.


You are indeed an inspiring role model.



Posted by Debra on Monday, May 03, 2010

The young women are so lucky to have you as a mentor!  Congratulations dear friend!!! 

Posted by Noor on Monday, May 03, 2010




Posted by Faiza on Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm so glad to read your news and so proud of you cause you deserve the best! 

Posted by Anoush on Monday, May 03, 2010

Most interesting, BRAVOOOO Hokis, I am very proud of you, keep it up!

Posted by Liz on Monday, May 03, 2010



So great to read this article regarding the great work you are still doing in Abu Dhabi. It was a thrill to listen to your voice on UTube!


I was very interested to learn of your involvement with promoting excellence in the female working arena.

Posted by John on Monday, May 03, 2010

Dear Gulizar,

Congratulations…. May God bless you with more and higher recognitions which you deserve…

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