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John Guevherian with President Clerides of CyprusVisit the newly introduced website: www.guevherian.com

John Guevherian was born in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia in 1948. He is the grandson of Rev. Hovhannes Guevherian, the first Pastor of Armenians in Ethiopia (1877–1957). After finishing his elementary education in his hometown, he came to Cyprus to study at the renowned educational establishment, the Melkonian Educational Institute from 1962-1967. He then continued his education at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon (A.U.B.) from where he has obtained his degree in Architecture in 1973, with honors.

John Guevherian is an architect by profession. He has distinguished himself in his professional domain of architecture by participating successfully in numerous Pan-Cyprian architectural competitions and winning several first prizes, including the Headquarters of the Cyprus Sports Organisation (KOA) in Nicosia, the “Kition” covered athletics Centre in Larnaca, including the Olympic swimming pool and a Housing Project in the Nicosia suburb of Kaimakli of the Cyprus Land Development Organisation. His other prizes include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sports Centre in Agros and Limassol.

Guevherian is actively involved in the Armenian community life in Cyprus.  He has designed and supervised the construction of the monument for the victims of the Armenian Genocide which was erected at the Armenian churchyard in Nicosia in 1990 (see photo below).

Equally significant is his artwork. His exhibitions have always been very successful and well appreciated by the art-loving public. Some constructional and cubist elements hint at the dual role of Guevherian, that of the Architect and the Artist.

Guevherian’s deeply rooted love and nostalgia for his homeland Armenia is apparent from his many paintings of ancient Armenian churches and monasteries as well as his use of the different Armenian motifs and symbols in his works. Likewise, the artist’s connection with Cyprus and his love for Greek Culture is equally strong and remains the subject for many of his creations which are inspired from the unique Cyprus landscape and the Greek mythology.

John Guevherian is married and has two daughters. He lives and works in Cyprus and he maintains a serious and steady presence in the art world with his solo exhibitions as well as participation in various group exhibitions.

Source: Website of John Guevherian (www.guevherian.com)

The above news was circulated by Gibrahayer e-magazine (www.gibrahayer.com) on 04 September 2008 

John Guevherian in Azad-Hye Directory

Upper-left photo: The president of the Republic of Cyprus, Glafkos Clerides, presenting a prize to John Guevherian - July 1999.

Genocide Memorial in Nicosia by John Guevherian (Azad-Hye photo):

Genocide Memorial in Nicosia (1990)



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Posted by diana tchakerian on Monday, January 18, 2010

Congratulations John Guevherian on your achievements both in the field of Architecture and as an artist.  We read an overview of your work in an article publlished in Azad-Hye, sent to us through the Ethio Armenian website (Hampo Ghazarossian).

Keep up the good work, and let's read many more articles about you in the published media.

We are proud of our compatriots from Ethiopia, like yourself, who have achieved such brilliant positions. Well done!

Diana Tchakerian

Melbourne - Australia

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