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Ramgavar meeting in DubaiAzad-Hye Special

Mike Kharabian, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Ramgavar Azadagan Party (Armenian Democratic Liberal Party) met with party followers, friends and media in Dubai on 01 November 2008.
During the past months the Middle East Armenian communities witnessed a revival of Ramgavar presence. Communities like Damascus, Amman and elsewhere reorganized and put forward a new scheme for activities.
Zareh Tutunjian, a long time resident of Dubai, welcomed Mike Kharabian in the United Arab Emirates and gave a briefing about the community life, starting from the late 1970s when he first came to the then unknown and newly independent federal country of the UAE. Tutunjian described the first steps taken then in organized community life and the spirit of unity that prevails since then, especially in forming several bodies which continue governing the local public and social Armenian life. He stressed that the followers of Ramgavar Party have always been cooperative with the National Council. "We would wish the vision of cooperation and unity to remain a reality at all times. This can only be achieved when majority dominated bodies keep respecting the thoughts of others and continue giving them the chance to take part in community life on all levels".
Kharabian briefed the attendants about the political situation in Armenia and Diaspora. He especially emphasized on the struggle for the Armenian Cause. "The developments are quick in this domain, but the basic facts are still there and should always dominate all possible discussions, on national or international level. No Armenian official in Armenia or Diaspora can unilaterally and without reference to the will of the people make conclusions or promote solutions about the Armenian Cause by claiming to be the mouthpiece of the people. The aspirations of our population is the core of our struggle and will always remain the essence of our legitimate demands from Turkey", Kharabian said, making reference to recent Turkish media attempts to invite Armenians on individual basis to talk to Turkish media and to isolate some of their thoughts and ideas by using them out of context. "We should be careful and cautious in dealing with any such approaches", he warned. 
About the nature of his visit Kharabian mentioned that it has been important to do networking of existing Ramgavar members all around the world in order to have a database where "we will be able to know our strengths and analyze our weaknesses and try to deal with the opportunities and the existing threats. Without a logical analysis we will not progress in our administrative work in the way that we would like to see this progress reshape our life", he concluded.
The meeting was hosted by Ohan and Alin Balian, originally from Jerusalem. As an experienced analyst and consultant Balian offered his services. "Plans to strengthen communication channels within the chapters across the world and the Central Committee are vital and will support the drive to move forward in a rapidly changing world", he commented.

One of the topics which was discussed was creating a unit in the UAE. 

Azad-Hye was invited to attend this meeting as a UAE based independent Armenian website. 

Photo: From left to right: Alin Balian, Mike Kharabian, Hrach Kalsahakian (on behalf of Azad-Hye), Zareh Tutunjian and Ohan Balian.

The Ramgavar Azadagan Party (Armenian Democratic Liberal Party) is essentially a national organization, the main objective of which is the pursuance of the major concerns of the Armenian people, with the collective efforts of the entire nation, without any class discrimination. The ideology is based on the principles of supremacy of the popular will, the full implementation of all individual and collective rights and constant evolution of social conditions. The foremost considerations of the party, however, constitute the complete restoration of the historical Armenian fatherland, the general development and progress of Armenia, the preservation of the Armenian diaspora, and ultimately the assemblage of the Armenian people on our historical and traditional lands. The party has remained faithfully adherent to the slogan "Always with the fatherland and the people; for the fatherland and the people".
The party enjoys political presence in Armenia, Lebanon, USA, Canada and some other countries. It was established in the Ottoman Empire by Megerditch Portukalian in Van in 1885, as one of the first parties that was established in the Ottoman Empire by Armenians (called Armenagan Party). In 1921 the Armenagans, reformed Hunchaks, and Sahmanatir Ramgavars joined together to form the Ramgavar Azadagan Party.

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