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Songwriter, composer, arranger, guitar and keyboard player Seto Baghdassarian has been to the UAE several times during Armenian ball events.

He has accompanied many Armenian singers (like Addis Harmandian, Harout Pamboukdjian, Karnig Sarkissian, Rayissa Megerditchian, Nune Yessayan, Martin Yorgants, Yorgy Minassian, Antoine Bezdjian, Vicken Dischekenian, Hratch Gaidzagian, Garo Gaboudagian, Shake Baghdassarian, Joseph Krikorian, Manoug Minassian, Norair Kazandjian...) in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and America.

Recently his name was associated with promoting karaoke music. We had the following interview with him.

How did the idea of creating Armenian Karaoke website occur to you?

Being an artist, I was always thinking of new ideas that can keep the Armenian music and songs alive in our social and cultural gatherings and can ensure the participation of all attendants. What better way to achieve this than the karaoke concept? This is a very strong way to pass the passion of Armenian music from generation to another.

Is Karaoke widely known amongst the Armenians? Can it be used as a means of entertainment in Armenian gatherings?

Armenians in all parts of the globe are embracing the karaoke concept and incorporating it in their activities. Karaoke promotes music and brings people together in a fun way, creating happy and joyful atmosphere at parties, be it cultural, charity fundraising and all other events.

How big is the Armenian karaoke library and what is your contribution in this field? What are your future plans in this regard?

I now have four volumes and the work is continuing. Each volume has 15 songs. We have every Armenian listener in mind and thus making it possible for all to enjoy our folk, patriotic and love songs. For children, I am preparing several special volumes to be released in the coming period.

Are you worried about copyright issues and pirating of your work by online free sharing?

Yes, the worry is there, but there is not much you can do to protect yourself. Once your work is in the digital format, it is really up to whoever acquires that work to abide by the laws and implement the anti-piracy rules, which protect both the owner and the cultural work itself.

I would like to thank my Karaoke fans. With their support I will always be inspired to come up with more ideas and projects.

Seto Baghdassarian in Azad-Hye Directory


Armenian KaraokeThe Armenian Karaoke Store is a Studio owned by Seto Baghdassarian who specializes in Armenian karaoke tracks. 

ArmenianKaraoke.com products are Stereophonic CDs studio-quality recordings and are suitable for display on computers, TV monitors and projectors. The DVDs support 2-language options for script - English and Armenian. Karaoke singers will find it easy to follow the track, enjoying singing the traditional, pop, folkloric and patriotic Armenian songs.

Link: http://www.armeniankaraoke.com/

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Click below to follow Armenian karaoke music:

Hay herosneri yerke (The song of Armenian heroes) 

Vocals by Nersig Ispirian, Karaoke arrangement by Seto Baghdassarian


Music, lyrics and karaoke settings by Seto Baghdassarian

With friends (from L-R): Vahe, Nersig Isbirian and Seto Baghdassarian













Accompanying Adis Harmandian (Seto is the first on the right)

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