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Kevork SioufiAzad-Hye Special

In the 1960-70s, Middle East Armenian societies in Beirut and Aleppo witnessed the rise of several performers, who introduced a new wave in the Diaspora Armenian musical traditions. 

Names like Maxim Panossian, Manuel Menengichian, Adis Harmandian, Paul Baghdadlian, George Tutunjian, and others managed to overthrow the dominance of Turkish songs, which were still listened by the Turkish speaking generations and introduced Armenian songs. 

Since then many new performers appeared in both Beirut and Aleppo and kept this tradition alive.

A new comer is Kevork Sioufi, born in Aleppo in 1980, who resides in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates since 2001.

Singing was not something that Sioufi fancied at early age, but when he was 20 years old, he could not disregard the gradually growing interest. Now he makes a living by working in the car mechanic business, but he finds ways to cater to his strong inclination towards the Armenian music.

Sioufi has forged good relations with Armenians in the music business, like US based composer Vicken Makoushian, who was one of the first to encourage him and provide professional advice. Hovig Adourian (Araz Band keyboardist and studio owner) and Georgig Chirishian (Ramaya Band singer), both based in Aleppo, Syria, have been great believers in his talent.

November 2009 witnessed Kevork Sioufi's first step into the world of music recording, when he released his first audio album called "Shpatsur Ints" (Spoil Me).

The CD is made of 8 songs (Shpatsour ints, Halvoum em, Choutag, Sourp Sarkis, Naz ouni, Ari meg nazov, Achkes jampout - Siroun vart es, Ankin yeghpayr). The songs were recorded in "Studio Acoustic" in Aleppo under the supervision of Hovig Adourian. Track and lyrics were taken care by Harout Bedrossian. The cover photo and design was made by Varant Proudian (see back-side cover below).

Kevork Sioufi has special attachment to the well-known singer Maxim Panossian. Several of the songs in his debut album were originally played by Maxim. Kevork attempts to revive Maximís songs with his personal style. For this purpose, he is planning to dedicate his second album (expected to be released next year) completely to Maximís songs, while his third album will carry more of his own lyrics and arrangements. He realizes that he has a long path to go on, but he believes that his devotion to the Armenian music will open the way in front of him.

Kevork Sioufi has been careful in training himself and in developing his own musical potential. He is proud of his private musical archives, which has been an inspiring resource for his musical progress.

He is completely satisfied with the results of his first CD released few weeks ago. Friends and listeners are expressing their positive feelings about this work, through Facebook and other means. He feels lucky that the work, being his first, is void of any technical or other faults. For this, he is thankful to the careful work done by Hovig Adourian.

Azad-Hye wishes Kevork Sioufi success in the world of Armenian musical entertainment. It is worth inviting Kevork Sioufi to perform in the next social gathering in the UAE community.  

Kevork Sioufi could be reached at UAE mobile +97150 4121956 and email address. 

Click below to hear all of his eight works in the first album "Shpatsur Ints" (November 2009), specially hosted in Azad-Hye:  

Shpatsur ints (Շփացուր ինձ)

Halvoum em (Հալւում եմ)

Choutag (Ջութակ) 

Sourp Sarkis (Սուրբ Սարգիս)

Naz ouni (Նազ ունի)

Ari meg nazov (Արի մէկ նազով)

Achkes jampout - Siroun vart es (Աչքս ճամբուդ - Սիրուն վարդ ես)

Ankin yeghpayr (Անգին եղբայր)

Kevork Sioufi

Posted on Friday, December 04, 2009 (7826 reads), comments: 3
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Posted by Garo Nazarian on Saturday, December 05, 2009

We are waiting for the new album.

Posted by Carlos Jose Bourdjian on Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Could've been a better album. I'm not seeing anything special to be distinguished than the other performers of today.

Posted by kevork sioufi on Friday, December 11, 2009

Բարեւ Գարլոս Պուրտճեան: Կը յարգեմ քու կարծիքդ: Շնորհակալութիւն:

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