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Sebouh ArmenagianAzad-Hye Special

Today we are launching 24 hours online radio (click the Radio banner on your right side). Our aim is to broadcast selected Armenian music and other audio material such as interviews, literature readings, language lessons, theatrical performances etc. We encourage our listeners to enrich the electronic library and send us material that we can share with others.

On this occasion we had the following interview with the person behind this project: Sebouh Armenagian, a Cypriot Armenian residing in Sharjah since 1986.

- How did the idea of online radio develop in your mind?
Well, it was always my dream that the Armenian community in the United Arab Emirates acquires its own radio station. Since this requires a lot of staff and funds, it seemed difficult to achieve it in the past, but now with the advent of the broadband connection (called Al Shamel in the UAE), the dream turned into reality. The idea of course comes from the necessity of sharing audio experience with the members of the community and with Armenians worldwide. We are living in a new age that allows the accumulation and sharing of experience on different levels including the musical level. Through this method we will be able to revive the Armenian music and enable members of the community and other Armenians to feel close to the spirit of the Armenian music and other aspects of cultural and public life.

- Did you face any technical problems in developing the project and was there any assistant from other sources?
I tried to setup the radio station locally, but the required port was not open. When the Armenians in Cyprus did their own radio setup at www.cyprusarmenians.com, I asked for their help. They provided assistance with pleasure. I would like to thank the Cyprus Armenians for their generous attitude. This is an example also about how Armenian communities in general can share experience and help each other. The problems and challenges in the Armenian communities worldwide are almost the same (without ignoring the differences at the local level). Therefore, the tactics to face the problems can have many similarities and in this context our cooperation is a bright example. Imagine if the cooperation is stretched on higher level, then we will have many bridges between the communities and no Armenian would feel isolated. This is the utmost purpose of Azad-Hye and the radio will certainly enhance the idea. 

- How can you differentiate Azad-Hye from other online radio broadcasts?
Internet radio stations try to provide near CD quality, some of them stream a lower quality sound due to bandwidth limit. Azad-Hye is using a very reliable server with no bandwidth limits, therefore our sound is near CD quality. We have a strong team with Hrach Kalsahakian's knowledge on Armenian issues, Norair Kazandjian's musical talents and Carlos Jose Bourdjian's art background, our team is devoted and dedicated to this project on voluntary basis.

- Besides music what other items the online radio can broadcast?
Of course, we can stream live events, such as the Holy Mass from the Armenian Church in Sharjah or other events taking place in the Armenian community, but this is of course subject to the good will of the Council of the Armenian Community, otherwise it can turn into a classic example of bureaucratic hurdles. Another way is to record the events and broadcast them later.

- How can you ensure that the quality level is preserved, either in the selection of music and in the technical quality of the broadcasted items?
We are continuously following the streaming, plus we are choosing the songs and not just taking a CD from a friend and start streaming it. We will try of course to obtain most recent songs and audio material. Within reasonable time we will have a remarkable electronic library.

- Generally speaking, how can a community benefit from an online radio?
First of all, this will help preserve our language and culture, since we are planning to stream interviews, poems and everything that can keep the language on daily communicative level. Another benefit is to teach and train young members of the community in initiating or supervising projects in the audio-visual domain. This also needs cooperation of parents and other bodies in the community. 

- Do you think that you will have audience from outside the Middle East?
In general although Azad-Hye administration is in the United Arab Emirates, most of our visitors are from abroad, therefore definitely we will have listeners from other parts of the world. This is the beauty of modern technologies; you can hear Armenian music even if you are in an isolated place.

- What comes next?
Video streaming. One day it would be possible to watch live Holy Mass, cultural and other events organized by the Armenian Community.  Again we need the co-operation of the concerned bodies. We can video record the events and broadcast them at a later phase.

- Why you chose to launch the online radio station today (24 April)?
Obviously the day has great symbolic meaning (commemoration of the Armenian Genocide). It is a message of survival. 24 April has become a day of revival and not laments. On this occasion our Broadcasting Manager Norair Kazandjian has selected some 200 songs marking the event, which will be aired throughout the day.

Click here to listen to the radio.

Posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 (7931 reads), comments: 17
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Posted by Shant on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Great job... all the best.

Keep it UP gentlemen.

Posted by Seta on Thursday, April 24, 2008


Ourakhem aysbisi ashkhadank me daradze Sebouhe, abirs, tebed shad me haygagan 24 jam radioner gan sagayn sepagan ounenale darper zkatsoume hadoug UAE..... nayev anonk voronk okdagar tartsadz en Sebouhin vor hachoghtsnen ays radiojame........

Gareli e desagtsoutyounner al elan, inchbes kaghoutes aytselogh gam kaghoutes ners voreve daghantavor martig vor gernan irents portsaroutyounnerou masin khosil... yev darper paner.

Indzi hishetsouts yerp meg ankam gazmagerbetsink mer srahen ners nakhajash me our engeratsav radiojam me 1 jamva devoghoutyamp, ays tsevov garoghatsank darper pan me hramtsnel ayt orva houyreroun, voronk irents garkin ourakhoutyamp masnagtsetsan tsernargin.

Gareli e menk ounenank nayev mer khosnage yev nergayatsoutsiche vor nerga ella tsernargneroun.... aysbes ashkhdanke ge medzna.

Hachoghoutyoun Sebouh

Shnorhavor ela UAE hyer.

Seta Mangassarian Balouzian

Posted by Panos Balian on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Sebouh, Hrach, Norair & Carlos,

Well done boys! Tebi arach, noranor nvajoumner...

This unique event also coincides with 93rd commemoration of the genocide.

Warm regards,

Panos Balian, Abu Dhabi

Posted by vatche bedrossian on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Congratulations. We are listening the station in USA. Your contribution to the Armenian culture is tremendouse. I will recommend your station to all my friends and ask them to invite other friends.

Good Luck 

Posted by Armig Nadjarian on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well done guys! Loved it so much, am forwarding it to any Armenian and Non-Armenian friends I have all over the world. Keep up the good job.All the best.

Posted by Socrat on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Sebouh, Hrach, Norair and Carlos,


Any new venture/business or idea that is contributing to the Armenian cause deserves to be praised especially when this is done on a voluntary basis,   therefore, I and many others wish you every success in your new project. I hope that this radio will reach many Armenian desk/laptops and also homes across the whole of Middle East through radio waves in near future and will become the Voice of Armenia in this region.


Whilst we often receive messages, community news through various electronic communication channels, I hope that the leaders (Council of the Armenian Community, The Church, Armenian Embassy) of our respective communities will endorse (as this is done for the benefit of our community) and use this new tool of communication to get closer to us.


For a long time Azad-Hye website has been a source of unbiased, reliable and valuable information which has brought our community together and I hope that the new radio will follow suit.


Good Luck and Best wishes,


Socrat Arakelyan, Dubai.


p.s. I will be happy to provide you with all kinds of Armenian music (ranging from heartfelt love songs to rabiz :)) and other material if required.

Posted by Gulizar jonian on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sebouh, Hrach, Norair and Carlos

You are not just good Armenians ... You are Pioneers!

You may always count on my support.

I salute you.

Gulizar Jonian

Posted by Shavasb Bohdjalian on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Congratulations to both Azad-Hye and Sebouh Armenagian for a great effort.

A job well done. I know from my own business how difficult it is to set up a site with so much features, and you have done this on your own resources and apparently through help from Cyprus.

Posted by Vehanoush Balian on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Parev sireli Hayer!

Serdants ge shnorhavorem tser polore. Manavant Norair Kazanjian'in yerkere yev tsayne shad shad ge havnim.

Siradz yerkes A R A R A T! !!!!!!

Hatchoghoutyoun Hayer!

Vehanoush Balian

Posted by Carlos Jose Bourdjian on Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear all Armenians,

First of all thank you for all your comments, these will cherish us a lot to do our job in a perfect way.

Our aim is to be distinguished from other 24 hours radio stations presenting good quality Armenian Music with its different genres from Armenian Liturgy to today's contemporary music besides to brodcast other cultural and educational materials in order to provide a quality Armenian atmosphere and avoid what all other online radio stations do.

This is a huge job to do but I believe that we can do it step by step and with the help of all of you.

Enjoy Azad Hye Radio,

Carlos Jose Bourdjian

Posted by Kevork Nazarian on Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Sebouh,

May God bless you and gives you the strength for the fine job that you are doing to the Armenian community all over the world (Aztvatz ouj garoghout dah kez) the whole family is enjoying your site and the music, I forward your site to all my friends, what a beautiful name AZAD-HYE.

Best regards,

Kevork Nazarian, USA

Posted by sonig boghosian on Friday, April 25, 2008

Well done, keep up good work for good causes.


Posted by Suzy Karajian on Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dear organizers of Azad-Hye radio station ,


It was a real delight to hear about an Armenian Radio station launching from UAE and based on volunteer work, I really appreciate it.


I am sure that its not easy to accomplish such a project specially all of you are committed to your own businesses and the Radio requires so much time and work.


I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing job you did and its really meant a lot to launch it today on 24th of April, apparently despite that the Turkish government tries to deny the existence of creative and strong nation like the ARMENIANS, we will still survive and we will stay Armenian and listen to Armenian music even in the heart of the Arabian desert.


Shnorhagalutiun yev chermakin maghtaknerov

Posted by anita hovsepian on Saturday, April 26, 2008

Congratulations Sebouh, Hrach, Norair and Carlos for your consistence and hard working spirit.

Anita Hovsepian

Posted by Kevork & Shakeh Nazarian on Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dear Hrach, Norair and Carlos,

I would like to extend my thanks to you too guys, and to all who are involved in this good cause. Shad aghvor Pari kordz ee. May God bless you all, I hope all your dreams come true.

Best Regards,

Kevork Nazarian  USA

Posted by Raffi on Monday, May 05, 2008

This is great news. We have Vana Tzayn that is broadcasting online, from Lebanon (www.voiceofvan.net). Another radio station that has recently been established called Radio Sevan. They have a website, and most probably they have plans to broadcast online (http://www.radiosevan.com/).

Of course, there is a rare online radion station, which is the Armenian Christian Internet Radio (http://bashde.org).

Շնորհաւոր Ըլլայ:


Emmanuel Chanitz Blog, admin

Posted by Anne-Kristin Mai on Thursday, July 08, 2010

Greetings and thank You from Leipzig/Germany


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