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Razmig and Vanda AboulianPhoto: Razmig and Vanda Aboulian (left) benefit from Parev Emirates services. The couple are Iranian Australians who recently retired and decided to live in Armenia. They were in Dubai on their transit route to Yerevan, the first repatriated persons who benefited from our free services.

We arranged for them a tour of the Armenian Church and Community Center in Sharjah with proper explanation, commemorative publications and a memory photo.

New service: First time visitors to the Armenian church in Sharjah can benefit from our free navigation (detailed explanation about how to reach the Church venue), free welcome tour and a comprehensive introduction to the structure of the Armenian community.

Since it was launched in August 2008, Parev Emirates program has been active in welcoming newcomers in our community and many others who have chosen Dubai as their transit route. 

In 2009 Parev Emirates has answered to more than hundred enquiries from readers worldwide and others who were planning to come to the UAE (on business or friendly trips) and needed basic or specific information about the country and the community in general.

In Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, the Parev Emirates program has welcomed new Armenian settlers and helped in providing them orientation and advice in the new environment. We have assisted in providing valuable networking for more than 60 newcomers since January 2009.

Parev Emirates has arranged also a series of activities in relation with visiting lecturers and activists.

Monthly meetings in Dubai continue to attract Armenians who have no other way to meet fellow compatriots.

Parev Emirates is designed by Azad-Hye to welcome Armenians who arrive in the United Arab Emirates either for living there or on their way to other countries.  

The program is specially important as Dubai has become a rapidly gowing destination for job seekers and a hub for international travellers. 

We are in a lucky position to learn from the experience of the newcomers and those who pass by.

Newcomers need a warm welcome in order to feel socially stable and confident in belonging or being attached to fellow Armenians in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. 

Travellers who transit Dubai for their connection trip to other locations can share with us their experience and knowledge, especially if they have certain achievements in their field of profession or have insight related to Armenian issues.  

More about the Parev Emirates program

Contact us to introduce you to the Armenian reality in the UAE.

You need a safe landing in the UAE. We are here to give you the Armenian touch.

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