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Consul Marat Melikian

Consul Marat Melikian

Azad-Hye Special


In 2007 the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia was amended and appropriate legislation was passed allowing dual citizenship, thus paving the road in front of the Diaspora Armenians for acquiring Armenian citizenship. Until then, Chapter 1 of the Law of the Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia, which was signed in 1995 by President Levon Ter Petrossian, stated clearly, "a citizen of the Republic of Armenia may not be a citizen of another country at the same time".

Following the adopted changes, thousands of future citizens have already filed for the Armenian citizenship. Under this legislation, persons of Armenian descent who live in foreign countries can file for the Armenian citizenship through the Embassies, while the procedure takes no more than a year.

The Consular Office of the Embassy of Armenia in Abu Dhabi has taken all measures to accept citizenship applications. Questions such as how to apply, what documents are needed, how the applications will be processed, are all clearly answered by the Embassy staff. Already, in the past few months Ambassador Vahagn Melikian met with the Armenian Community members in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Kuwait, in three separate occasions, providing extensive explanations about the procedures involved in the process of applying for the citizenship. This was a great encouragement for the community members. It also helped them to benefit from their summer vacations in order to secure official documents from their original countries, required for the citizenship process. It is expected that after the summer vacations considerable number of Armenians will be applying for the citizenship through the Abu Dhabi Embassy.

"Dual citizenship is an important mechanism that is further bringing together the Homeland and the Diaspora. We are ready in the Consulate to provide every single detail and assistance that will make the applying for Armenian citizenship a memorable event for all those who have the will to start a new kind of relationship with Armenia, based on full citizenship, with all accruing rights and duties", said Marat Melikian, Consul in Abu Dhabi. 

Information about the documents required to apply for the Armenian citizenship and the application form are available below.

Until recently the Diaspora Armenians were granted Special Residency Status in the form of Special Armenian Passports. This enabled them to travel into Armenia without visa. In Armenia they enjoyed the full protection of the law, as well as the rights and obligations of Armenian citizens, except for the right to vote and to run for office, enroll in political organizations or serve in the army.

The new law will create new waves of Armenians heading toward Armenia. Thus, the law will have far-reaching positive results. A dual citizen will have all the rights of an Armenian citizen except running for the presidency or for a seat in the National Assembly. That does not mean dual citizens will never be able to serve in those posts. After living in Armenia for 10 years, they may give up their other citizenship and receive full rights.

As far as the Armenian government is concerned, dual citizens are first and foremost citizens of Armenia. They have the same duties toward the country as any Armenian citizen would. That includes serving in the military, except for those who have served in another army for 12 months and those who have passed the age of 27. 

Dual citizens will be completely under the jurisdiction of the Armenian government. This means that the Armenian authorities will consider them as Armenian citizens and they will not be able to ask for trial under foreign penal codes.

On of the issues that needs to be looked into is paying taxation. International tax agreements between Armenia and other countries will ensure that the individual does not pay the same tax twice in two separate countries.

The introduction of dual citizenship in Armenia will certainly encourage investments in the long run. It is a completely different thing to be a citizen enjoying full participation in the civil, political and other aspects of the country, than feeling a kind of vague moral obligation towards it.

Although this new law came too late (it was first discussed in 1991), however it will be a good opportunity to provide Armenia with the means of development and further progress. The authorities in Armenia were hesitant in the past and they opposed to the concept of dual citizenship fearing that new citizens will have significant influence on the voting scene in Armenia. With the gradual advent of the new law, especially after having a five year term secured to President Serzh Sargsyan, the new citizens of Armenia will not create any political imbalance in the country and by the time the next Presidential elections are due, the new voters will be integrated in the mainstream politics and will not create any accumulative advantage in favor of any particular political party.

It is far from reality that all of the Armenians will be involved in the citizenship acquiring process. Those who are most likely to apply for the citizenship are in fact those who left Armenia in the last two decades (especially after the 1995 law) and have subsequently adopted the citizenship of their new environments. The majority of these people have members of their families back in Armenia and they continue to maintain plots of land or property there. Their number is not less than 700,000 and they currently live in three major locations: Russia, the United States and Europe.

The second group of Diaspora Armenians who will be inclined to ask for Armenian citizenship are the Armenians of neighboring countries, such as Georgia (a drive that is escalated after the recent clashes between Georgia and Russia), Iran and Middle Eastern Arab countries. Armenia is considered a better economic and social environment for these Armenians compared to their present host countries. Especially the potential of Armenia is considered brighter than the politically and economically unstable Middle East countries, although at present there are many similarities between these countries and Armenia. A third and smaller wave of Armenians could be those currently residing in the United States, Canada and Europe for a long time, but who have maintained ties with the motherland and are engaged in charity work or have already established their businesses in Armenia.

Thus, the practice of dual citizenship will attract more Diaspora Armenians back to Armenia and encourage them to invest more there. This can lead to a rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Armenia, as more Diaspora Armenians will feel secure about their investments or property acquisitions there. Eventually, Diaspora Armenians will be more active participants in the social and political life in Armenia.

Questions and Answers:

If someone has a valid Special Residency Status for 10 year term, can he/she still apply for Citizenship?

Yes, he/she can still apply for the full citizenship. When the full citizenship is eventually granted, the Special Residency Status will stop being useful for the same person.

What are the documents required for applying the citizenship?

Diaspora Armenians need to secure the following documents for their applications:

Note: The documents either should be in Armenian or translated into Armenian language.

1- Handwritten request addressed to the President of the Republic of Armenia H.E. Serzh Sargsyan, signed by the applicant himself/herself, where explicit desire is expressed in applying for the citizenship, with a brief note about the reasons and motivation behind it.

2- Application form (PDF format, in Armenian language)

3- Self described biography (composition style). 

4- Original passport and copy of it (additionally, copy of the Special Residency Status / Special Armenian Passport should be provided, if applicable). Those who do not have proper passports need to provide copy of their travel document or certificate of non-citizenship (e.g. for Armenians who have Palestinian Travel Document).

5- Six photos of the following size: 35X45mm

6- General health certificate: issued by a general practitioner or a clinic, describing the physical fitness of the applicant. 

7- Police clearance certificate (penal record) related to the countries where the person has lived in the past ten years, including the penal record of the passport holding country. 

8- Employment letter issued by the current employer. Not applicable for housewives.    

9- Birth certificate (Or excerpt of civil registry from Syria or excerpt of ID card from Iraq).

10- A document that proves the Armenian ancestry of the individual. This can be a individual baptism certificate from an Armenian Church or birth certificate of first-degree relative (parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters) or any other document that proves the ethnic origin.

11- Military service proof for male applicants.

12- Questionnaire-test about the Armenian Constitution (30 questions, 4 pages). The test is simple and most answers are in the form of logical multiple choices. The text of the questionnaire is available here.

Other categories such as those married to citizens of Armenia or those who possessed in the past Armenian citizenship and failed to keep it because dual citizenship was not allowed, are required to provide fewer documents. Check with the Consulate to know the exact requirements for each case.

In one-year time, the individual whose application is accepted will be required to travel to Armenia and attend the ceremony of granting the citizenship.

Information about the documents required to apply for the Armenian citizenship (PDF format, in Armenian language)

Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Abu Dhabi
H.E. Gegham Gharibjanian, Ambassador

Honorable Marat Melikian, Consul
Tel: +971 2 4444196 (Consular office: +971 2 4444128)
Fax: (971 2) 4444197

P.O. Box 6358, The Diplomatic Quarter, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

E-mail: armemiratesembassy@mfa.am


Embassy Location Map






Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia


Any individual 18 years of older has the right to apply for Armenian citizenship, regardless of ethnic origin.

The terms of acquiring Armenian citizenship are defined according to the Governmental Decision number 1390-N issued on 23 November 2007 based on the "Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia" adopted on 06 November 1995 as amended by Law number 75-N. / 27 February 2007.

The law deals with acquisition and cessation of the citizenship of Armenia, citizenship of a child in case of changing of citizenship by the parents and in case of adoption. It clarifies the bodies regulating the citizenship and the procedure for cases relating to citizenship in general. See copy of the law in English (PDF format, 7 pages) here.

General requirements for acquiring citizenship of Armenia include: legal residence in Armenia for the last 3 years, good knowledge of Armenian language and basic acquaintance with the Constitution.

For people of Armenian origin there is a simplified method of acquiring the citizenship without the requirement of legal residence in Armenia or knowledge of Armenian. This applies also to spouses of Armenian citizens. The process for the simplified method of acquiring the citizenship lasts maximum one year.

In all cases, citizenship of Armenia is awarded upon a decree of the President of Armenia.

See below the chart for the steps of acquiring citizenship.

For any additional information you can contact the nearest diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Armenia. See the list of Armenian diplomatic representations abroad.

For consular issues (including citizenship) you can also contact the Mr Karen Gevorgyan, Attaché at the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Armenia using the following email:

Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia: www.mfa.am

Read here interview with the Consul of Armenia in UAE and replies to inquiries related to the citizenship issues.




























Posted on Sunday, August 24, 2008 (32559 reads), comments: 44
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Posted by Maria on Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Lebanese Armenian, I wanted to know if what you've mentioned here (for what the applicants need) apply on Lebanese Armenians too.


Reply from Azad-Hye: The details mentioned in the report apply to all Diaspora Armenians who would like to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Armenia.

Important change in the procedures: Since June 2010, applicants who have been approved for receiving citizenship are no longer required to register at a local address in Armenia. They can declare their own addresses outside Armenia as basis for the registration.

Posted by Moderator on Sunday, August 22, 2010

Follow up

Dual citizenship process: What should I do in OVIR?

Question: The Embassy told me that I was approved for the Armenian citizenship and my next step should be to go to OVIR (Passports and Visas Police Directorate on Mashdots Street in Yerevan) and give them my file number. What should be my next step?

Until recently (June 2010) all applicants were obliged to register themselves in the local registry office of their chosen home address. Now only male applicants from 18-50 years old are required to be registered.

1) For all female applicants and male applicants over 50 years old: Submit the passport application to the OVIR officer. The officer will define a day (usually in the coming 3 working days) to take the oath, sign the documents and receive the passport as a citizen of Armenia
2) For male applicants (17-50 years old): Register yourself at a home address through a local neighbourhood registry department (usually next to police office) and provide the registration document (sample no. 15) to OVIR officer. The officer will give you a notification letter addressed to Army. You need to enlist yourself as army reserve and provide OVIR with the relevant document issued from the Army. According to some reports the process is lengthy. The Army officers have their own pace of work.

Normal passports cost about US$ 15, while urgent passports cost about US$ 60 (although in most cases, as first-time applicant, you cannot practically benefit from the urgent option).

OVIR officers are able to locate your file based on your name; a practice useful in case you do not remember your file number.

The queue in OVIR (in front of Arevik Petrosyan's office) lacks order. People with trivial enquiries and others with major issues are obliged to use the same queue. Take with you a bottle of water and be patient. Try to arrange babysitting for your children, as there are no provisions for kids, pregnant women or senior individuals. 

The most interesting moment in this process is the oath taking ceremony. Do not let documentation technicalities spoil your genuine feelings related to that moment. 

Posted by khatchig chamsarian on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am Armenian man born and living in Kuwait. I have applied for the Armenian citizenship in the Armenian embassy in Kuwait before one month and they told me it may take one year for getting it, so I have a couple of questions for you.

- How long it may take the procedures in Armenia if I am approved and have to travel to Armenia because I have to arrange with my company for my vacation before a time?

- I heard that I have to open an account in a bank in Armenia to pay all the fees. Is it right?

I will be appreciate it for your answers.

your faithfully


Azad-Hye replies: Dear Khatchig. It is early to plan for your trip to Armenia. Usually it takes up to one year to obtain the approval. Currently passport obtaining process takes about 5 working days for all females and males beyond 50 years age.

For males between 18-50 years old, there are still some complications related to the registry in the military unit, which maybe eased by the time your application is approved.

The current practice in the military unit requires civil registration at an address inside Armenia and a waiting period for obtaining the signature of the military officer, a process that varies according to the unit from one week to three weeks.

There is no obligation to open a bank account to do your payments in Armenia related to issuing passport. 

Posted by JACQUELINE on Monday, November 29, 2010

I have applied with my sister in November 2009. The acceptance for my sister has arrived but mine did not. I would like to know if there is any reason for the delay?

Also, since I am planning to travel with my sister (two families, 10 members) and we don't want her to be late for getting her passport, may we know if there is any limitation of time for her to appear in front of the competent authorities in Armenia?

Azad-Hye reply: Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed Diaspora Armenians applying for Armenian citizenship through the Embassies that the process would take less than a year, there has been several cases that it has taken longer (sometimes up to two years). Unfortunately, there is no electronic system to follow up. No serial numbers are provided. If you call the Passport Office in Yerevan (called OVIR) they will tell you "We do not have any file under this name. Check with the Embassy". If you call the Embassy, it will say there is no feedback from the Ministry.

The official deadline for getting passport is only one month after the approval. Nevertheless, OVIR will grant the passport within "reasonable" time, subject to the judgment of the duty officer. Our non-binding advice is that you and your sister wait for 4-5 months. Until then, if your approval does not come, it is better that she goes alone.

Posted by hovsep on Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hi I want to get Armenian citizenship. I am an Armenian from Iraq. I am 24 years old and I am a resident in the U.S. What can I do in order to obtain Armenian citizenship without going to military service because I am a student in college here and can not go and live in Armenia now. Please give me information / solution. Can I send you all my papers in order to process citizenship through the Armenian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Thank you very much and God help us all.

Posted by Antranik on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello! I am an Armenian from Lebanon and currently residing in Dubai. Can you, please, let me know if I can apply for Armenian citizenship in Abu Dhaby Embassy. Thank you.

Azad-Hye response: Yes, you can apply in the Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Some 200 individuals from different countries who reside in UAE have applied at the Embassy in the past 3 years.

Posted by Lena on Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi, we already started our papers in Lebanon and now were back to Qatar and next week were coming to Abu Dhabi for the interview. I just want to make sure how long the process takes there because we're flying back the same day and we've been told that there are some questions to be answered. Is it possible to have an idea about those questions. Thanks for your time.

Posted by kevork on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am Armenian from Lebanon. I wanna apply soon but where I have to go exactelly? To the Embassy or where?

Kevork Der Sarkissian

Posted by JOSEPH on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Lebanese Armenian, I would like to start the citizenship applying process but as you know in Lebanon many Armenians don’t know the written Armenian language because they live far from Armenian schools or Armenian living areas. In this case do you think their application would have chance to be accepted?

Azad-Hye reply: Knowing spoken Armenian in itself is an important advantage for people of Armenian origin who are applying for citizenship. Knowledge of written Armenian is not obligatory.

Posted by Ara Thomas on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I would like to have an idea about the Armenian Citizenship which I applied for it last year. I applied in the Armenian consulate in Aleppo, Syria.  They called me back 4 months ago saying that its ready and I can get it in Yerevan, but they informed me also about other thing, that I have to go and get it from there. Since I have not done my military service in Syria, they told me I have to attend it in Armenia, or I have to wait till I be 27 years old, so I'll be exempted. But one week ago a friend of mine told me that they canceled the military service for the person who has born outside Armenia. That's why I'm sending you this e-mail to confirm about this. I'll be thankful if you will help me with the right information. Reply to my e-mail address will be appreciated!

Posted by Remy Zakarian on Thursday, June 07, 2012

I am from Armenian decent but on my family's identity card it's written Latin rite not Armenian rite, what should I make to obtain the Armenian citizenship?

Reply from Azad-Hye: According to the citizenship law you need to prove that you or one of your parents or ancesters have been Armenians. So if in your immediate family tree you have some with Armenian ancestry, that could form basis for applying for your citizenship. Knowledge of Armenian language is also required.

Posted by David on Saturday, June 16, 2012


(1) For purposes of applying for Armenian citizenship, how are "persons of Armenian descent" defined? One blogger reports that her (half-Armenian) daughter was denied on the basis that descent is determined by the father, not the mother (as in her case). Is this true? (Perhaps it represents an older rule.) Does "descent" include partial descent?

(2) Your information states that a baptismal certificate in an Armenian Apostolic Church would qualify as evidence of Armenian descent. However, many Armenians belong to other churches (e.g. Presbyterian) or are unaffiliated. Meanwhile, a few non-Armenians ("Odar") have been baptized into the Armenian Apostolic Church. Am I to understand that the latter would be considered Armenian, on the basis of their baptismal certificate?

(3) Suppose someone of (whole or partial) Armenian descent is unable, for whatever historical reasons, to produce any documentary proof of their ethnicity. Are they out of luck?

Thank you very much!

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): Since the publication of these requirements for the first time in 2008 there has been many changes and the process as a whole has become easier. Nowadays only a birth certificate and a baptism certificate is enough for applying. The evidence of Armenian ancestry could be made by proving the ancestry of any of the two parents or grandparents. Baptism is only one way of proving Armenian origin. If there are other ways then they should be discolsed to the officer.


Posted by David on Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thank you for your reply above. Following up, how would a baptismal certificate be evidence of Armenian ancestry? After all, anyone can request baptism, regardless of ethnicity. Or perhaps the baptismal certificate would be used as evidence of one's parentage...?

(There is in fact an obscure church rule which provides that anyone baptized into the church is ipso facto Armenian!)

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): As a tradition the Armenian church does not baptize people who are not of Armenian ancestry. The baptism is approved by the church officer(s) based on the recommendation of the priest and in the presence of previous records showing that the family (usually the father's side) has been registered in the Church and has been baptized in the past. The Armenian church is close-knit.

Posted by Lena Matossian on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam, I'm Lebanese Armenian, and I live in Abu Dhabi. I would like to start the citizenship process. Could you please send me the requested documents, and could you please tell me how long it takes to get the passport if I am approved. Is an old Family Civil Status certificate enough proof that I am Armenian. Can you accept an individual Civil Status certificate (in Arabic IKHRAJ EL AYD). Any Document required should it be stamped or attested by any Ministry? Where is quicker to get the Armenian passport in Abu Dhabi, Lebanon or Armenia.

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): The required documents are only two: A birth certificate (from the Lebanese or other authorities according to the original citizenship of the applicant) and baptism certificate (from the Armenian Church). The baptism certificate is a proof of Armenian ancestry. The birth certificate should be translated into Armenian. The baptism certificate is usually issued in Armenian but if it is in another language, then it should be translated too. It is quicker to apply for citizenship in Armenia. It takes 3-4 months, but you need to go to Armenia twice: once when applying and once when receiving the passport. If you apply through one of the Armenian Embassies (Beirut, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere) it takes more time but you need to go to Armenia only once, that is at the end of the process, when your passport is ready. Follow-up note: Starting from 2012 it has been decided that Syrian and Lebanese Armenians can apply and receive their passports through the Embassies and Cosulates in Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, without the need for traveling to Armenia. This is due to the safety concerns that they are facing these days.  

Posted by Jiro on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How can we check on the status of an application? I have the application number should I call the embassy OR I can check it online?

Azad-Hye: You can check online by inserting the number in the box on the left side of the screen at this homepage: http://passportvisa.am/

Posted by Dany Baroud on Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Sir, My mother is Armenian and my father in Lebanese. In that case, can I apply for the Armenian Passport? If yes, can my Lebanese wife and 2 daughters apply too? Thank you in advance Regards Dany Baroud.

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): You can apply if you have a baptism certificate from an Armenian church. You can apply for your daughters' citizenship once you receive yours. Your non-Armenian wife can apply too later.

Posted by Harout Aro on Sunday, August 05, 2012

I am living in Saudi Arabia and planing to go to Armenia in 14 days. I have Syrian passport. I want to know what I have to do to take my visa? As you know there is no Embassy of Armenia in Saudi Arabia. Kindly can you help me on this case? I am planning to stay in Yerevan for 11 days as vacation.

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): According to the new regulations and due to the political situation in Syria, visa is given to Syrian Armenians upon arrival in Yerevan. Make sure that the airport authorities in the location(s) where you are boarding the plane are aware about this procedure.

Posted by Aldo on Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am holding Indonesian passport and plan to go to Georgia and use bus to Armenia. I don't need visa in advance for both countries. Can I go accross the border and have the visa on the spot?

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): There should not be any problem in obtaining the visa on the border in your case. To be sure however you need to contact the nearest Embassy of Armenia to you which is based in India:

Working days and hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri | 09:00-18:00
Residency: New Delhi, India
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary: H.E. Mr. Ara Hakobian
Address: Armenia Street D-133, Anand Niketan New Delhi - 110021
Tel.: (91-11) 24112851/52
Fax: (91-11) 24112853


Posted by Vicken on Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I would like to get some information about the fees related to the application submission to the different Armenian embassies in the region, I have heard that for instance applying in Lebanon costs less than USD 200 per person, on the other hand applying in Abu Dhabi costs above USD 500. Is that true? and if yes what is the reason for the discrepancy in the cost between one Armenian embassy and the other.

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): The application fee is the same everywhere, but the translation fees differ according to the country. There are two types of translation work. One is done by the Consulate itself and has a rate defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Armenia and varies according to the country. The other is the external translation, subject to the translation rates defined by the individual translation offices. Fortunately, the number of documents required for application has been reduced recently, thus the expenses for external translation were reduced.

Posted by Nshan on Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm living in Saudi Arabia. I have Syrian passport with Armenian origin. There is no Armenian Embassy in Saudi Arabia. I know that I can get visa from Zvartnots airport but how can I go out from Saudi Arabia without a proof for that. 

In any case we sent recently passports to Armenian Embassy in Abu Dhabi but we did not receive any news about when the visas could be ready. The names are Zareh Manokian, Harout Karagoz and Wilson Tamzarian. 

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): You may ask the Embassy of Armenia in Abu Dhabi (or other Embassies in the region) to send you a letter clearly stating that being a Syrian passport holder of Armenian origin you would be able to get visa in Armenia upon arrival. Note that if Zvartnots airport authorities have doubts the facts you are presenting they might not allow entry.

Posted by Anahit on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello, thank you for the information, I would like to know if only one parent of a person is of Armenian origin (without citizenship of Armenia) and the person himself/herself is holding an Armenian 10 year residency status and has got a baptism certificate and is married to a non-Armenian person, is qualified to get citizenship of Armenia? And is the spouse able to get the citizenship as well?

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): According to the regulations, a person can apply for Armenian citizenship if one of the parents has Armenian origin. The person however should produce a baptism certificate from an Armenian Church or any other proof of Armenian origin. After receiving the citizenship the spouse can apply also for Armenian citizenship.

Posted by Jad on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kindly note that my wife got her Armenian passport last month; Therefore, I would like to know if I can apply for the Armenian passport myself directly via the Embassy and what are the required documents. I am not of Armenian origin

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): You can apply for the citizenship. Please check with the Embassy for the required documents.  

Posted by Rafi Tahmazian on Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hi, I am living in Dubai and planning to apply for the Armenian Citizenship for myself, my wife and my daughter. I have few questions: My wife is not Armenian, can I apply for her? Is there any interview I have to attend during the process? I Worked in Armenia for one year and had a residency in 2007, does this help? I speak Armenian well but i don't write, does this matter? I have all the documents required but want to know if i have to fill out the constitution-knowledge-test and the application forms? Regards.

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): First you need to apply yourself, then you can apply for your daughter after receiving your citizenship. The non-Armenian wife can apply later. No knowledge of Armenian is required in your case. No written test is required.    

Posted by Gregor on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1) I have a foreign passport, but no birth certificate. Is this enough? (Birth certificates were not widely used when I was born.)

2) My baptismal certificate is unnumbered, and does not specifically state that I am Armenian. Does this matter? 

3) How much Armenian language is it necessary to know, to apply for citizenship? (I think full Armenians don't have to know any, but half Armenians have to know some...?) And is there a language exam?

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): Birth certificate is a must. Baptism certificate should be issued from an Armenian Church. Knowledge of Armenian language is not required in your case. There is no ay written test.

Posted by J C on Monday, November 05, 2012

Kindly note that my wife got her Armenian passport on August 2012. Myself I am Lebanese and would like to know if I can apply for the Armenian passport directly via the Embassy and what are the required documents. Is it true that non-Armenian wife and husband are getting rejection even if their spouses are holding the Armenian passports. Please advise.

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): You can apply through the Embassy and if your documents are correct and your marriage is still valid, there is no reason for rejection.


Posted by Thomas on Monday, December 03, 2012

My mother is Armenian and my dad is Lebanese. My mother just applied for the Armenian passport I read the above threads and would like to know if she gets her passport can I apply for mine? I'm Christian Catholic and I was baptised since I was a kid in a Lebanese Catholic church and even I can speak and understand Armenian.

Azad-Hye (non-binding answer): You can apply for citizenship of Armenia directly now without waiting for the outcome of your mother's application, because as one of your parents is Armenian you have the right to apply. You need however to produce a baptism certificate from an Armenian Church. No knowledge of language is required.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Kindly note that my wife got her Armenian passport in Sep 2012. Please advise if me (husband) and our child can apply for the same.

P.S: Me and my child are Christians under Maronite Section. Is it mandatory to be baptized in an Armenian Church to apply for the passport?

Azad-Hye: Your wife can apply for your child to get Armenian citizenship. Usually it takes 1-2 months and the process can be done through the Embassy. You can apply for citizenship yourself as husband of a citizen of Armenia after one year.  


Posted by vartan on Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ընտանիք կայ Լիբանան կ'ապրին բոլորն ալ հայ են բայց ոչ մէկ երկրի քաղաքացիութիւն չունին: Կնունքի եւ ծննդեան թուղթ ալ ունին, կրնա՞ն հայկական անձնագիր ստանալ: Շնորհակալութիւն

Azad-Hye: Այո կրնան որովհետեւ կրնան որպէս կարգավիճակ չունցող հայեր դիմել քաղաքացիութեան: Բայց քանի որ Լիբանանէն դուրս չեն կրնար ելլել պէտք է դիմումը կատարեն Լիբանանի մէջ Հայաստանի հիւպատոսարանին մէջ եւ նաեւ անձնագիրները ստանան այդ հիւպատոսարանին միջոցով:

Posted by harot on Sunday, January 27, 2013

My name is Harout. I'm 16 years old and I live in Syria and my father just got his Armenian passport and he is making my citizenship documents for me beacuse I'm under 18 and my question is am I going to get a 3 years passport or passport only for 18 and will I have to serve in the military.

Azad-Hye: You will be given passport until the age 18 after which you need to serve in the army if you are not going for higher studies. If you are going for higher studies then your passport will be renewed for a certain period of time.

Posted by Grigor on Sunday, February 03, 2013

Referring to the above question, the writer does not belong to the Armenian church (but is Catholic), so obviously they would not have a baptismal certificate from the Armenian church. Perhaps you were referring to their mother's baptismal certificate...? And if the mother did not belong to the Armenian church either, then some other form of proof of Armenian identity might be acceptable...? I can see that this might present difficulties in the case of non-religious Armenians (or Armenians who belong to other religions) from countries which do not list "Armenian" on the ID card.

Is it correct to say that at a minimum, the applicant must prove that at least one grandparent was Armenian, and that baptismal records are only one possible form of proof?

Azad-Hye: The proof of ancestry of at least one side is the starting point for applying for citizenship. The baptism certificate is requestd to verify the connection the applicant has with the Armenian reality, because this form of applying for citizenship is meant for people of Armenian origin and not for foreigners. There is another type of process for foreigners.

Posted by Fadi on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello, My name is Fadi, I'm Latin-Catholic and I have a Syrian passport, My mother has Armenian origin and has applied for the Armenian Citizenship 3 months ago in Yerevan. My question is can I apply for the Armenian Citizenship after she gets her own if I'm 23 years old and how long it takes?

Azad-Hye: If your mother is of Armenian origin you (yourself) have the right to apply for Armenian citizenship now. If you are granted citizenship before the age of 27 you need to serve in the army.

Posted by Artem on Monday, April 01, 2013

Hello, we are (wife and kids below 18) are Armenians, but citizens of Uzbekistan and live and work in UAE.  We want to apply for Armenian citizenship through the embassy in UAE. I understand that we have to make two separate applications, for me and my wife, and then once we get the passports we can apply for kids. Is that correct?

The required documents mention baptism certificate from the Armenian Church… but will our ( me and wife) and our parents birth certificates be enough? Or we still have to get the certificate from the Armenian Church.

Azad-Hye: Yes, once one of you gets the passports, you can apply for your children below age 18. Regarding baptism certificate, it is used as a proof of Armenian origin. If you are able to provide other proofs, please contact the Consulate to apply for your citizenship.

Posted by George Gaspard on Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am Syrian Armenian residing in Dubai, and have applied for citizenship in Aleppo on April 6th, 2012 together with my daughter who received the approval, but I am unable to get any information about my application since the Armenian consulate in Aleppo is not receiving and files since Nov 2012. Could you please suggest how I could track it? Thank you.

Azad-Hye: We updated this page with the name of the Attache at the Consular Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can contact him directly for specific cases.

Posted by eli hovagimian on Friday, August 09, 2013

I am travelling to Armenia in September to meet up with my wife who is a citizen of Armenia, we will be heading back to Australia together to live. She has a fiance visa and will be a resident shortly.

My query is, we would like to travel to dubai for 3 days on our way back , does she need to apply for a visa to enter Dubai, and if so how and where do we apply.

Azad-Hye replies: Yes, she needs a visa to enter Dubai. The airline companies of FlyDubai and Air Arabia who are operating the Yerevan - Dubai flights issue visas for travelers. Also four and five star hotels in Dubai have the right to issue visas.

Posted by Alain on Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hi - My name is Alain, I am Armenian (Catholic) born in Lebanon and presently working in Dubai; my family name does not end with "ian" and unfortunately I do not speak nor write Armenian. Am I still eligible to apply for the Armenian passport? Kindly advise. Best regards. Alain.

Azad-Hye: According to the regulation, if you are able to supply proof for being member of the Armenian Catholic church (such as childhood baptism) then you will be eligible to apply for citizenship. Knowledge of Armenian language is preferred but not obligatory. Contact the consul in Abu Dhabi to start the process.

Posted by Samir Issa on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I am Egyptian living in Saudi Arabia and Ii have documents needs attestation from Saudia Arabia. Could you please advise where I can get my document attested in Saudi Arabia. Thanks

Azad-Hye: The nearest Armenian Consulate to your place of residence is in Kuwait City. You can also use the services of the Armenian Consulate in Abu Dhabi. There is an Armenian Honorary Consul is Amman, Jordan.

Posted by Vartan on Sunday, December 29, 2013

Բարեւ անունս Վարդան է Լիբանանէն: Լիբանանի մէջ հայ ընտանիք մը կայ որ քաղաքացիութիւն չունին երբեք: Առաջնորդարանէն մկրտութեան թուղթ ունին եւ ծննդեան թուղթ: Դիմեցինք Հայաստանի դեսպանութիւն քաղաքացիութեան դիմում կատարելու համար բայց ըսուեցաւ որ օրէնքին մէջ չկայ այսպիսի բան մը: Կը խնդրենք որ ձեր միջոցով օգնել որ յայտնի դառնայ վիճակը: Իրենց մայրը քաղաքացիութեան դիմում կատարած է եւ մօտ օրէն պիտի ստանայ, քանի որ մայրը ունի այլ երկրի քաղաքացիութիւն, իսկ երկու փոքրերը չունին որեւէ քաղաքացիութիւն:

Azad-Hye: Որեւէ քաղաքացիութիւն չունեցող հայկական ծագումով անձերու պարագան կարելի է Հայաստանի մէջ ստուգել փաստաբանի միջոցով: Վերադառնալով ձեր նշած հարցին եթէ մայրը մօտ օրէն արդէն պիտի ստանայ քաղաքացիութիւն, ուրեմն կրնայ այդ հիման վրայ դիմում ներկայացնել իր անչափահաս փոքրերուն համար, որ անոնք ալ իրենց կարգին ստանան քաղաքացիութիւն օրէնքի հիման վրայ:

Posted by Betty on Thursday, January 09, 2014

Hello, I'm Armenian/Lebanese born in Lebanon live in Dubai, both my parents are Armenian, I write and speak Armenian as well, according to above comments I'm eligible for Armenian Passport. You have mentioned I need only Birth and Baptism certificate in Armenian to apply for passport in Abu Dhabi. Kindly let me know should I: 1) Contact the embassy to take an appointment, or just show up with both certificates 2) How many photos do I need (if any) 3) Should I fill an application form before submitting my request 4) What is the total fee for the process 5) Is there any specific hours or days when I should apply or all embassy working hours are applicable Thank you.

Azad-Hye: It is better to conduct the Embassy in Abu Dhabi directly for this purpose. Contact details are available here. Generally speaking, you need to take an appointment and fill the official forms and pay for the translation and attestation of your documents. You can contact the Embassy any working day from 9am to 2pm. The secretary Mrs. Ani will assist you. Total fee is US$ 300-400. After several months when your citizenship is approved you need to go to Armenia and sign for the documents and receive your passport.


Posted by Anahit on Saturday, July 12, 2014

I wish to know that a 10-year special residency passport can be considered as a proof of being Armenian to apply for dual citizenship or the baptism certificate is a must?

Answer: 10-year special residency passport cannot be considered as a proof of being of Armenian origin because this kind of residency can be granted also to non-Armenians. Therefore you need to provide a real proof of Armenian origin such as baptism certificate (this could be your baptism certificate or any of your parents). The idea is that in Diaspora all Armenians were recorded in the church rolls following baptism only. Check with the Embassy if they will be accepting any other proof of Armenian origin.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, July 24, 2014

My citizenship application was approved. I have just been informed that I am supposed to collect my passport from Armenia or to apply for collection in one of the nearest Embassies such as the one in Beirut. 

I would like to ask you how long my application could remain on hold in case I plan to travel to Yerevan? Can it remain there until next year or is it going to be cancelled by then.

What documents I need to carry with me to collect the Passport in Yerevan? What about the military service, as I am 30 years old Lebanese.

Thank you in advance for you fast reply.



Answer: Congratulations for the citizenship. There is no specified time limit for oath taking but most of the people have managed to receive their passports within one year from the approval. More than that would be considered as negligence. You need your own passport in order to finalize the formalities in Armenia. You need to provide also an address. You will be advised also to be registered at the military office as well, but you will not be obliged to serve in the army as you have passed the threshold of 27 years.


Posted by Harry on Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello, I am 45 years of age and of Armenian decent - born and raised in the United States (California). I was baptized Armenian, my mother and grandparents are 100% Armenia. I recently began collecting all of my documents for translation and submission to the consulate in Los Angeles for Dual Citizenship in Armenia. I understand that the process takes 6-12 months but I was wondering the following:

1. Once I get a letter of acceptance is there a certain time period I have to go to Yerevan and complete the process?

2. What is the process once in Yerevan?

3. I am planning a trip in June for 5 days. What is the remaining steps that takes place to complete the dual citizen once I arrive and is 5 days enough ?

4. I do not speak, read or write Armenian. Is there any test that is required for dual citizenship ? Thank you


1) There is no specified period of time, but most of the applicants do this within one year. More than that might be considered as negligence.

2) Once in Yerevan you go to the passports and visa department (called OVIR) and sign the documents and receive your passport.

3) Usually 5 working days is ok but 7-8 working days is recommended just in case of unexpected happenings. Check also if your travel coincides with any official holidays.  

4) Individuals of Armenian origin get citizenship through simplified method that is without being obliged to live in Armenia before applying for citizenship and also without necessarily knowing or speaking the Armenian language.


Posted by Harry on Friday, September 05, 2014

I recently attempted to submit my dual citizenship paperwork to the consulate. I was told that possibly it would be rejected because my father was not Armenian. My mother who is 100% Armenian divorced when I was 8 months and she raised me Armenian and I was baptized Armenian.

In speaking with some people, I am told that as long as I was baptized Armenian and one of my parents are Armenian that I meet the requirements. I checked on the parliament website and did not see anything specifically mentioning my father had to be Armenian. Can you advise ?

Answer: One of the parents being of Armenian origin is enough for applying for Armenian citizenship. The other requirement is baptism certificate from an Armenian church. You will not find any info about citizenship on the parliament website because this issue is related to the Ministry of Interior and specifically to OVIR  (Passport and visa office).

Posted by samer kabboush on Wednesday, October 01, 2014

My mother is Armenian. Am I eligible for applying for Armenian citizenship? If yes, what are the documents required. Thanks

Answer: Yes you are eligible. You need to contact the nearest Embassy of Armenia and apply there providing proof of your Armenian origin such as church certificate. You can apply also directly in Armenia.

Posted by hasmik on Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hi, my name is Hasmik. I'm from Iran. I like to get Armenian passport. How can I get and became Armenian citizen. Please guide me.

Answer: You can contact the Armenian Embassy in Tehran and apply for citizenship there. You need to provide proof of Armenian origin such as baptism certificate. You need also to provide birth certificate translated into Armenian.


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