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Kuwait and UAE delegationWe deserve some attention and feedback (read comment at the end of the news)

On 05 December 2008 the General Assembly of the Catholicosate of Cilicia concluded its sessions in Antelias, Lebanon. 

The participants in the Assembly representing the worldwide Dioceses of the Catholicosate of Cilicia comprehensively discussed many topics during three consecutive sessions (3-5 December 2008).

An emphasis was put on finding new ways of attracting the youth.

The inter-faith and inter-church relations were considered particularly important, especially given the Catholicosate of Cilicia’s geographical position and its rich ecumenical experience and its active involvement in Christian-Muslim dialogue.

The final item on the agenda of the meeting was the election of the Central Committee’s Religious and Lay Committee for the next four years.

We deserve some attention and feedback

Two members of the Legislative Council from UAE took part in the sessions (Vahe Toukhmanian and Sebouh Manjikian) headed by Archbishop Goriun Babian (see photo).

Reading the report about the General Assembly we notice that there were many topics of interest which were discussed during the sessions. Could we ask the two representatives of our community to share with us their views, impressions and written material acquired during the said sessions? Is it possible that they arrange a meeting with the public to share with them the opinions expressed there by them or by the others? After all, they were representing the people of our Diocese, who have the right to know more about what has happened there, not only by reading the official announcements or reports.

From the report we understand also, that special emphasis was given to the youth issues and to interfaith (relations with other faiths especially with Islam and other churches) topics. Is it possible again to ask more insight about these two topics? These are issues of prime importance to us, because as we are all aware, our youth unions and gatherings in the UAE are in a very regretful situation. According to a witness, the only entertainment our young are able to find nowadays is in the bars of downtown Dubai, with all the vices associated to it. 

The inter-faith dialogue that Catholicos Aram frequently mentions is not something that we practice or we feel involved in. Official visits of head of the church and other symbolic gestures are not enough to declare real involvement in inter-faith dialogue, especially in a place like the UAE where interaction with many faiths is an ongoing everyday experience.

Are we demanding more than we deserve? Up to this moment, we have received zero attention and feedback. Therefore, even if we get one nanometer attention or feedback we would consider it a great achievement.

Photo: Kuwait and UAE delegation in the General Assembly sessions in Antelias, Lebanon (3-5 December 2008), From right to left: Archbishop Goriun Babian (Kuwait), Vahe Toukhmanian (Abu Dhabi) and Sebouh Manjikian (Sharjah).

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