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By Nishan Basmajian

On Friday, 05 March 2009, the Northern Emirates Artistic Committee organized an unprecedented Armenian Karaoke night in the presence of 150 attendants (30 teenagers and 120 adults), who clearly enjoy and cherish the Armenian song.

After the welcome speech by the committee head Berge Tosounian, the microphone was passed on to the well-known singer Norair Kazanjian, who was also the presenter for the entire evening. He first explained that the word “Karaoke” is a Japanese word that means “an empty orchestra”, and announced that this was the first time he participates in an Armenian Karaoke.

We should mention that Mr. Norair has prepared hundreds of songs with the Karaoke style and has always enriched our evenings and parties with his special songs for the last 20 years.

This specific repertoire had been prepared by musician Seto Baghdasarian from Lebanon, who has been to Dubai many times in the past, accompanying renowned singers like Adis Harmandian and others..

The repertoire included 63 Armenian songs (national, popular, modern…) 50 of which were sung during the evening as solos, duets or choirs by almost all the attendants, especially the students of the Ohannesian School, who along with the other participants appealed to all the spectators and deserved the countless cheers and applauses. In this matter, the evening was also a chance to discover the hidden talents of some participants, which will be hopefully used in future gatherings.

The Artistic Committee has been so attentive to the details throughout the whole evening and in organizing for the whole event. There were even special food preparations for those who were fasting, all with reasonable prices.

The evening lasted for three and a half hours. The Pierre Keuseyian hall was abuzz with the attendants and the energy created out of their songs and dances.

We truly appreciate the idea and highly applaud the efforts of the Artistic Committee for this unprecedented event, hoping that this will be the first of a series of similar promising and enriching events.

Good luck to all.

Translated by Nanor Mikayelian

Armenian typewritting by Maral Dikbikian


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