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Community Hall in SharjahAddressed to:

- Council of the Armenian Community in Northern Emirates
- Committee of Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church of Sharjah (UAE) 

We are writing to you for a permission to use the Pierre Keusseyan hall in Sharjah for community gathering purposes on Fridays after the Holly Mass.

We often hear from our Church and Community leaders of the need to attract more people to attend the Church service and become more involved in the community life, however, for a number of reasons this message does not get to the community. One of the reasons for the low attendance could be due to lack of activities provided after the Mass. Those attending the Mass leave immediately after the service whilst some youth stay behind with the hope to meet new people and catch up with the others in the  courtyard when there is a huge empty hall which has a lot of potential and could be utilized for various purposes.

We propose following:

1- Open the hall to the community for 2-3 hours after the mass.
2- A number of volunteers will set up and clean the hall after the service.
3- Offer coffee/soft drinks and snacks. We would require one coffee making machine.
4- Provide TV/DVD and a satellite connection so that people can watch Armenian channel and various films / cartoons / listen to Armenian music etc
5- Provide Table tennis, pool table and football table all portable, so that they can be removed during regular events.
6. Sell Armenian souvenirs/bazaar - subject to commercial regulations.

In addition to the above, the hall could be used to provide other community services/business networking/community information services etc.

We estimate that to purchase the above items (if not already available) we would require approximately AED 10,000, which could be raised through one of the suggested ways:
Armenian Council would provide 100%.
50% will be provided by Armenian Council and 50% through fundraising (which we can do ourselves).
100% by fundraising.

Opening the hall to the community will not only attract a greater number of people to Church and give people an opportunity to stay behind after the mass, it will create the community environment we all want. The hall will become the centre of community life.

To make this possible, we would require permission from the Church and the Council, whilst all financial aspects of this project can be discussed at a later state upon further interest from yourselves.

Should you wish to discuss this further, you can contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Armenian text

Original letter in Armenian (PDF format)

Photo: Entrance of Pierre Keuseyan Armenian Community Hall in Sharjah (adjacent to the Armenian Church).

Armenian Community page (quick facts)

Posted on Friday, October 10, 2008 (7066 reads), comments: 0
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