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Parev Emirates Event
Meeting with Hilda Grigorian
(Armenia Village Operation) 
DATE: Monday, 01 September 2008
TIME: 09:00 pm
LOCATION: "Elements Cafe"
Wafi Mall (First Floor), Dubai
Tel: 04 324 4252 (to ask directions in case you are absolutely new to Dubai) 
Presentation, direct discussions and exchange of views
All participants will have chance to interact with the guest

Hilda Grigorian in Aragatsoten

Hilda Grigorian in Aragatsoten (Rural Armenia), supervising Armenia Village Operation efforts
Hilda Grigorian
Born and raised in Iran, currently living in the US and working in Afghanistan as program officer for US government.
Has travelled to Armenia since 2001. She has worked in the villages of Armenia, founder of Armenia Village Operation (AVO), a mission to put an end to poverty in rural areas through community development.
She holds an MBA and currently is a PhD candidate for international geo-management.
AVO has been built based on fact finding mission, trying to make a contribution to local economic development and growth in rural Armenia. So far AVO has completed many succesful projections in various regions, looking forward to expand the operations to other regions.
Interview with Hilda Grigorian: Armenia is not about lavish life style in Yerevan
Armenia Village Operation
Armenia Village Operation (AVO) was established in Yerevan in 2005 with a mission to "end extreme poverty in rural Armenia through community development". AVO in partnership with various private donors and organizations has successfully implemented several projects in rural villages which helped hundreds of families.
It is estimated that out of 937 villages in Armenia, only 12% are functional. Many villages are on the verge of destruction, high poverty and unemployment rates are the grass roots of youth migration. It's time to join forces to SAVE A VILLAGE, create employment and generate a sustainable income for our people.

Armenia Village Operation

What is Hilda Grigorian's message to Diaspora Armenians?
Armenia rural areas has suffered a tremendous hardship during the past decades, mainly due to a poor community development which leads to high poverty, high unemployment and migration rate.
Our youth are leaving the country to serve other countries with their intelligence and knowledge.
It is our obligation as a Diaspora to pull our forces together, unite and build the rural areas by contributing to community developmet, empower youth and women and teach sustainability.
On your next visit to Armenia, please spend half a day and drive an hour away from the  magnificient Republic square, shops, restaurants and visit a rural village, talk to people to find out the grass root of poverty, stop by a commuity center and have an open discussion with youth and women, find out how an Armenian survives without a basic living needs.
Armenia is not about lavish life style in Yerevan, it's about villages.
Do your share... SAVE A VILLAGE.

What is Parev Emirates?

Parev Emirates is a program designed by Azad-Hye Group to welcome Armenians who arrive in the United Arab Emirates either for living there or on their way to other countries.   

This program is specially important as Dubai has become a rapidly gowing destination for job seekers and a hub for international travellers.  

We are in a lucky position to learn from the experience of the newcomers and those who pass by. 

Newcomers need a warm welcome in order to feel socially stable and confident in belonging or being attached to fellow Armenians in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai.  

Travellers who transit Dubai for their connection trip to other locations can share with us their experience and knowledge, especially if they have certain achievements in their field of profession or have insight related to Armenian issues.   

We ask therefore 1) recent arrivals and 2) passer-by compatriots to contact us in order to arrange a Parev Emirates welcome for them. This will certainly enrich all of us.  

P. O. Box 94670, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Serine Gharibian 050 3678820
Socrates Arakelyan 050 1150888
Suzy Karadjian 050 4775603 (currently in vacation)
Hrach Kalsahakian 050 6144787

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