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We received the following message from "Ararat Foundation":
On September 4, 2007, Dr. Armen Ayvazyan, the director of  "Ararat" Center For Strategic  Research, was invited on Armenia TV in Yerevan to discuss on the matter of self determination of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) people and to his dismay and any prior knowledge of who were to be his interlocutors in the program he was confronted with headmaster of "Mkhitar Sebasttsi" educational complex, Mr. Ashot Bleyan, an outspoken and consistent opponent of the self-determination of Nagarno-Karabakh's people and Mr. Robert Sahakyantz a cartoon film maker.
The TV program which was aired on National television and You Tube has brought a rather stormy reaction from all sections of population in Armenia and diaspora and many have questioned the poor judgement and taste of television programmers in choosing and inviting controversial and discredited individuals such as Mr. Ashot Bleyan on this particular television program.
For your viewing, we would like to provide you with this You Tube video program. It is consisted of 9 parts for a duration of 72 minutes. We encourage you to watch it in its entirety. A good friend has mentioned that "Enemies of the Armenian people are within us and we are doing nothing about it!". Another friend has called that "A strong reaction from diaspora is needed.." Another concerned individual has said, "I say we prepare a petition and get as many diaspora and homeland Armenianns to sign requesting Bleyan's removal from his post, duties, etc." We have also included other remarks by other individuals who are outraged by viewing the program.
Feel free to provide your comments to You Tube or to our e-mail. We strongly believe that diaspora and all Armenians need to react to the Bleyan-Sahakyantz phenomenon where their ideology of denial of anything Armenian - homeland, Artsakh, culture - is evident.
Best regards,
"Ararat Foundation"
("Ararat" Center For Strategic Research)

The interview on You Tube is in nine consecutive parts. (Click here for the link)

The following response is from Harout Bronozian (Glendale, California).
1) How is it possible that a person like Ashot Bleyan serves as the chief educator and principal of one of the largest state schools in Armenia? He is unable to think logically, he demonstrates his sexual complexes even during the TV talk-show, his ideology of denial of anything Armenian -- homeland, Artsakh, culture -- is inevitably affecting the ideology of the pupils of his school, where he carries on similar propaganda as well.
2) How is it possible that a state official -- and he is one -- conducts this anti-state, anti-army, anti-national propaganda?
3) Ashot Bleyan is also a convicted criminal, who has served his term in prison in the late 1990's on embezzlement charges. How is it possible that a convicted person is given such a responsible post of an educator for 2,000 schoolchildren? 
4) How is it possible that the current Minister of education Levon Mkrtchian who is a leading Dashnaktzakan, who does not react to the fact that Bleyan is trying to educate "Yenicheries" out of Armenian children. While he either shall demand Bleyan's resignation or submit his own! The same could be said about the ARF's indifferent position to this question.
5) How is it possible that Armenia's Prime-Minister, who is the leader of the Hanrapetakan party and a candidate for the presidency of Armenia, out of about 1,000 schools in Armenia, chooses exactly Bleyan's school for his September 1 visit (the first day when academic year starts)? 
See: Politics of Provocation?: PMs visit to Bleyan sparks speculations 
6) How is it possible that a leading Armenian TV channel pooh-poohs the importance of state language and doesn't provide any translation to a foreign language speaker? By the way, Sahakyantz has been living in Armenia for more than three decades and actually knows Armenian pretty well.
A response from Angela Barseghian (Los Angeles, California)
I say we prepare a petition and get as many Diaspora and Homeland Armenians to sign requesting Bleyan's removal from his post, duties, etc.The same with the other imbeciles, including the TV hosts.
A response from Bagrad Nazarian (Armenian Solidarity, United Kingdom).
This whole thing is so incredibly bizarre it's actually surreal! Here we have (or are supposed to have) a serious show about the most serious issue in Armenia, yet the two Armenia TV anchormen running the show hardly know anything either about the subject or how to chair the programme. The result is that apart from the political analyst (Armen Aivazian) the other two are all over the place talking about all sorts of things hardly related to the subject and are hardly ever stopped! Worse still the two who have no competence to speak on the subject (turns out one is a school governor and the bearded fellow Sahakyants a cartoon film maker!) end up actually dismissing Armenian culture, history , army, state... calling all these "a myth"! Bleyan makes repeated and highly patronising and inappropriate remarks about "these beautiful girls sitting at the back" (remember he is supposed to be a school governor!) and he is never criticised or stopped by the two TV hosts apparently running the show! When he does say anything remotely related to the subject it is completely illogical and upside down, praising the Azeris for their tolerance and questioning the need for Armenian defence of the frontier, completely forgetting not only Sumgait, Baku and Ganja... massacres but also unleashing of full ethnic cleansing and war by Azerbaijan...! The man is clearly deranged and the big puzzle for me is what's the point of bringing such a character to a serious show? Further who appointed him to run a school? And how can he possibly continue as such after this show? Even in the most democratic European country if, as a state official, you publicly express views which are opposed to the state/government policy, and are so wildly off the mark, you have to resign as a state official. Apparently not so in Armenia though!
Actually I raised these very points with the Dashnak Party chief Hrand Markarian as well as Mr Armen Rustamian in Stepanakert while we were all attending the banquet celebrating the inauguration of the new NKR President on 7 Sep. I asked them how their party could tolerate Bleyan as a school head while their party colleague Mr Levon Mkrtchyan is the Education Minister?! Hrand Markarian literally pointed me towards Mr. Zakarian, the Mayor of Yerevan who was also attending the banquet and said "tell him it is his responsibility"! When I asked "so what's the role and duty of your Education Minister and your Dashnak Party" Mr Markarian incredibly shrugged his shoulders and both top Party leaders evaded any clear answer.
It gets worse still! Armenian TV and media reports widely broadcast the Armenian Prime Minister's visit on September 1'st to a big school with 2,300 pupils. You guessed it! Yes it was the school run by no other than Mr Bleyan!
I told you this whole thing is surreal to the point of being absurd!

Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 (5767 reads), comments: 1
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Posted by Zara Nazarian on Friday, December 21, 2007

Bagrat Nazarian, Harout Bronzoian, Angela Barsegian why don't you go and live in Armenia. Move to Karabagh and fight for it. I don't want to have those years from 1992 to 1997 again. I will move to United States and you go to live in Armenia. Ashot Bleyan is one of the smartest persons in Armenia; his school is the only good one in that country. Who are you that gonna decide if he deserves this post or no.
Move to Armenia .....

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