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Art and Culture Links 1 Links
Deals with art and culture issues in general. See also music and other links.

Australian Armenian Links 3 Links
About 50 thousand Armenians live in Australia, mainly in Sydney and Melbourne.

Blogs 11 Links
Armenian blogs are spreading. You can start your own blog (a sort of electronic diary) in few minutes time, with minimal technical knowledge.

Share your thoughts with your immidiate friends or wider audience by enriching your blog postings.

Blogging is the ideal solution for those who want to reach the reader without undertaking the financial and technical complications of keeping an ordinary website.

Calendar of Events 1 Links
Calendar of Events

Canadian Armenian Links 1 Links
Canadian Armenian websites. There are about 100 thousand Armenians living in Canada.

Cuisine 1 Links
Armenian cuisine is one of the well-known oriental cuisines.

Cypriot Armenian Links 4 Links
Armenians have lived in Cyprus for centuries, but the present community on the island is mainly the result of immigration during and immediately after the Armenian Genocide of 1915-23 in Turkey.

Currently, some 2000 Armenians live in Cyprus, mainly in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol.

Dating Links 1 Links
Online dating services.

Education Links 5 Links
Education links on Armenian topics

Egyptian Armenian Links 2 Links
In the recent history, the Armenian migration to Egypt started in the beginning of the 19th century. Historians trace the migration of Armenians to Egypt to antiquity, with a notable increase under Byzantine rule.

The reign of Mohamed Ali (1805 1849) witnessed strong migration streams of Armenians to Egypt. Mohamed Ali hired a lot of Armenians to help his government. His era witnessed building Armenian churches in Egypt. In 1876 the Armenian Nubar Nubarian (1825-1899) became the first Prime Minister in modern Egypt.

Most of current Armenian Egyptians who are permanent residents of Egypt were born in Egypt. The community is thought to be numbered around 5,000, living in Cairo and Alexandria.

Environmental Links 1 Links
Environmental organizations, think-thanks and nature advocates.

European Armenian Links 5 Links
More than one million Armenians live within the boundaries of modern day European Union countries (Even larger Armenian population exists in Russia and other ex-Soviet Republics).

Far East Armenian Links 1 Links
Armenians have lived in many locations in Asia. We are much familiar with the Armenian presence in the Middle East and Iran, but there has been an active Armenian life in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc.

General information 1 Links
Portals and websites with pan Armenian content. Could be useful for general users and researchers.

Genocide Links 5 Links
The Armenian Genocide is one of the important events in the modern history of the Armenian nation.

The Genocide recognition is gaining internatinal attention and by the year 2015 (100th anniversary) the number of countries recognizing the Genocide could reach 30-40.

Georgian Armenian Links 2 Links
About 300 thousand Armenians live within the borders of modern day Georgia, especially in a province called Javakhk in Armenian and Samtskhe-Javakheti in Georgian. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, was historically one of the major Armenian cultural centers, especially in the 19th century.

Gift and Souvenir Links 2 Links
Gifts and souvenirs with Armenian symbols are popular especially among visitors to Armenia. Armenian communities worldwide have their own symbols and popular gift products.

Greek Armenian Links 2 Links
Greek Armenian Links

Gyumri websites 1 Links
Websites of entities in the second largest Armenian city: Gyumri, north of Armenia.

Heritage Links 1 Links
Websites covering Armenian heritage.

History Links 4 Links
Armenian history links

Indian Armenian Links 1 Links
Indian Armenian Links

Iranian Armenian Links 4 Links
Iranian Armenians live in main cities of Iran (Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, etc). Until the 1979 revolution, there were some 300 thousand Armenians in Iran. After the revolution the number has shrinked to the half or less.

Jerusalem Armenian Links 2 Links
The Armenian presence in Jerusalem goes back to the early Christian times. Today, still there are few thousand Armenians in this ancient and holy city. One of the quarters of old Jerusalem is named after the Armenians.

Jordanian Armenian Links 1 Links
Jordan is one of the countries in the Middle East where a small community of Armenians existed mainly since the Genocide (1915).

Jordan has been the furthest place where deported and persecuted Armenians reached during their deadly march in World War I.

Amman and Jerusalem Armenians had strong bonds during the time of the Jordanian administrative presence in the Holy City.

Karabakh Links 5 Links
Shushi Revival Fund Karabakh is an Armenian populated region, forecfully given to Azerbaijan during the Soviet era. Shortly before the final collapse of the Soviet Union, the people of Karabakh declared independence and defended their integrity against attacking forces.

The present day situation of Karabakh is marked with a relatively stable truce. Karabakh serves as a good example of people's self-determination. Western countries, so eager to recognize Kosovo as an independent country, should look favorably into the case of Karabakh and not with double standards.

Lebanese Armenian Links 5 Links
Lebanon is the biggest Armenian Community in the Middle East.

Beirut has been considered as the heart of the Diaspora.

It is still playing that role, despite the significant decrease of the number of Armenians in that beautiful city.

Literature Links 1 Links
Armenian literature resources, including ebooks, digital libraries, references, etc.

Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia 3 Links
Websites under the supervision of the Ministry of Diaspora or affiliated to the Ministry.

Music Links 8 Links
Here you can find serveral pan-Armenian music sites.

Our Music Download section has a collection of music files with introductions about artists. You can access the Music Download section here.

In 2008 Azad-Hye radio was introduced with 24 hours music and other audio material section. Radio link.

Music Links (non-Armenian music by Armenians) 1 Links
Music performed by Armenians in foreign language.

News and Informative Links 3 Links
These websites provide information on Armenian politics, public life, community issues etc.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 2 Links
Non-Governmental Organizations are active in Armenia and abroad. They are the backbone of Armenian social welfare and community life.

North American Armenian Links 4 Links
More than one millions Armenians live in the United States and Canada, with significant organizational life. Hundreds organizations thrive in this new homeland, where the opportunities are abundant to pursue Armenain community life.

Online Education 1 Links
Opportunities for online education.

Painting Artists 1 Links
Meet Armenian painting artists from the Middle East and worldwide.

Pan-Armenian Links 12 Links
A collection of Armenian websites worldwide, with a brief explanation on each one.

Photo galleries 3 Links
Websites hosting photos related to Armenia and Armenians.

Poetry Links 1 Links
Armenian poetry links

Radio stations 13 Links
Online radio stations through the internet is something that has grabbed the imagination of many Armenians, who always searched for new ways of communication with fellow Armenians. You can nowadays revert to the internet for your full Armenian music entertainment. Azad-Hye also has introduced its own radio station here.

Recruitment Links 1 Links
Creating employment opportunities to young people is a priority in modern societies. Armenian communities should help their young members to find suitable jobs after they receive their education.

You can follow recruitment related subjects in the forum section here.

Religious Links 4 Links
Armenian religious links from the Middle East and worldwide.

Repatriation 1 Links
Repatriation websites dealing with the return of Armenians to their motherland.

Research Centers 4 Links
Research centers, foundations, establishments that deal with Armenian issues.

Russian Armenian Links 1 Links
Russian Armenians represent one of the most sizable Diaspora communities, with about 2 million people, concentrated in Moscow and other Russian big cities.

Science 1 Links
Armenian scientists and science associations

Services 1 Links
Miscellaneous services inside and outside Armenia.

Social Links 1 Links
Links that bring Armenians together.

South American Armenian Links 2 Links
Argentine and Uruguay are famous in the Armenian Diaspora as one of the oldest Armenian settlements. Uruguay was the first country to recognize the Armenian Genocide, thanks to the efforts of the local Armenians. After uncertain years (due to economic hardships) the Armenians of South America are re-organizing themselves.

Syrian Armenian Links 6 Links
Some 100.000 thousands Armenians live in Syria, most of them in the northern city of Aleppo, which was an important passage for the Armenians during the Genocide (1915).

Armenians live also in Damascus, Latakia (including the villages of Yakoubiye, Ghnemiye, Aramo and the town of Kessab with its surrounding villages).

Armenians in the Al Jazira area (Syrian provinces beyond the Euphrates River) exist in Qamshly, Derik (Malkiye), Hasaka, Ras Oul Ayn, Tel Abiad, Der-Zor and Rakka.

Travel and Tourism Links 8 Links

Armenia is a beautiful country with a sophisticated people and a long and cultured history. As a result, Armenia is an intriguing tourist destination.

Numerous monuments and masterpieces of the Ancient era and Middle Ages can be found throughout the country. Tourism in Armenia is rooted in the country's historical landmarks and natural attractions. The 5165 meter Mount Ararat, geographically located in Turkey, is a national symbol of Armenia and is visible from much of the Southwest region.

Turkish Armenian Links 3 Links
Large parts of the historical homeland of the Armenians is located in present-day Turkey.

Besides that Armenians used to live in other places in the Ottoman Empire, including the capital Constantinople (Istanbul), where still a community of 50.000 exists.

With the aspiration of Turkey to join the European Union more and more Armenians are feeling comfortable in expressing about their identity in Turkey.

The Armenian Genocide is discussed now in wider circles in Turkey. Some Turks are reaching to the Armenians and feeling the unjustice their forefathers caused to this nation.

UAE Armenian Links 4 Links
Websites and online resources related to UAE Armenians

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