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Avo Katerjian's song lyrics

AVO KATERJIAN IN HIS OFFICE, ALEPPO, SYRIA Avo Katerjian lives in Aleppo, Syria. Besides his work as a goldsmith he has an administrative role in the ABBA (Armenian Intl. Black Belt Association) Aleppo branch.

He is the author of a book devoted to Nakhichevan, a historical land adjacent to present day Armenia, where the Armenians lived for many centuries and left many historical landmarks, some of them, such as the cemetery in Julfa has been destroyed only recently by the Azerbaijan authorities.

Katejian has written the lyrics for many songs, most of them describing the revolutionary heros of recent Armenian history and other patriotic subjects.
You can download here the lyrics of 13 of his songs in Armenian (the songs are given in Armenian language in two forms, one in Armenian spelling and the other using latin characters).

If there are complications related to the use of Armenian fonts, please refer to the FONTS section on this page and install Armenian ARA fonts.
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