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TV stations

Commemorative Albums 2 Files
Illustrative publications related to schools, organizations, individuals, etc.

Directories 1 Files
Directories of Armenians

Electronic Library 5 Files
Books on Armenian subjects

Electronic Library (Genocide) 4 Files
Books and publications on Armenian Genocide.

Electronic Library (Literature) 2 Files
Armenian literature (novels, poems, theatrical pieces, researches on literature, etc).

Electronic Library (Republic of Armenia) 7 Files
Reports, statistics, researches, laws, regulations, etc., related to the modern Republic of Armenia.

Fonts 2 Files
A collection of Armenian fonts from different sources ready to be downloaded for quick usage.

Interviews 1 Files
Recording of interviews

Lyrics 1 Files
Lyrics of songs.

Maps 1 Files
Different maps representing Armenia (modern and historical), Armenian communities, Genocide, administrative and tourism maps.

Midi files 10 Files
Ara Souvalian

Ara Souvalian's Armenian Midi Music Library.

Ara Souvalian is a Syrian Armenian composer and midi music files maker. He has an extensive collection of such files: the largest known in the Armenian world. He would like to share them with Armenians worldwide. Please mention the source (Ara Souvalian / Azad-Hye) when making use of the files.

Poems 2 Files
Armenian poems

Speeches and orations 1 Files
Speeches, lectures, orations derlivered at various occasions.

TV stations 5 Files
Online Internet TV stations, with streaming broadcast.

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