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Comment posted by Socrat Sunday, March 02, 2008
The problem is not the way the election were conducted as all international election monitors declared were in line with international standards (although there were irregularities which were not big enough to determine the course of the final result), but the lack of political culture and awareness in the country.
Armenian politics and political parties are based around one individual, rather than ethos, VALUES and traditions of the political party itself and this is the main problem.
If political parties are not democratic themselves – how do people expect the elections to be democratic? People are not asking their politicians what and most importantly HOW they are going to deliver their promised Objectives, nor they are basing their vote on party’s or candidates credentials, facts or figures but on rumors and who and what their friends, neighbour or relative has voted for.
Levon Ter Petrossian (LTP) wants to oust the current government and people think and hope that Levon will end the corruption and the misery our nation is going through today? Look at the people who are now backing him up/supporting him - the same corrupt politicians, corrupt military officials, oligarchs who have used intimidation and force to further their business needs, Levon who used the voter suppression tactics, fraud in his previous election campaigns and his supporters think that Levon is going to bring a change.....where was Levon in the last 4 years, what did he do for the nation in the last 10 years? A few weeks of electoral campaign and he expects to win an election..... when majority of the nation still remembers the dark days of his dictatorial rule.
The nation is frustrated and angry about certain failures of current government and everyone wants change towards a better future. However. If that change is to come ensure that the person who is going to lead that change and govern the nation is going to be transparent, accountable, incorruptible and democratic himself who has contributed to the nation not in words but by action, not in the last few weeks of campaigning but over time.....does Levon meet these requirements? I don’t think so, just another greedy hypocrite and his new supporters who are jumping from one party to another (they change political parties more often than their socks) and for personal greed, personal ambition, desire to change government they are doing nothing but creating mass hysteria and destabilizing the country for the benefit of our enemies.
If people really want to work towards a better and prosperous future, want to end the corruption/mafia domination, end the poverty, have freedom of speech, press and rule of law and have a true democratic country where human rights are protected and valued – then they should start with changing themselves and those around them first and adhering to the principles of democracy and human rights. People must realize that in order to have a prosperous, democratic Armenia teamwork will be required and that Team in not just the Government or the opposition – but it is the whole nation.
Read also:
President Robert Kocharyan's interview on opposition protests Sunday, March 02, 2008
YouTube video clips recorded for the Armenian TV on the 6th day of the protests (25 February 2008).
Policy Forum Armenia Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Please note that the Policy Forum Armenia (PFA) is up and running.




Please note the following features:

  • PFA member profiles;
  • Radio PFA with its upcoming bi-hourly audio reports from Armenia covering February 19th Presidential Elections;
  • Opinion polls featuring this week's question on elections;
  • PFA Blogs on 6 subject clusters, with PFA members as contributors;
  • PFA Forums on topics to be covered in the first issue of the State of the Nation Report;
  • PFA Summer Internship in Washington, with its application deadline of April 30th;
  • Policy Calendar highlighting events of relevance for Armenia's public life and policy making;
  • Library of Armenia-specific policy reports and data;
  • PFA Watch List bringing to public attention controversial actions; and
  • I-Report allowing readers to report any news-worthy event related to public life, such as violations or misconduct by public officials.

Stay connected, stay involved.

Radio Gayane from Paris Monday, February 25, 2008

Kougharkem tzez www.radio-gayane.com gayketche vor tzanotanak ays on-line radioi hed.


Arajin on-line radion e vor 40% haykakan yerker, isk 60% Internationale, CD vorakov.


Ourakh ounkendrak


Ես հայնտաբերել եմ այս նոր ինտերնետային ռադիոն եւ առաջարկում եմ Ձեզ ծանոթացնել վերջինիս բովանդակությանը:


Դուք կարող եք նաեւ տեղեկացնել  Ձեր ընկերներին այցելելով այս կայքը:


Ձեր տեղեկության համար նշենք նաեւ, որ Radio-gayane.com-ն ինտերնետային կայքով 24 ժամ հեռարձակվում է հայկական եւ ժամանակակից  ձայնասկավառակի որակին համապատասխան երաժշտություն:


Radio Gayane broadcasts Armenian and contemporary music of CD quality, 24 hours a day on the internet.

The website offers also video clips, photo gallery, collection of Armenian links and news. 



Ararat <aasc@armenia.at>

Initiative for Democracy in Armenia Thursday, February 21, 2008
As most of you probably know, the Republic of Armenia held its presidential elections on February 19th, 2008. 
Unfortunately, the process was conducted in the most flagrant of manners.  People were beaten and kidnapped, ballot boxes stuffed, votes bought, polling stations terrorized, and even the process of vote counting was described by observers as "bad" at some locations and "very bad" at others.
Regardless of the result, democratic governments should take the necessary steps to prevent the usurpation of its peoples' collective will, not facilitate it!  It is in this spirit, and in the name of preserving democratic values, that we have created the following petition.  We encourage everyone to take a brief moment to simply sign this petition, and forward it to everyone you know.  In times of outrageous injustice, we owe it to ourselves and future generations to make our voices heard!
Initiative for Democracy in Armenia
Sheikh Al Hosni presents credentials to Armenian president as Oman's non-resident Ambassador Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oman's flagYEREVAN — Sheikh Abdullah bin Zahir Al Hosni has presented his credentials to President Robert Kocharian of Armenia as the Sultanate’s non-resident ambassador to Armenia.

During the meeting, the ambassador conveyed the greetings of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to President Kocharian along with His Majesty’s best wishes for the Armenian friendly people.

On his turn, the Armenian president praised the Sultanate’s wise policy, wishing His Majesty the Sultan and the Omani people further progress and prosperity.

The Armenian president expressed his wishes to develop economic relations with the Sultanate.

Source: Times of Oman, Oman, Feb 13 2008 (from Oman News Agency)


Comment posted by Nasir Saturday, February 09, 2008
Hi. I'm Azeri. Armenians can produce only hilly-billy musicians as Russo, but in general they were always after pilfering our mugham: Declared as intangible heritage of the World by UNESCO.
Comment by Azad-Hye:
Russo of course does not represent Armenian music, he is an Armenian in ethnicity, but a famous Russion pop star.
Saying that the Armenians "in general" were always after pilfering Azeri mugham, is a generality. No average Armenian knows what a mugham is. By reverting to the word Mugham in the Wikipedia we find the following paragraph:
"Mugam belongs to the system of modal music and has close ties to the Persian musical tradition. It is therefore meta-ethnical, because it is not restricted to one particular region but covers a wide area of the Middle and Far East. The Uighurs in Xinjian (Sinkiang) call this musical development “Muqam,” the Uzbeks and Tajiks call it “Maqom” (also “Shasmaqom”), while the Arabs, Persians call it “Maqam", or "Dastgah”. In Azerbaijan the word is Mugam. It is based on many different modes and tonal scales where different relations between notes and scales are envisaged and developed".
After reading the above paragraph (which may have been written also by an Azeri) we can say that mugham or maqam is not part of the Armenian musical tradition, but it seems that it is multi-ethnical tradition (without excluding that it may have a higher status in Azerbaijan).
We respect the musical traditions of the Azeris. It is no harm if we enjoy their music (although in the Middle East we do not encounter such music). It is also quite natural if we create and propagate our own musical traditions, like any other nation in the world. We do not believe in musical or any other kind of superiority (or inferiority per se). Let us not be against each other just because we belong to different nationalities.
Comment posted by Laura Der Saturday, February 09, 2008
Hi, I'm Laura from Argentina, and I'd like to know how could I contact to Dr. Bhattacharya, as I'm interested to know more about Khoja Petrus' life or family.
Thank you very much
Note: If you have an answer, please post your comment by clicking the above link.
Comment posted by Kirsi K Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Comment on article: Avraam Russo, a Syrian Armenian who realizes fame in Russia


Just wanted to ask if there's someone who'll know the answer. I have heard a song named "You Belong To Me" by Avraam Russo about 5 years ago in Northern Finland but I can't find it anymore, anywhere. I tried youtube and found one videoclip where he is singing the same song in Russian. But what is the name of the song? I'd like to buy Russo's CD particularly including this song in question.

You'll find the clip from youtube.com filling the searchfield putting as an index-word "Avraam Russo in SF", Avraam Russo in San Fransisco. The song I adore is the second song on the clip.

I ask for help with this because I've been hungting that song for 5 years.

Thank you beforehand!

Azad-Hye note: If you have an answer, click the above link and place your comment after the report.

Comment posted by Lila Vartanian Boghossian Friday, January 25, 2008
Armenian TapestryComment on article: Tapestry made of music
Really a creative idea from a creative person. I congratulate you for this great job  Arto and all who had the chance to be a part of it (they must have been greatful to you arto, aren't they?).
P.S. I liked the Gomidas band's picture. It's very authentic.
Lila Vartanian Boghossian
Read more Syrian Armenians news.
Comment posted by Vania Adourian Friday, January 25, 2008
Hi! I think this page is the best page in this site. Everything here is right and I want to add something new about Sako Buduzian's personality. He is very hard-working and friendly. He is the best of the singers in my view. I wish you, Sako, to get everything you want in your life, all positive happy things. Finally, I want to say congratulations. Bye.
Vania Adourian
Armenian IT journal "Inch ka chka?" Monday, January 21, 2008
Articles are taken from highly qualified IT news publishers, discussed, filtered with companies creative team. Articles address such topics such as latest vacancies and training programs of known IT Companies from Armenia, latest events and news in IT sphere in Armenia, software and hardware, viruses and ant-viruses, technology and education, research, project management and Web-based training
and a lot of other interesting notes.
Created by Arman Atoyan, German Zargaryan and Lilit Avagyan, the IT Journal began in January 2008 as a collaborative effort to provide a forum for sharing training and vacancies information in IT sphere of Armenia.
Click here for the first issue of this online IT journal (PDF format, 2.5 MB).
New addition in our Links section: The Djulfa Virtual Memorial and Museum Sunday, January 20, 2008
Djulfa khachkar in EtchmiadzinThe Djulfa Virtual Memorial and Museum (DVMM) was established in December of 2007 to document the deliberate destruction of the world’s largest Armenian cemetery - located in Djulfa (Jugha) - and the entire ancient Armenian cultural heritage in the region of Nakhichevan, Republic of Azerbaijan.
The photo is from a surviving Djulfa khachkar in St. Etchmiadzin Cathedral Complex, Armenia’s Holy See. This is one of five Djulfa khachkars transferred from the original cemetery in Nakhichevan before the 1990s.
Ari and Akop ice-skating dance Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Ari and Akop perform ice-skating on the tunes of an Armenian folk music:
New Year message by US diplomat Tuesday, January 15, 2008
The American Ambassador of Armenia wishes Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.
The message is in Armenian. 
You can still celebrate New Year Sunday, January 13, 2008
If your New Year was not as fabulous as you wished, you can still celebrate New Year tonight.
Today (13 January) is the last day of 2007 according to the Julian calendar, still in use by many, including the Russians, Serbs, Copts, Welsh and Berber. For Armenians, it's already too late, unless you are in Jerusalem, where you can also attend Armenian Christmas service on January 19th, along with Epiphany.
Ohan Janikian from Cairo (E-mail)
Forum: What is the best way to help Armenia? Friday, January 11, 2008
Auditing Funds to ensure transparency
The Republic of Armenia is as small as the State of Maryland in U.S.A., with the borderline of 3.0 million people living in the entire country, even though this figure is escalated by the government to show economic growth, however the latest figures from the World Bank and European Council demonstrated that majority of 3.0 million are seasonal residence who return home for few months after working in Russia/George/Dubai and other neighboring countries to earn a living and support their families in Armenia. 
A small country DOES NOT require billions and millions of dollars to meet Mazlow's basic living theory.  What have we got to show for? our villages are  disappearing one after another, due to poor roads, infrastructure, health, education, lack of employment and a sustainable income,  villages are in the worst  shape than the soviet years, our education is at the lowest quality with non competent  students entering institutes by bribes to avoid army, health is deteriorating, people die for no life threatening cause, a 5 year old boy died due to "bee sting", a 22 year old woman loses her  precious life during child birth,  women die on regular basis due to breast cancer and other simple women related illnesses which can easily be prevented if there is proper health care facilities in rural areas. A human life has no value in  rural Armenia. Thank God for an International Non-Profit organization, "doctor's without borders" to provide health care to rural areas, only ONCE a month.
Click the icon to read the rest:
Exchange of e-mails between Azad-Hye and 'For Hrant, for Justice' website Friday, January 11, 2008
Comment on article: Friends of Hrant Dink
Subject: Thanks for your efforts
Dear Friends,
Your activities highlight the legacy of Hrant Dink. Hrant preached for a better future with mutual understanding between nationalities living in the same place. We thank you for your efforts. We have posted a briefing about your events in our webiste.
We received the following response:
Thanks for your supportive mail... Whatever we do, it will not be enough. We miss him so badly. We are hoping to post photos of the events if they are being sent to us.

So keep an eye on our web site. We will not shut it down after 19th. And also, if you have know any other events that are not on the list, pls let us know, so we can add them. It is important that we post all the events that are taking place around the world.
In solidarity.
Ozlem Dalkiran
10 January 2008
Mashdotsi Artsakank: January 2008 online issue. Friday, January 11, 2008
Why is Easter early this year?
Why is Vartanants in January and not February this year?
Why is Hovhannou Garabed later than usual?
Why is Sourp Sarkis on Monday and not Saturday this year?
To access all the answers, check the January 2008 issue of Mashdotsi Artsakank (PDF format / 1.1 MB).
To access the current and all previous issues, please visit:
From Sourp Hagop Sunday School in Montreal, Canada
Comment posted by A. Vardanyan Thursday, January 10, 2008
Hello friends. I read a lot of things about Avraam. Actually I don’t want to believe in all.
As a singer he is good, there are many singers who have almost the same voice but Avraam’s voice is unique. I am not saying it is the best, but wherever I go if there is a song performed by him it is impossible not to recognize it.
Anyway, yes he had made a copy one of Amr Diab’s songs. I do not agree with what he has done, but he is not the first and not surely the last one to do so. So let us just be happy for Apig, because we Armenians should be proud of him without jealousy.
He is one OF US. It is a fact. No need to blame someone coz he is lucky.
Well, Filip Kirkorov as I am informed is half Armenian. When he went to Azerbaijan he said "I would be very happy if I could be one of you". He is Armenian, but he doesn’t want to realize that, so why we listen to his songs?
The Armenian Government didn’t allow him to come to Armenia after what he said in Azerbaijan, even if we lost a lot of money coz he had to give a concert in Yerevan.
But Avraam never hid his nationality.
So all I want to say, we should be proud of him without blaming him for the things he didn’t do.
I love him as a singer and as a handsome Armenian guy :)
A. Vardanyan
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