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Iraq: Message from Shant Atanosian Friday, May 16, 2008

It's really a very nice and good thing trying to connect all the Armenian fellows over the Middle East. I wish you all the best and luck in your duty.
Actually I am from Baghdad, Iraq. Our Armenian community here is trying to survive under this difficult situation, that we are facing as a country. Despite these difficulties the Armenian associations here are trying to give the best to the Armenians here: We have the Yerdasartants Association, Homenetmen Club and Parikordzagan Association.

I'm one of the associates in the Yerdasartats Association in Baghdad.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiries. 

Thank you and may god bless all Armenians.

Shant Atanosian (Email)
Finance Dep./ Logistics/ Senior specialist
Desk   :- +964 7901 902 145
Ext     :-   2145

15 May 2008

Article on the Armenian Genocide and UN Monday, May 12, 2008

We have the privilage to publish the updated article by Prof. Alfred de Zayas entitled "The Genocide against the Armenians 1915-1923 and the relevance of the 1948 Genocide Convention". The article aims to discussing the issues such as "what does the UN Convention of 1948 say about the Armenian Genocide? Can one refrain from recognising the Armenian Genocide 1915 since the UN Convention did not exist until 1948? Does the present Turkey have any obligations regarding the act of genocide committed by Ottoman Turkey?

Alfred de Zayas is Professor of international law, Geneva School of Diplomacy Member New York, Florida Bar, retired former Secretary of the UN Human Rights Committee, retired former Chief of Petitions at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights.

Please visit http://www.armenica.org to read the article in its whole.

We hope that you will find the new addition intersting and useful.

With best regards,

Armenica Editorial Staff

Comment posted by Nadeem Khoury Monday, May 12, 2008

Comment on article: Armenian Lebanese solidarity song by Gassan Rahbani

Dear Ghassan,

Marvelous work. Thanks a lot.

N. Khoury
(75% Armenian, 25% Arab Palestinian)
Director, Satellite Communications Department
HICAP Telecom Co. Ltd.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Lebanese opposition supporters burn the headquarters of Radio Sevan in Beirut Monday, May 12, 2008

By Katia Peltekian 

BEIRUT: May 10, 2008. - At noon today, supporters of the Lebanese opposition, which includes Hezbollah, Amal and other movements, burned the offices of the newly established Armenian radio station "Sevan" in the Mar Elias area in Beirut.

This comes a day after pro-government media offices were forced to close down and then set on fire. Future TV, Future News, Radio Orient, Future Newspaper (all of which are owned by the Hariri family) in addition to Al-Lewa' newspaper offices were targets yesterday by anti-government millitants.

Details about today's attack on the Armenian "Radio Sevan" have not been made public yet.

Radio sevan's website: http://www.radiosevan.com/

Nestle apologises to Azerbaijan Monday, May 05, 2008

Food giant Nestle faces a boycott in Azerbaijan after information about countries around the world on a CD-ROM given away with a breakfast cereal caused outrage there.

The CD-ROM said that Azerbaijan had started a war against neighbouring Armenia and that the hotly disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh belonged to Armenia.

The BBC reports that the Swiss-based multinational food company has issued a formal apology to Azerbaijan, withdrawn the cereal and promised to seize the offending CDs.

The Azeri government vowed to take action, and there has been widespread talk of a public boycott, despite Nestle's apology.

Source: Newsroom America, 03 May 2008, New Zealand

Comment posted by Kevork Friday, May 02, 2008

Comment in forum: Turkish Armenians: How should we call them?

Any individual that has the right to vote and hold that country's passport, native or adopted, he or she belong to that country's first, since he or she will be serving that countries flags no matter thier origin.

No exception with the Armenians of Turkey, they should be called Turkish Armenians, since, all males have or will be serving the Turkish flag. Being a Turkish, African or Chinese Armenians will not make them less Armenian than the rest of us. We are very proud of each individual that recognizes himself / herself as Armenian or feels proud to be Armenian.



Armenian IT online journal Thursday, May 01, 2008

The 4th issue of the first Armenian online IT monthly journal "Inch ka chka?" is available now.

Click here to download the file (PDF format). 

New additions in Mashtoz wesite (3 PDF format files) Saturday, April 26, 2008

Three new documents are added in www.mashtoz.org website.
They are:
01. Saghmosaz grqi endhanur neratzutyun  (18 p.)
02. Saghmosnere  (18 p.)
03. Karevor aghotq  (1 p.)

Mashtoz Vahe Lazaryan

Comment by Boghos Mardirossian (Kuwait( Friday, April 25, 2008

Comment on forum: Are we good survivors? At what expense did we survive?

I think you are absolutely right. Hard work of survival change our human behavior and that is reflecting on our daily family and work life.

I think we miss social psychology analysis, which will study post Genocide behaviorism in Armenian communities and mainly in Western Armenia origin families.

I often asked myself why the faces of Armenians in Armenia look very sad and seem all the problems of the world are on their shoulder as they say in Armenian language.

When I see the faces of Swiss people, I feel different face outlook. They are of course different not in the sense of the genetic, but rather in terms of general positive and happy face outlook.

I think it is a good case study and we need positive and happy looking people faces

Boghos Mardirossian

Hasmik Leyloyan: The Queen of the Armenian Kanon Sunday, April 20, 2008
Hasmik LeyloyanThe name of famous kanon (qanon) player Hasmik Leyloyan is already known to a wide range of audience. She perfectly possesses the expressive techniques of this instrument and demonstrates a unique ability to perform both national and classical difficult compositions.
Leyloyan was born in Yerevan. After completing Armen Tigranyan School of Music she studied in the Romanos Melikyan College of Music. In 1981 she graduated from the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan. Soon after that she began working at the Chair of National Instruments of the same institution as an instructor. She has undertaken a wide range of concert and teaching activities since 1970s. She co-worked with various musicians: Ara Gevorgyan, Karen Durgaryan, Yervand Yerznkyan, Nikolay Kalinin, Ara Ghazaryan and others. In 1974 during a concert she presented improvisations and instrumentations of a number of difficult classical pieces on Kanon, thus drawing the attention of the audience to this instrument.
The gifted kanon player composed a text-book on kanon techniques, and compiled a number of collections on musical training and methods. She created beautiful compositions and replaced the part of piano with kanon in many works. She has many radio and TV audio tapes, as well as several laser discs.
In 2006 she founded a quartet of kanon players with Narine Malkhasyan, Armine Asatryan and Susanna Avetisyan.
"Venice Carnival" by Hasmik Leyloyan 
Azad-Hye radio

Light the Night on the Eve of April 24 Sunday, April 20, 2008
Light the candle
On the eve of April 24th, we encourage to "Light the Night" by lighting a candle through the night of the 23rd and into the morning of the 24th, in remembrance of the 1.5 million souls that fell victim to the annihilation machine of the Ottoman Empire. Each lit candle placed on the window sill will represent a soul lost throughout the years of 1915 and 1923.
Together, let's "Light the Night"; let's vow to remember, to never forget, and to pursue justice and peace for all humanity. Visit http://www.armenica.org/light-the-night for further information and campaign material. Help us spreading the light by forwarding this campaign message to your contacts.
The "Light the Night" campaign is a joint world wide campaign driven by Armenica.org and ArmeniaDiaspora.com and was launched for the first time in 2005 during the 90th remembrance day of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.
The memories of a Swedish diplomat Einar af Wirsen on the Armenian Genocide. Thursday, April 17, 2008
The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute presents the memories of a Swedish diplomat Einar af Wirsen on the Armenian Genocide.
Einar af Wirsen was a Swedish Military attaché in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. He was an eye-witness of the Armenian genocide and had personal conversation with the main Turkish perpetrators and foreign diplomats accredited in Constantinople. The Chapter “The Murder of a Nation” is taken from his memories titled “Memories of Peace and War” published by Albert Bonnier Foriag, Stockholm, 1942.
Here are the links:
Cyprus: Fund raising campaign for Hay Tad Friday, April 11, 2008
The Armenian National Committee of Cyprus (Gibrosi Hay Tadi Hantsnakhoump) has initiated a Fund Raising campaign to support local and European Hay Tad activities.
Lotteries are being sold for 10 euros each and winners will receive valuable prizes.
The Armenian National Committee of Cyprus appeals to all Cypriots for support.
The draw will take place on June 8, 2008
Source: GIBRAHAYER e-magazine, 11 April 2008  
Circulates every Wednesday. Established in 1999.
Trade Ministry: Armenia to start boosting winter tourism Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Davis of Sassoun statue in YerevanYEREVAN, March 31. /ARKA/. Armenia is to launch winter tourism boosting campaign, Mekhak Apresyan, chief of Armenian Trade and Economic Development Ministry's unit in charge of tourism development, said on Monday.
He told journalists that winter tourism will be boosted in advertising footages shown on CNN and EuroNews channels.
He said that necessary arrangements are already made with the TV channels.
Apresyan said that one-hour footage will be shot on the ministry's initiative and shown twice a year throughout ten years on European TV channels, such as Discovery and National Geographics.
Two 30- and 60-second footages were shown on CNN in 2006.
National Statistical Service of Armenia says the flow of travelers to Armenia has grown 33.5% over 2007 to 510 300 against 382 200 in 2006.
According to the report, 467 600 Armenians traveled abroad in 2007. This result is 38.7% greater than that of the previous year. Armenian authorities intend to host 1 million tourists a year in coming five to seven years.
Source: ARKA, March 31, 2008
Comment by Azad-Hye: It is high time that the Armenian tourism authorities participate in the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai. This is the biggest annual tourism event in the Middle East and Western Asia (held annually every May). The population in this region enjoys high income (especially in the Gulf countries) and Armenia is geographically close to all these countries (1-3 hours by airplane). We need to see an Armenian stand in the Arabian Travel Market, if not this year, at least starting from next year. 
Armenian Music Awards 2007 article attracts several comments Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Comments on article: Armenian Music Awards 2007
Posted by Armine on Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dear Carlos,

First of all thank you very much for your attention towards Armenian National Music Awards. I always admire your patrioticism and great interest towards Armenian art and  music .

I completely agree with you that Any Kristy deserved the title of best singer. although I greatly admire Sirusho. Sirushos' Live song was perfect, unforgettable!!!

Arame was perfect too. He really worked a lot this year. BRAVO !!!

You noticed that.... Yes, Nune Yesaian could have sung LIVE...

As to the main show, I think it could be planned better. I find it a little bit slow and thus, too long. But, yet, I am very happy to have such Awards in Armenian reality...

My congratulations CARLOS JAN!

Posted by Arman Padaryan on Friday, March 28, 2008

I agree with your article. At least you again and again show a good taste and fair judging.


As for my modest professional opinion, Armenian National Music Award remains a lopsidedly promoted, obviously corrupt, and mostly "kyartu" crap embellished with few beauties of our nation...


Arman Padaryan

Manager of both Hover Choir & Komitas String Quartet

Posted by Hakob on Friday, March 28, 2008

Huh? Ani Christy was there and even debuted her new song called Ur Es. At the end of the song she pushed the song's producer DerHova into her seat for 'stealing' her phone. You didn't notice this?

I think the best video should have been awarded to a video that was actually kept out of the nominations which was Gabuyd Trchun/Kapuyt Trchun by RP. That was definitely the groundbreaking video of the year.

Famous Armenian inventors Thursday, March 20, 2008
Some famous Armenian Inventors and their inventions, in order of appearance:
Michel Ter-Pogossian - PET Scanner
Stephan Stepanian - Truck Mounted Concrete Drum Mixer
Agnes Joaquim - Hybrid Orchid
Raymond Damadian - MRI Machine
Luther Simjian - ATM Machine, Flight Sim, Postage Meter + MORE
Peter Vosbikian - Self Wringing Sponge Mop
Boris Babaian - Russia's 1st Supercomputer
Albert Kapikian - Rotavirus Vaccine
Mesrop Mashtots - Armenian Alphabet
Ed Iskenderian - Hydraulic Racing Camshaft
Varaztad Kazanjian - Plastic Surgery
Alex Manoogian - Single Handle Faucet Design
Ardashes Aykanian - Bendy & Spoon Straw, 1st Tupperware
Roger Altounyan - Pressured Inhaler, Sodium Therapy
Artem Mikoyan - MiG Military Aircraft
Arthur Bulbulian - A14 Oxygen Mask, WWII
Avie Tevanian - Mac OS X
Jirayr Tezel - Hair Transplant Device
Rouben Terzian - Toy Designer
Semyon Kirlian - High-Voltage Photography
Rupen Eksergian - Anti-Aircraft Gun WWI
Hovhaness Adamyan - Principles of B&W + Color TV
Emik Avakian - Text to Speech, Microfilm
Harry Tatosian - Ice Cream Cones, Melba Toast
Hampar Kelikian - Limb Restoration Surgical Techniques
Haig Kafafian - Cybernetic Communication
Christopher Der Seropian - Color of US Money
More from Famous Armenians:
Comment posted by Panos Balian Thursday, March 20, 2008

Comment on article: Archbishop Goriun Babian meets Bahrain and Khobar Armenians

Thank you Azad-Hye for always posting such unique and important events, which are organized by our community Executive Councils, committees, or even individuals (as in this case).

We should commend His Grace Archbishop Goriun Babian and Father Aram Dekermendjian for their benevolent services and last but not least to our fellow Armenians living in Bahrain and KSA for attending this special event.

I'm happy to see dear Garo and Kathy Mekhchavakians attending the Holy Mass as well.

Warm regards,

Panos Balian - Abu Dhabi

Armenians in Turkey 100 years ago Friday, March 14, 2008
Armenians in TurkeyThe Institute of History and Social Sciences and Birzamanlar Publishing feel proud of your attendance to the presentation by Osman Koker: ARMENIANS IN TURKEY 100 YEARS AGO
In which cities and towns of Turkey were Armenians living in the beginning of the 20th century? How much was their population according to the Ottoman official census and the Armenian sources? What kind of a role did they have in the economical, social, cultural life of the cities where they lived? Which parishes, churches, monastries and schools did they have in whichever cities they lived? How did the state change
from the WWI to the present?
Date:  March 29, 2008 Saturday
Time:  14.00 - 17.00
Place:  ASMMMO Konferans Salonu, Kumrular Caddesi, no: 26, Kizilay - Ankara
Phone: 0212 523 25 06 (Birzamanlar Publishing)
Pan-Armenian Forum: Are we good survivors? At what expense did we survive? Friday, March 07, 2008
Edward Sarafian, a commentator on Armenian affairs, says: "Before we pat ourselves on the backs for being survivors, let's ask what that has cost us. In most Armenian families, including mine, I have seen a lack of kindness, concern and generosity among siblings. In fact, emotions can run into extremes. In contrast, when I look at, say, for the sake of argument, Italian families, I see so much love, concern and conviviality that seem to be totally lacking amongst Armenians. It seems, for the sake of surviving, we have repressed or even killed our empathy for one another, our mutual caring and concern.  We seem to have hardened ourselves to such a degree, in order to survive the horrible calamities that have befallen us for generations if not centuries, that we are sometimes incapable of compassion and forgiveness within the family circle, or within the Armenian community at large.
Then you see the syndrome of some Armenian who went through very hard times, having been orphaned and through dint of sheer hard work and perseverance, overcome tremendous odds and succeeded. But, that person will not lend a helping hand to a fellow Armenian, saying if I did it by myself, without help from anyone else, you can do the same.
And yet, there is a lot of philanthropy among Armenians. It seems we can be generous and kindly disposed to an abstract fellow Armenian, but don't ask us to look directly at a specific Armenian and express love or concern. That would be unthinkable."
Add your comment. Click the icon.
Forum icon
Comment posted by Vartan from Kuwait Thursday, March 06, 2008

Comment on article: Are Armenian organisations conservative and how does that affect our communities?

You are very right, I agree with you. Diaspora Armenians are not only conservative but they hate change, they are reactionary, superstitious, relying on rumours rather than real knowledge, and finally they have too many taboos and they are not democratic.  

The few educated and forward thinking young men do not participate in "club-school-church" traditional Armenian triangle of activities because there is not much to attract them, or challenge them or utilize their knowledge and energy. Because the so-called leaders of those Armenian "triangles" are elected or decided based on loyalty / affinity and nepotism and not based on professionalism and capabilities, that make things even worse.  

So, unless this endless chain does not break, we will continue listening to Khanasor Arshavank every year, April 24 crying in Armenian for Armenians every year, and Katch Vartan stories every year.

Fortunately, there is a new generation coming forward and with the new breath coming from Armenia's reality and the fresh blood of Armenian immigrants coming from ex-USSR maybe things will change a little. 

But for God sake, don't tell me Vartan stories and Bank Ottoman anymore. We need NEW issues which are more related to our present and future and engage us both morally and intellectually.  

Vartan from Kuwait  

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