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Turkish hypocrisy and political game continued in Washington Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What I see happening is that Turkish and almost every other country’s politicians meet behind closed doors and devise often unethical strategies for their gains. 

Since WWI, Turkey has been effective in marketing itself as a US ally, a Soviet ally, a Russian ally, a Muslim ally, an Iranian ally, a European ally, a Nazi ally, a Jewish ally, an Azeri ally, a Palestinian ally. They are even a Chechen ally and a de facto Al Qaeda ally. In the end their shortchange everyone but are conniving enough for none to notice. 

All our leaders do is get a political position and then work on expanding their personal businesses (like restaurants and shopping centers), devouring good meals, and fighting each other. No strategic meetings between them and foreign nationals occur, except an occasional one with Russia or Iran. They do no marketing of their strategic location or capabilities nor make any threats. Such a passive stance will be destructive.

Why doesn't the US feel compelled to support Armenia; otherwise Armenia may support the Iranian nuclear program for example. Why doesn't Iran support Armenia, fearing it may allow US bases to use its soil. Why doesn’t Armenia partially absolve itself of responsibility of the Karabakh issue and shift some of the negotiations to Karabakh. Just like the rest of the world, Armenia needs to approach any set of negotiations with a multi-faceted approach, sometimes siding and defying with the adversary or mediator at the same time

Masis Babajanian MD
California, USA
Posted with permission

Hotlist headlines from Armenia (new informative blog) Friday, December 04, 2009

A constantly updated blog in Armenian language, feeding on news and information from Armenian and foreign sources.

The selected article is introduced with several paragraphs in Armenian, followed with the link to the complete text.

The person behind it is Vardan Papikyan, who has also initiated the first meeting of Armenian bloggers in Yerevan in 2009.

Check the blog here: Hotlist headlines from Armenia

Arthur Ghukasian receives Foreign Press Award in Spain Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Arthur GhukasianInternational Press Club - Vega Press Media has awarded its annual press prizes to several individuals and institutions.

In the category of Foreign Press Award our compatirot Arthur Ghukasian has been honored for his contribution to Spanish press on Armenian issues. Ghukasian edits a complete webpage in the Vega Press Media website (see Armenia Press)

He covers pan-Armenian topics besides focusing on the European Armenians. The award has come with the following explanation:

Foreign Press Award to Arthur Ghukasian. For the exsclusive informative work he has been carrying on covering the South-East Spain, an effort that is bringing closer the Armenian and Spanish cultures, as well as for his commitment in spreading recognition of the Armenian Genocide, through the "Armenia Press" pages, followed by Armenian readers from five continents.

Մրցանակ արտասհմանյան մամուլի համար. Արթուր Ղուկասյան. Իսպանիայի հարավ-արևելքից իրականացվող լրատվական բացառիկ աշխատանքի համար, որը մերձեցնում է հայկական և իսպանական մշակույթները, ինչպես նաև` Հայոց Ցեղասպանության ճանաչման նպատակով գործադրված ջանքերի համար` գործ, որի իրականացման համար իր դրոշն է դարձրել Արմենիա Պրեսսը, որի հրատարակություններին հետևում է աշխարհի հինգ մայր ցամաքների հայությունը

Read interview with Arthur Ghukasian here

Yahel Chirinian Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yahel ChirinianYahel Chirinian, is a French artist, sculptor, video artist, art director. She was born in Avignon, France, in 1970. Born in Avignon, grew up in Rome in an intellectual milieu. Her parents' home was a meeting place open to friends from the worlds of theatre, literature and the arts.

She later relocated to India, where she works and lives since 2000. Yahel studied art in Paris, Rome and Los Angeles.
Yahel creates mirror installations and sculptures; commissioned art work for customers and private collectors in India, Lebanon, Italy, California, New York and Paris. She’s settled India since 10 years where she lives and creates. Energies and Elements remain her greatest inspiration.

The amazing quality of light and the brightest of the colors inspire the creations fully and act in complete synergy. Mirror sculptures catch the daily life in a keen choreography of reflections and lights.

She creates and realizes art pieces and installations for alternative spaces, creating atmosphere and inspirational experience. “The connection between energies and art is not only an attractive concept, but a vital part of my work. I always loved the idea that human beings have contact with their surroundings on different level. I love working with mirror…it’s not a selfish mirror, it’s a mirror which reflects L’AUTRE” says Yahel

Each of her creation is unique, signed and numbered. Some of her works have already been commissioned by Indian industrialist and tycoon Vijay Mallya, industrialist Niki Nayar, N. Bajaj (Automotive), Yash Birla, Park Hotels in India, Taj Hotel Group, advertising pioneer Bal Mundkur and art collectors around the world.

Website: http://www.yahelchirinian.com/

Beirut: a special product for the Armenians Saturday, November 21, 2009

It was very refreshing to read the interview. Our generation was special. We looked for people like us in other Armenian communities, but unfortunately we were disappointed.

It seems Beirut 1960-75 was a special production of a generation that will not be repeated.

Well done Azad-Hye as well.

Ara Nahabedian

Comment posted after the following interview: Sebouh Baghdoyan: The importance of sports in the Armenian communities
Business leads Friday, October 09, 2009

We have introduced a free business service to facilitate communication between Armenian businessmen.

The service is specially useful for those who would like to enlarge their business circle or look for new associates or contacts.

We have already one enquiry about freight forwarding companies.

Click here to read about this business lead.

Komitas: the founder of Armenian classical music Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KomitasKomitas is the founder of Armenian national school of musical composition. He freed Armenian music from foreign influences and was the first to prove the Armenian nation have its own music. Being a profound expert of national music, Komitas created an original synthesis of Armenian monodic (one-voice) thinking and European polyphony that has endured to the present. He collected and wrote down thousands of folksongs, studied church and folk music considering them to be “siblings”. The below collection is by State Academic Choir of Armenia, conductor Hovhannes Tchekidjian.

Hol ara, yezo


Shogher jan

Kujn ara

Gna gna

Loru Gutanerg

The invention of history: A book about Azerbaijan's propaganda Saturday, August 01, 2009

Invention of History"The invention of history: Azerbaijan, Armenia and the showcasing of imagination"

Cartographer Rouben Galichian has published a new book, which focuses on the history of Azerbaijan and the ongoing falsification policy adopted by its historians in relation to Karabakh and Armenia.

Galichian explains how the word Azerbaijan, which until 1918 was merely the geographic name of northwestern Iran, was given to a new entity north of the River Araks. Following that, the people of modern-day Azerbaijan, who spoke Turkish language and were part of the mainstream Turkish civilization, were named Azeris. Read more

Նամակ Արաբական Միացեալ Էմիրութիւններու Հայ Դատի Յանձնախումբին Ռուբէն Գալիջյանին գիրքը արաբերէնի վերածելու եւ տարածելու վերաբերեալ: Տես նամակը այստեղ:

Azad-Hye in Youtube Friday, July 31, 2009

Youtube logoYou can view video clips posted by us in YouTube at the following link

Our latest video: Haigazian Armenian Elementary School is one of the oldest Armenian schools in Aleppo, Syria. It was called Nersesian School before the Armenian Genocide (1915). The school is located in the old neigborhood of Jdeidah / Salibah, where most of the historical churches in the city of Aleppo are found. Most of the students of this school continue their studies in Karen Jeppe Armenian College (High School) in Midan (Nor kough), Aleppo.

Tapestry made of music: CD produced in Aleppo in 2007 Friday, July 17, 2009

Last year Carlos Jose Bourdjian posted a report about a new CD produced in Aleppo. We updated the report with clickable links for each of the 17 songs that made up the CD. Enjoy the music.  

1.  Hoku Yerk (Song of my soul).…by Gomidas Band & Hovsep.
Lyrics: Sarkis Kelkhacherian, Music and arrangement: George hatsakordzian.
2.  Shogh (Ray)….by Rena Derkhorenian.
Lyrics: Rena Derkhorenian, Music and arrangement: Viken Makoushian.
3.  Lour Ser (Silent love)….Georgig Chirishian.
Lyrics, music and arrangement by Raffi Kantarjian.
4.  Siro Aghotk (Pray of love)….by Anna Harboian.
Lyrics, music and arrangement by Raffi Kantarjian.
5.  Im anmorats ser (My unforgettable love)….by Karno.
Lyrics: Sarkis Kelkhacherian, Music: J.C. Calderon.
6.  Garod (Longing)….by Shoghag & Friends.
Lyrics: Rev. Barkev Apartian, Music: Shoghag Apartian-Selimian.
7.  Hokis garod e (My heart longs to)….Hampig Hekimian.
Lyrics: Haygaz Bedrossian, Music and arrangement: Sarkis Atamian.
8.  Ko nazov (Your flirt)….by Sako Tashjian.
Lyrics, music and arrangement by Raffi Kantarjian.
9.  Ganidzem kez (I curse you)….by Armen Leonard.
Lyrics: Moushegh Ishkhan, Music and arrangement: Armen Leonard.
10. Odaragane (The stranger)….by Hrant Gulian.
Lyrics: Hagop Nalband, Music and arrangement: George hatsakordzian.
11. Hayr im (My father)….by Khoren Arabadjian.
Lyrics and music by Khoren Arabadjian.
12. Togh norits jbdan achkere (Let the eyes smile again)….by Noushig Mikayelian.
Lyrics: Noushig Mikayelian, Music and arrangement: Aram Satian.
13. Ayskan charik (No more evil)….by Vrej Sahagian.
Lyrics: Avedis Aharonian, Music: Jean Renard.
14. Yerevan….by Eddy Jeghelian.
Lyrics: Eddy Jeghelian, Music and arrangement: Sarmen Arissian.
15. Khachkarer (Cross stones)….by Mher Minassian.
Lyrics and music by Mher Minassian.
16. Ov hayots panag (To the Armenian army)….by Sako Buduzian.
Lyrics: Sarkis Kelkhacherian, Music: Nazo Deyirmenjian.
17. Hayasdan (Armenia)….by Armen Khorozian.
Lyrics: Levon Blboulian, Music and arrangement: Yervant Yerzngian.
Special Residency Status (Armenian passport for non-citizens) Friday, July 17, 2009

My name is P.Z., I'm 23 years and currently live in Egypt.

I have Armenian Special Residency Status under the form of the Armenian Passport, valid for 10 years.

I am going to travel to Italy soon and I wanted to visit someone I know in Armenia.

My question is: Can I use this Armenian passport to book a ticket to Armenia while I am in Italy and also use that Armenian passport like a visa to travel to Armenia from Italy?

Response from Azad-Hye: The Special Residency Status which is granted to Armenians living abroad, can be used as visa to Armenia only. It is understood that you need Schengen visa on your Egyptian passport in order to travel to Italy. From Italy you can travel to Armenia using the Special Residency Status as visa, but in all cases you need to show your Egyptian passport to the passport control authorities in both Italy and Armenia. Italian airport authorities will need to see your Special Residency Status in Armenia so that they allow you to board the plane to Armenia in lieu of a visa. For more information please contact your nearest Armenian consular office.

See other topics here:

Embassy and Consulate related issues

Adiss Harmandian in our Music section Friday, June 19, 2009

Adiss HarmandianArmenian pop singer, born in 1945 in Beirut, Lebanon but now residing in Los Angeles with his family. He is a pioneer of Armenian pop songs internationally (known as Armenian "estradayin" music).

He has been a great song writer and composer who still travels all around the world keeping the Armenian pop songs alive.

Yes kezanits heratsa (Ես քեզանից հեռացայ)

Sev acheren (Սեւ աչերէն)

Ayl acher (Այլ աչեր)

Im hay aghchig (Իմ հայ աղջիկ)

Manishag (Մանիշակ)

El kez chem siroum (Էլ քեզ չեմ սիրում)

Asa yar jan (Ասա եար ջան)

Jirair Palamoudian's original paintings Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comment by John Kaleshian on Digital archiving of Armeno-Egyptian artists’ works

This is a great project since Egypt has many famous artists. We in the USA, have a large number of Jirair Palamoudian original paintings. He was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, and then emigrated to Paris, France.

Warm, sincere and friendly AHLAN WA SAHLAN Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comment by John Aram Tchopourian on Monument of Gratitude to Arabs 

This Gratitude may seem long overdue, but in the heart of all Armenians there has always been a silent expression of awareness for the denizen treatment the Arab Nations in unison have offered to all foreigners and particularly to the Armenian Diaspora in dire need of a shelter. And this was always accompanied with a warm, sincere and friendly AHLAN WA SAHLAN, no sons of Armenians will ever forget.

Let us go back to youtube and continue listening to Avraam Russo Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comment by Lulu on Avraam Russo, a Syrian Armenian who realizes fame in Russia

Hello Everybody!

People aren't you tired of all negativity in the world? Let go all the unnessary negative thoughts, rumors and feelings! Avraam Russo shares with his talent, so let's enjoy his music.

Yes, I came to this web site because I was interested in his origin. Just a simple human curiosity. And now I am going back to youtube to continue listen his beautiful voice.

Join me.

The male-dominated Armenian leaders should give justice to this victim Saturday, May 16, 2009

Comment by Svet on Karnig Sarkissian: a passion of different kind

I'm also at a quandary!

My mother is Armenian, and the conversation about Armenian women's tragic social stature was discussed often (my dad used to blame the Muslim occupation of not only Armenian lands but also Armenian lifestyle) in my family. While the Turks pushed their one-sided royalty bliss on the men, their women were treated like door-mats.

My dad used to also claim that the Muslim male-dominated system will keep their heritage together longer. I disagree. the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Look at their lifestyle. Why are many of them fleeing their country to the West? For a better life, because their system failed them.

Armenians should learn from the Israelis on how to double their power (in all aspects and categories) by empowering their women. This women is a victim, and some of you chauvinist, brain-washed patients are putting salt in her wounds. Give her a break and make her a motivation platform to improve women's rights to the level of the advanced cultures. 

If the Armenian singer comes close to the recognition of the heroic man he portrays in his songs, then he should be man enough to step up and correct his wrongs.

Wake-up people. In the 21st century women have proven that they are equal to man. Turks should give justice to the Armenian genocide victims. The male-dominated Armenian leaders should give justice to this victim. I don't care how famous they are.

You suffered and your suffered enough.


The solution is to eat everything moderately Saturday, May 16, 2009

Comment by Gabriel Matta on Kids meal by Alin Hagopian

Some parents start eliminating some types of food from the children diet such as fat and sugar. This is wrong. Children bodies need all type of nutrients. They need Fat, sugar, cholesterol, eggs etc. Some vitamins are only soluble in fats. Sugar is needed for energy. Cholesterol is an essential building block for some cells in the body.

The solution is to eat everything moderately and play a lot. I won't call it exercise, because then it becomes a duty. It should be games. Then the body will take care of itself.

The Yerevan Metro Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yerevan Metro Map


The Yerevan Metro (Armenian: Երեւանի մետրոպոլիտեն, Yerevani metropoliten; since December 1999, Yerevan Metro after Karen Demirchyan, Armenian: Կարեն Դեմիրճյանի անվան Երեւանի մետրոպոլիտեն կայարան) is a rapid transit system that serves the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The system was launched in 1981 and like most former Soviet Metros, its stations are very deep and intricately decorated with national motifs. The metro runs on a 13.4km (8.37 miles) line and currently services 10 active stations. The use of the system by the city's population has dramatically declined in recent years as a result of the introduction of a new minibus system.

Source: Wikipedia


Method of double entry accounting Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm writing a practice book about methods of reading balance sheets, their future application, general and statistic function, etc.

About ten years ago I read that Armenian merchants transferred from India to Venice the book-keeping method of double entry accounting.

Some 15th century reporters wrote that Leonardo da Vinci and Luca Pacioli, secretly visiting Venice for military purpose, engaged by the "Serenissima", discovered the existence of the method.

I'd like to write it in the introduction. Have you some suggestions to give me about publications, papers etc in which this is treated?

Thank you, RSVP, I wait hoping to hear something about it.

Gianni ARSLAN, Padova, Italy

(my grandfather was Armenian from Kharpert)

Comment posted by Gianni Arslan after the following article: British piracy against Armenian merchants in the eighteenth century

Reply to Arslan by posting  a comment in the same place.

Thank you Dr Hassoun for feeling and caring enough to visit Armenia Sunday, April 19, 2009

If only there were more Leaders like Dr Hassoun. He is right, we all seek peace, and have the right to live without fear, have the freedom to speak, share our produce, help our neighbours, respect our neighbours, help them in need.

This Earth is a gift to us, to nurture, conquer the challenges, improve as a gift to those that follow. If for centuries people have fought and died for their land, they would obviously look after that land, (if they were to have it,) and would also wish for harmony with their neighbours to accomplish and maintain freedom and peace.  Otherwise the Objective of centuries of fighting would be totally pointless.

Mostly our spiritual leaders speak with wisdom, we need to communicate our needs to each other and all assist each other in satisfying the needs, no one should be homeless, hungry, in pain, alone, frightened. We are loosing our feelings with desensitisation, that means we don't care, if we don't care, we don't feel, how can we love and cherish and thus give?

Thank you Dr Hassoun for feeling and caring enough to visit Armenia, may we all unite and care again.

Posted as comment to the following article:
Syria's Grand Mufti Dr. Hassoun visits Armenia

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