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Request: Photos of sepulchres or reliquaries of Armenian saints. Monday, October 01, 2007
Dear Lady, dear Sir,
I am a spanish universitary professor and I am very interested in the sepulchres (rakas) of the Saints.
I beg you to provide me (by mail or e-mail) some photos of the sepulchres or reliquaries of some Armenian Saints.
I am very interested in this theme. I will pay the cost of the photos.
My address:
Antonio Barrero Avilés - Apartado de correos 266 - 21080 Huelva (Spain).
My e-mail.
I thanks you for your kindness. I am at your service.
Yours sincerely.
Antonio Barrero (Spain)
Tegher Monastery Saturday, September 29, 2007
Tegher MonasteryThe first of our coming new additions is the Tegher Monastery Complex which now has been put online.
Tegher (before Dighir, elev. 1700m) is at the end of a mountain road, surrounded by fields of grass and flocks of sheep and cattle. The old village, built in the 19th c and abandoned in 1962, is a fine example of traditional Armenian architecture and lies next to the large monastery which, for all its dark and brooding looks, appears like a fairy tale castle as you twist and wind your way uphill to its alpine location.
Yerevan: Carlos Jose Bourdjian's exhibition (13-21 October 2007) Saturday, September 29, 2007
Carlos Jose Bourdjian"The Club" cordially invites you to the ceremony of "10 Years ... Armenia"
A photography exhibition showing works of Carlos Jose Bourdjian.
Opening on Saturday, 13 October 2007, 6:00 p.m.
At "The Club", 40 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia.
Duration: 13-21 October 2007
For more information: www.theclub.am
Turkish Daily News: Armenians prepare a rally against Turkey's EU bid Saturday, September 29, 2007
Mourad PapazianMourad Papazian, Chairman of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation committee called on all Armenians to protest against Turkey's European Union accession bid in a statement Monday, stating that Turkey does not belong in the 27-member bloc.
Papazian called on all Armenians to mobilize “against the entry of Turkey into Europe,” and added, “A state with a policy of genocide denial has no place in Europe. We will mobilize on 14 December 2007 in Brussels when 27 heads of state and government will meet to evaluate Turkey's candidacy once more.”
EU leaders will come together for a summit in Brussels on 14 December 2007. “There will be many of us and we will be vigilant,” he said. “We will not let Turkey carry out the play.”
Source: "Turkish Daily News", Ankara, 26 September 2007
Photo: Mourad Papazian of ARF 
Sonika: A new enterprise in Aleppo, Syria Friday, September 28, 2007
Sonia Kaprielian- Balloon decoration for new borns, Christening, Communion, Brithdays.

- Planning events and decoraation, engagement parties, wedding receptions, anniversary events.

- Shops decorations, fairs and festivals.
For more information please contact professional artists:
Sonia Kaprielian & Carlos Jose Bourdjian
Al-Mouhafaza, near Al-Ashtar Hospital
Aleppo, Syria.
P.O.Box 5441
Telefax: +963 21 26 39 681
Mobile: +963 933 575 578
E-Mail: sonika@sonika.info
Website: www.sonika.info
Comment posted by Gregory Levonian Friday, September 28, 2007
Gregory LevonianArticle: Armen Ayvazyan calls to make repatriation key goal of Armenians Worldwide.

I generally approach articles from the Armenian Diaspora with some suspicion, so your was a pleasant surprise: an honest attempt to deal with a complex issue.
This said, I must disagree with two fundamental premises of your article. I beg you to consider the opposite of your position. First, Armenian culture's very nature is "diasporan". Armenians have always lived both abroad and as minorities in their neighbouring countries. The idea of an Armenian state is not a return to something - it is a new experiment. The first Armenian book was published in Italy, Sayat Nova is Tbilisi Armenian and wrote also in Azeri. There is nothing "un-Armenian" about having doubts about what is going on in Armenia. Second, for those of us who have traveled not just in Armenia but in Turkey and the South Caucuses as well, it is striking how much similarity there is both within the region (I'm sure the North Caucasus or Iran would show other links as well) and, having seen them firsthand, how large the differences are between the various Armenian communities seem. 
See the whole comment at the end of the Article
Check Gregory Levonian's blog
Der Voghormia hymn Monday, September 24, 2007
Dear Armenian people from all over the world...
I'm looking for Der Voghormia hymn preferably sang by a female singer. Does anyone have a CD of it? E-mail me and we can chat...
I need it for a project that I'm working on...
Armen Gakavian
Invitation to attend the 2nd Convention of European Armenians Friday, September 21, 2007
The European Armenian Federation is very honoured to invite you to take part in the second Convention of European Armenians. This event will take place in the European Parliament, Brussels, on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 October 2007.
Twenty years after the recognition by the European Parliament of our People’s genocide, we are enduring a denial policy imported in Europe by the EU’s accession-aspiring Turkey. Therefore, in order to refresh the memory of our European leaders, we have considered it an important landmark to pay tribute – in the very same European Parliament – to the European deputies who marked up the history of this Genocide’s recognition.
Click here for the complete invitation letter, program details and response form (PDF format).
'Hairenik' interviews Hrayr Jebejian Friday, September 14, 2007
Interview with the Executive Secretary of the Bible Society in the Arab Gulf Countries, Mr. Hrayr Jebejian, on his responsibilities and the situation of the Armenian Communities in the area he serves.
Armenica news and updates Friday, September 14, 2007
Armenica logoSite Function Update
We have been busy updating the entire site and have made some substantial changes to the site functions and structure. The Menu system hopefully has an easier overview while the image viewing has been enhanced. If you have visited Armenica.org lately you might need to reload the page in order to load the new scripts and override the old ones.
Richard G. Hovannisian's Book added
At last we finished editing the text of prof. Richard G. Hovannisian's book "Armenia on the Road to Independence, 1918". It has now been integrated into our history text which at present time contains over 530 pages. The new text gives a unique overview of the events between 1915 and 1918 which came to shape the future of Armenia and the Armenian nation.
The latest additions to the collection section are:
- The Gandzasar Monastery in Artsakh (Karabakh)
- Basilica and the Arshakid Kings Mausoleum
- Arinj Khatchkar yard with over 90 khatchkar images
We have also started integrating Google Map images into each objects main page, below the oradinary map.
A strong reaction from the Diaspora is needed! Friday, September 14, 2007
Please watch an interview on You Tube about the Karabagh issue broadcasted a few days ago on Armenia TV in Yerevan.  Ashot Bleyan, Armen Ayvazyan and Robert Sahakyants are the speakers.  The total duration of the interview is about one hour and twelve minutes.
The interview on You Tube is in nine consecutive parts.  The web site is:
The program has brought a rather stormy reaction from all sectors of the population in Armenia.
Feel free to provide your comments  to You Tube or to this list.  I think the Diaspora needs to react to the Bleyan-Sahakyantz phenomenon where their ideology of denial of anything Armenian -- homeland, Artsakh, culture -- is evident.  The interviewers of Armenia TV have a long way to go as well.  Where is Armenia  heading when we have this kind of people?
Harout Bronozian
Glendale, California

The Armenians in Argentina Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dear Azad-Hye readers,

There are more than 150,000 Armenian in Argentina. Most of them came between 1920 and 1950 from Lebanon, Syria, Greece and other countries.

We have 8 schools, 6 churches, 6 social and sport clubs, 2 newspapers, 1 theatre, a lot of small Armenian organizations (cultural, young, etc), also an asylum for old people (tzeranotz), Armenian radios and restaurants.

The majority of these organization are in the capital Buenos Aires. Also there are a few in Cordoba (second city of Argentina).

I am the Director of the Homenetmen Buenos Aires.

You can see in this youtube a video of our last Navasartian Games (Annual Armenian South American meeting).

Enjoy it!

Baltasar Bagdassarian
Buenos Aires

Photos (April 24 in Argentina, Saint Krikor the Illuminator Church in Buenos Aires):

April 24 in Argentina Saint Krikor the Illuminator in Buenos Aires

Olympic dream coming true for Armenian water polo player Wednesday, August 29, 2007
By Inge Drost
Biurakn Hakhverdian, daughter of Iranian-Armenian parents, was dreaming of going to the 2008 Olympics in China. Today her team, the Dutch woman waterpolo team won the European Olympic Qualification Tournament in Kirishi, Russia, where only the winner (out of the nine competing teams) could qualify directly for the Olympics in China.
During the whole tournament  the team had been playing far beyond what could be expected. Winning the finals against the favourite, Russian team came as a surprise for many. Biurakn, reacting from Kirishi, is "speechless" and "very proud". She still can't believe it yet that this time next year the team will be playing in the Olympic Games in Beijing.
You can also see (in English and Dutch) and discuss this topic at Holandahay Forum.
This mail comes to you within the framework of activities by Abovian Armenian Cultural Association (Armeense Culturele Vereniging Abovian) in The Hague.
'Ghjughatntesutyan Zargatcum' Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Hargeli Azad-Hye,
Mer kazmakerputyun 'Ghjughatntesutyan Zargatcum' 10 tari e gortcum e tarber olortnerum aid tvin ev turizmow.
Dimelow dzez khndrumenk ognel kap hastatel hajkakan turistakan ofisneri het.
Dzez el enk hrawirum. Ashnane mez mot hrashali e. Shutow kgordzen hrashk ergogh fontanner e.
kazmakerputjan naghagah   
Alik Grigorian
Bolor hartcerow dimel 37410-397587 Sona Gharibian kam ajs e-mail.
Origin of British people (theory) Friday, August 17, 2007

Interesting article showing origin of British people (theory) and their relations to Armenia and Armenians. The article contains links to non-armenian original sources, in English and Spanish.

"The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, that were originally compiled on the orders of King Alfred the Great, approximately A.D. 890, and subsequently maintained and added to by generations of anonymous scribes until the middle of the 12th Century starts with this sentence: “The island Britain is 800 miles long, and 200 miles broad, and there are in the island five nations; English, Welsh (or British), Scottish, Pictish, and Latin.  The first inhabitants were the Britons, who came from ARMENIA, and first peopled Britain southward”. "


Inga Nalbandian's book Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inga Nalbandian's bookPRESS RELEASE

"Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out"
One of the first literary attempts to write about the Armenian Genocide for a European reading public.
Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out was written in Danish by Inga Nalbandian (neé Inga Henriette Lucinde Collins) between 1915-1918. This trilogy was one of the first literary attempts to write about the Armenian Genocide for a European reading public. The first story was written while the author was living in Constantinople. It came out in five editions in Denmark. The trilogy was eventually translated into Swedish, Dutch and French, and appeared as a single book, Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out. Nalbandian later co-operated with European feminists such as Henni Forchhammer, the Danish delegate to the League of Nations, in promoting assistance to the refugees of the Armenian Genocide.
Victoria Rowe completed her doctoral thesis (University of Toronto, Canada, 2000) on “The New Armenian Woman : Armenian Women s Writing in the Ottoman Empire, 1880-1915.” She is the author of “A History of Armenian Women’s Writing: 1880-1922” (forthcoming, Gomidas Institute, 2007) and currently teaches Middle Eastern Studies at Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan.
Inga Nalbandian , Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out. (Transl., ed. and intro. by Victoria Rowe), (London: Gomidas Institute, 2007) 304 pp., paperback, ISBN: 978-1903656716, US$25.00 / UK£14.00. Distributed by Garod Books Ltd (
Contact Person: Roland Mnatsakanyan info@gomidas.org
Death of Venice Monday, July 16, 2007
Ara BaliozianWhat do I, a bookworm, know and understand about the real world? Next to nothing. This truth hit me again when I visited Venice recently and returned home a thoroughly disappointed man.
The Venice I remember was a respectable old lady. She is now a bordello madam. Even Venetians are getting the hell out of there. In my time the population was 350,000; it’s now only 50,000. Everywhere you see boarded up windows and doors.
My alma mater, Collegio Armeno Moorat-Raphael, is now a hotel. San Lazzaro, the island of the Mekhitarist order, has become a museum. Not a single seminarian or monk to be seen anywhere.
Don’t get me wrong. In appearance Venice is the same – the bridges, the canals, the architecture, the narrow alleys, the gondolas, the vaporetti (water busses)…they are still there. What’s no longer there is the spirit of place, the soul of the city. Compared to the Venice of fifty years ago, the Venice of today is as lifeless as an embalmed cadaver. This is something I had not and could not have foreseen.
Posted on 12 July 2007 by Ara Baliozian in the Armenian Digest Yahoo Group.
See also interview with Ara Baliozian in Azad-Hye.
Ara Baliozian: words with meanings
Why the name of a building called 'Yacoubian' was chosen for the film? Monday, July 16, 2007
The Yacoubian BuildingRecently I watched an Egyptian film Imaret Yacoubian (Yacoubian Building)based on the novel by Dr. Alaa' Aswani. Starring Adel Imam, Nour El Sharif, Yusra, Hind Sabri, Isa'ad Younes, Ahmad Rateb, and Ahmad Bidayr. Script by Wahid Hamed, Directed by Marwan Hamed.
The film explores the complex issues in modern Egyptian society through the stories of the tenants of a building called "Yacoubian".
Their miserable lives intertwined a complex web of political corruption, sexual taboos, social oppression, religious extremism, and governmental control and torture.
What is puzzling here there is no connection nonwhatsoever between the occurrences of the film and the building (built in 1930s) itself.
The plot of the film could have been evolved in general about any number of well known buidings in downtown Cairo, but in particular why Yacoubian name was chosen ?
Posted on 15 July 2007 by Noubar Poladian in Armenian Digest Yahoo Group.
See Azad-Hye coverage:
Did you know that there is another Yacoubian building in Lebanon? See article of John Ehab as posted in Azad-Hye.
Karekin Nejdeh film Friday, July 13, 2007
We received the following message:
If you would like to display in your community "Haverji Oughin" (The Path of the Eternal) film on Karekin Nejdeh [Armenian politician related to the first Republic 1918-1920], please complete the attached request form and you will receive free copy of the said film.
The film has received large acclaim in many countries.
Message as received in Armenian:
Ete cankanum eq unenal ev Dzer hamaynqum cucadrel "Haverzhi uxin" film@, apa lracreq ays hayt@ ev kstanaq orinakner (anvtshar). Ayn layn ardzaganq e gtel bazmativ erkrnerum
Send the request as attachment to this e-mail.
Ararat Center for Strategic Research Friday, July 13, 2007

Dear friends of Ararat Foundation and "Ararat" Center for Strategic Research.

Please watch Armen Ayvazyan's 3 part u-tube interview on Armenian-Turkish, Armenian-Azerbajan, Armenian-Iranian relationships plus his article (Armenia cannot constantly "bluff" in the regional geopolitical game). Interviews and the article are in Armenian language.

The Mission of "Ararat Foundation": The primary objective of "Ararat Foundation" would be step by step formation and development of an Armenian school of strategic thought ("Ararat" Center for Strategic Research). This would be an independent institution dedicated to promoting understanding and resolution of Armenia's security problems through a program of research, information and outreach.

To contact "Ararat" Center for Strategic Research, please visit
http://www.ararat-center.org or e-mail us at info@ararat-center.org

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