Helping Armenian villages in the Ararat Region

Ashot VardanyanMy Armenian friends,

Respectful friends. I address you with an urgent and important request.

11 communities in Ararat Region situated on the border of Azerbaijani (Nakhichevan) and Turkey asked me to address you with the request to help these communities with providing bedclothes, blankets, and other materials, because their need is great, especially in the kindergartens.

The mentioned goods are available in Armenia, but these communities have no enough financial means to buy the necessary goods.

By preliminary calculations and with the intention of solving the problem in minimal way, we need a total of US$ 3.500-4.000. Thus by spending about US$ 350-400 for each community, it will be possible to solve, in a way, the problems related to the kindergarten children in the winter.

And from my part I assure you that your aid will be widely known through mass media, and those involved will become honored members of the mentioned communities.


In the name of the leaders of the regions of Armash, Paruyr Sevak, Zangakatun, Lanjar, Urcalanj, Vardashat, Lusashogh, Shaghap, Surenavan and Lanjanist.

Ashot Vardanian
Head of the Department of Territorial Administration
Tel: +374 91 709720

Marzpetaran, City of Artashat, Ararat Region, Armenia


Received on 08 December 2007



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