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Articles > Karabakh > Towards a fair and just resolution: The Mountainous (Nagorno) Karabakh Conflict


Position paper by A.R.F.DASHNAKTSUTYUN
September 2010
Yerevan - Stepanakert

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Executive Summary
Brief history of the conflict
- Before Sovietization
- Mountainous Karabakh under Soviet Azerbaijani Rule: 1921-1988)
The Karabakh Movement
- 1988 - 1991
- The Karabakh War
- The Cease‐Fire Agreement
The Peace Process
- Mediation by the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States
- OSCE Mediation Efforts and the Ongoing Peace Process
State Building
Blockade of Mountainous Karabakh and Armenia
ARF-D Position on the Mountainous (Nagorno) Karabakh conflict
- Appendix 1, Decision of the Special Session of the NKAO Council of People’s Deputies of XX Session
- Appendix 2, Article 3, an extract from the Law of the USSR on the Procedures of the Resolution of Problems on the Secession of a Union Republic from the USSR
- Appendix 3, Declaration of Independence
  Proclamation of the Mountainous Karabakh Republic, 1991 (adopted at a joint session of legislative bodies)
- Appendix 4, League of Nations: Extract from Journal 17 of the First Assembly, Geneva 1920 (page 139)
- Appendix 5, Ethnic Cleansing Campaigns
  Shushi Massacre
  Pogroms in Baku
  Forcible Deportation of 24 Armenian Villages of Nagorno Karabakh known as Operation "Ring"
  Destruction of physical evidence of a territory’s Armenian identity: the Armenian Cemetery in Djulfa, Nakhichevan
Basic Facts

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