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Dubai: New year celebration (31 December 2009) Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates is pleased to announce that a New Year Celebration party will take place on Thursday 31st of December 2009 at the Dubai Intercontinental Festival City starting 9 o’clock.

Specially invited to animate the night will be singer Sevag Bedourian.

For reservations and tickets, you are kindly requested to contact the Church office 06-5660320.

Entrance Fee: AED 300 (per person) only, For children aged 4 - 12 years, AED 150 (per person) 0-4 free.

A special “Santa Claus” program will be held for the kids in an adjacent hall.Dubai: New year celebration (31 December 2009)

2 bottles of wine will be offered for every 10 person table.

Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates

Original announcement (2 pages, PDF format, Armenian and English)

Sharjah: Christmas Bazaar (11 and 12 December 2009) Sunday, November 29, 2009

We have the pleasure to announce that the 9th annual ‘Festive Bazaar’ will take place as per the following schedule:

In Sharjah, on Friday 11th December 2009 from 10:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. at the Pierre Keusseyan Community hall.

In Sharjah, on Saturday 12th December 2009 from 10:00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m. at the Pierre Keusseyan Community hall.

All community members who would like to participate in organizing the upcoming ‘Bazaar’, and ladies who wish to offer their help in preparing home made specialties, cakes and cookies to be sold during the event, are kindly requested to contact Mr. Datev Soulian on 06-5660320 office of the Armenian Community.

Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates

Original announcement (1 page, PDF format, Armenian and English)

UAE National Day in the desert (02 December 2009) Sunday, November 29, 2009

We are pleased to inform you that a desert fun day will be held on December 2nd 2009 from 10.00 am onwards in Dubai at Al Lisaili area. (See desert camp location map in the announcement link below).


10.00 am to 10.30 am meeting at assembly Point and transfer to desert camp.

4WD cars will be at the disposal of those participants who need a ride from assembly point to camp.

11.00 am brunch buffet.

Backgammon and belote tournaments.

Special program for children: sand sledge, camel rides, games….

Henna tattoo and belly dancer.

5.00 pm buffet dinner, refreshment.

Contact number will be given to all enlisted participants for any clarification and help.

The desert camp with all its facilities will be exclusively reserved for the use of our community until 8.00 pm.

AED 150 only for adults
AED 75 only for children (under 12 years)

Participation fee inclusive of buffet dinner, soft drinks, shisha camel rides, sledge ride, henna tattoo and belly dancer.
Interested parties are kindly requested to contact the church’s office at Tel: 06-5660320 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 to 7:00 pm, by November 30th latest.

Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates

Original announcement (3 page including map, PDF format, Armenian and English)

Badouhan Emirates: Vahe Yeretzian from Abu Dhabi expresses his views Monday, November 23, 2009

There are so many things to do in this society and in every place where Armenians live. We should not waste our time on trivial matters. New challenges are facing us, besides the traditional ones. We need to train ourselves to express our views in a balanced way and to excel in communicating with the other Armenians. The meeting that took place in Dubai on the occasion of signing the Armenian-Turkish protocols was an opportunity to understand how active we could be and what great issues are in front of us, that need our attention and follow-up.

We should come together more frequently, without waiting for outer factors to unite us. Our discussions should take place not only when certain big events occur (these occasions are mostly the outcome of developments far from our direct influence).

Express your views to Badouhan Emirates by clicking here.

Kevork Deldelian: from the Middle East to Canada Friday, November 20, 2009

Kevork DeldelianKevork Deldelian, a Jordanian Armenian who has been holding hospitality positions in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman, is now in Canada.

We received the following update about his activities:

Kevork Deldelian moved from Muscat to Montreal and was holding the position of General Manager of the hospitality and real estate division in Canada of L.K. Finance.

Kevork established a recruitment agency in Montreal (Professional Hospitality Advisors - PHA) that is specialized in recruitment for hotels, catering companies and restaurants.

PHA also does full resume reviews and gives advice on how to find a job.

We had published about Deldelian in 2005 here.

Abu Dhabi Armenian Council: Propagating only Dubai and Sharjah Armenian events Sunday, November 15, 2009

It is a shameful fact to admit that the once prestigiously active Abu Dhabi "Vartchoutyoun" who successfully engineered and carried out numerous activities in so many different fields has turned out today, under the able and wise "leadership" of its actual committee, into just an advertisement agency for its Northern Emirates counter-part and thereby prides itself sending e-mails announcing events in Dubai, whereas the Abu-Dhabi Community unfortunately slumbers in a forced lethargy shook-up now and then by some scandalous behaviours of those who (I hate to say it) are meant to represent it.

No wonder about it though, looking back at the miserably poor portfolio of this "leadership" over its past tenure and the first year of its second one, crowned only by a so-called "Armenian Annual Ball", which was anything but Armenian but nevertheless provided "Baron Adenabed" with the necessary funds to buy himself a second term.

I do not mind cooperation between Communities but, as far as my poor English language helps me to comprehend, cooperation is a two-way process between two active entities and not just a "his master's voice" thing, whereby one of the two concerned parties ends up being a "parrot" to the other, limiting its activities to just announcing events out of its own territory, a territory which once was the focus of all others.

Well, anyway, this is just one among many sorrowful state of things in Abu-Dhabi Armenian Community today... Should we ever even dream about an eventual resurrection once the actual "team" packs its bags and leaves the stage floor?...

Read more comments here.


Բարեւ Րաս Ալ Խայմայէն Saturday, November 14, 2009

Շատ ուրախ եմ որ տեղեկութիւններ ունեցայ Էմիրութիւններուն մէջ գտնուող հայերուն մասին:

Արդէն մօտ երեք տարի է Էմիրութիւններ եմ, Րաս Ալ Խայմայի մէջ:

Կ՛ուզեմ աւելի տեղեկութիւններ ունենալ: Ունիմ վեց տարեկան փոքրիկ աղջիկ մը:

Նախապէս Լիբանանի մէջ մաս կը կազմէի ՀՄԸՄի սկաուտական կազմին: Դասաւանդած եմ, համալսարանի տարիներուս, հայերէն լեզուն, Սրբուհի Ակնես Վարժարանին մէջ:

Եթէ կարելի է յաւելեալ տեղեկութիւններ փոխանցէք այս առնչութեամբ:

Թամար Հարպոյան
Րաս Ալ Խայմա

Sharjah: Blessing of sacrifice in Sharjah Church (13 November 2009) Friday, November 13, 2009

Today, Archbishop Goriun Babian, Catholicosal Representative for the Diocese of Kuwait and the Arab Gulf Countries, celebrated the Holy Mass in Sharjah, followed by the blessing of the sacrifice in the Church yard.   

More than 200 people attended, including students of the weekly Armenian school.

Experts in preparing the traditional herissa (mostly from the town of Kessab) stayed awake all night and made the madagh ready for the blessing.

Here are some photos:

Abu Dhabi: Armenian jazz musicians in Millennium hotel Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vahagn Hayrapetyan and team in Abu DhabiIn the coming three months the Armenians of the capital will have the opportunity to enjoy superb jazz, performed by Vahagn Hayrapetyan, one of the most famous and popular Armenian jazz musicians and fellow musician Armen Hyusnunts, accompanied by singer Ilona Sagieva.

Daily performances (except for Saturdays) will commence at 09:00 pm and continue late after midnight.

Hayrapetyan is the founder of the famous Katuner jazz band (2004), that has appeared in this year's edition of Dubai Jazz Festival in February.

Photo from the Millennium Abu Dhabi appearance on 11 November 2009.

Katuner on myspace

Katuner jazz band video clip


Sharjah: 11th anniversary celebrations 2009 Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 11th anniversary celebrations of the Armenian Church of Sharjah started today in the Church yard.

His Grace Archbishop Goriun Babian did the blessing of the meat and salt at 19.00. Soon afterwards the preparation of madagh (sacrifice) started, which will last all night.

Tomorrow morning the the blessing of the sacrifice will take place after the Holy Mass. See detailed schedule here.

Photos from the blessing of meat and salt: 

Blessing of meat and salt. Blessing of meat and salt.









Send your photo related to community events and activities to post@azad-hye.net to be posted on this page.

Sharjah Church: Additional access to our Community Centre Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New school gate

We are pleased to inform you that St. Gregory the Illuminator Church and Community Centre have been recently provided with a back door (see photo).

The above door will be opened on the occasion of every Holy Mass, school day and social event, in order to facilitate the access to the Community Centre during heavy traffic hours.

Council of the Armenian Community In the Northern Emirates

Sharjah: St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church Anointment Day (12-13 November 2009) Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We have the pleasure to announce that the 11th anniversary of our church will be celebrated on Friday, November 13th 2009 at St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church in Sharjah.

Holy mass will be celebrated and the Sermon will be delivered by His Grace Archbishop Goriun Babian, Catholicosal Representative for the Diocese of Kuwait and the Arab Gulf Countries.

The time table of the religious celebrations will be as follows:
Thursday November 12th 2009
Blessing of the meat and salt at 19.00
Preparation of Madagh at 20.00 through the night until morning.

Friday November 13th 2009
Holy Mass at 11.00
Sermon at 12.00
Madaghorhnek at 13.00

P.S. In lieu of Sacrificial Offerings “MADAGH” donations will be accepted as detailed hereunder. Kindly contact the church’s office at 06-5660320, daily from 8:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 19:00.

For a Rooster “AKLOR” AED 50.00
For a Lamb “VOCHKHAR” AED 200.00

Armenian Apostolic St. Gregory the Illuminator Church Council

Original Announcement (PDF format, 2 pages, Armenian and English)

Newcomer to Qatar Saturday, November 07, 2009

My name is Sevak Shahbandarian and I am Armenian.

We (my wife Edna, also Armenian, and our daughter Elisia) just moved from Holland to Qatar. We would like to introduce our selves to the Armenian community in Qatar and make some new friends.

Could you please advise how we can arrange a meeting?

Unfortunately, I have no mobile phone yet, but you can send me an e-mail or leave a phone numer and I will call you back.

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Sevak Shahbandarian

Open the window Saturday, November 07, 2009

I was one of the lucky parents who attended Karnig Sarkissian’s recital and was there when Mr. Harout Ohannessian made his contribution. Even more, overwhelmed with happiness, I went to Mr. Harout’s table, shook his hand and thanked him thoroughly for his generous contribution.

I slept happily that night, dreaming about the bright future that my child will have as a pioneer of the ARMENIAN DAILY SCHOOL and will grow up to be old and may be some day will be invited to speak about his experience to the younger generation.

Also, I was one of the parents who answered YES to the survey, stating that I was undoubtedly ready to send my kid to the Armenian daily school no matter what, although I had some concerns about how the survey was introduced and handled.

Read more in the comment section at the following page:

Armenian educational work in UAE

Sharjah: Screenplay of 'The Killed Dove' (07 November 2009) Thursday, November 05, 2009

Killed DoveDate: 07 November 2009

Venue: Armenian Community Center

Time: 8:00pm

Entrance is free.

Snacks, popcorn & beverages will be available during the intermission at a fee of 5 Dhs.

Children below the age of 15 are not allowed.

Organizer: The Cultural Committee of The Armenian Community of Northern Emirates

Read "The Killed Dove" by Nar-Dos (PDF format, 114 pages, in Eastern Armenian)



More about the movie and the author.

Original announcement (PDF format, 1 page, in English and Armenian)

For the teachers of the Abu Dhabi Armenian School.... Thursday, November 05, 2009

Shaghig Toukhmanian - FestekjianI understand why no one has posted a comment regarding the recent opprobrious conduct of the council towards the Armenian school scene. The situation left me speechless, dumbfounded and utterly disappointed.

I was born and raised in this community and although living in the United States now, I cannot deny, that the reason why I write, read and speak fluent Armenian is partially due to this heartwarming, once a week, make shift school that functioned on devotion and for which I hold tremendous respect. This is a red flag that cannot be ignored. Hence, I speak as an alumnus, with all due respect, and call for immediate attention to this chaotic and shameful predicament. 

The Principal and the teachers have given their heart and soul to this facility and no matter what, they deserve unconditional and absolute appreciation for their selfless acts of devotion.

I personally and humbly salute them and thank them for their time and efforts and reassure them that their work did not go in vain.

God bless you all!

Your Student,
Shaghig Toukhmanian - Festekjian

See other comments (including a comment by THE VOICE: How could our community fall so low!) here.

Sharjah: Holy Mass and Blessing of the Sacrifice (Madaghorhnek) Thursday, November 05, 2009
Sacrifice preparation 2008Holy Mass and Blessing of the Sacrifice (Madaghorhnek)
Ceremony dedicated to Saint Gregory the Illuminator
Date: 13 November 2009
Venue: Armenian Church in Sharjah (see map in the Armenian Community page below).
Officiated by: Rev. Aram Deyirmendjian
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church Committee

Dubai: Armenian monthly gathering (04 November 2009) Monday, November 02, 2009
Azad-Hye logo
Armenian Monthly Gathering 
November 2009
Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 04 November 2009 in The Sapphire, The Century Village, Garhood, Dubai, at 09:00 pm

The Sapphire Dubai


Mr. Iunian Pulpea will welcome you. Ask him for the Armenian table. 


Guy Manoukian: Live in Dubai (20 November 2009) Sunday, November 01, 2009

Guy Manoukian: Live in DubaiMusic concert

Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Location: Palladium - Dubai Media City

This Fall, by popular demand, Guy Manoukian will perform once again in Dubai.

His “Live in Dubai” concert will be held at the Palladium Theater on November 20, 2009, the program will include Oriental and Armenian modern fusion at its best.

Booking info:

1- Virgin Megastores
2- Palladium Theater


- www.itptickets.com
- www.boxofficeme.com

Dubai: Anna Kandaryan in her new sales position with Sheraton Dubai Creek Sunday, November 01, 2009

Anna KandaryanSetting its eyes on the new upcoming business markets, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers recently beefed up its Sales team by adding Anna Kandaryan to its team.

Armenian-born Kandaryan is no stranger to the dynamic Dubai hospitality industry. Previously attached to a hotel chain based in Dubai and global travel agencies both in Dubai and Armenia, Anna found her passion in Sales and pursued this path in this city after starting out in front office operations in 5-star hotels in Armenia.

Armed with a Master’s Degree in Business Management, Anna will lead the leisure segment for the hotel in her new role with Sheraton Dubai Creek.

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