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Newborn Nairi Jaghlasian (one week old today) Monday, September 24, 2007

Nairi JaghlasianHovsep and Lucine Jaghlasian were blessed with their second child on 17 September 2007.

Nairi Jaghlasian was born in Ajman (see photo).

Hovsep is a musician and Lucine is a social expert on children with special needs.

The family resides in Ajman since 2002. Arpine Jaghlasian is the older daughter (12 years old).

Greetings could be sent to Jaghlasian family at this e-mail.

Azad-Hye welcomes all social news in the UAE Armenians section.

Abu Dhabi Weekly School: New Board of Trustees and Principal Sunday, September 23, 2007


Dear Armenians,

A) The Council of the Armenian Community of Abu Dhabi has the pleasure of informing you that it has appointed the above mentioned members as Board of Trustees of the Armenian School of Abu Dhabi for the period 2007-2009.

B) The Board of Trustees have already started their duties and assigned Mrs. Gulizar Jonian – Mardirossian as Principle of the Armenian School.

C) The starting date, the location , the registration deadline & other information pertaining to the Armenian School will be conveyed to you very soon by the Board of Trustees.

The Council wishes the Board of Trustees and the assigned Principal the best of luck.

Abu Dhabi, 22 September 2007

Armenian text (PDF format)

Additional Reading: Gulizar Jonian - Mardirossian in the Azad-Hye Directory.

Sharjah: New school year 2007-2008 Saturday, September 22, 2007
Dear parents,
We are pleased to announce, that the Ohannesian Armenian one day school will start the new academic year on Saturday 29th of September, 2007 at 10:30 a.m.
- Registration on Saturday 29th of September, 10:00am.
- School timing will be every Saturday from 10:30 am untill 13:30 .
- School fees are 600/- AED per child including books, drinks and snacks.
Mobile phones are not allowed at school.
Note: For further information kindly contact 06-5660320.
The Board of Trustees of the Ohannesian Armenian One Day School
Armenian Text (PDF format)
Selecting a Principal for the School: This year the school faced a new challenge. Principal Lorig Katerjian, who has been serving the school for the last four years, announced her desire to resign. The Board of Trustees searched for a suitable person for this important position. Several names were suggested, but none accepted the responsibility. Eventually two suggested names remained. Yesterday evening, one of the two withdrew, arguing that handling suggested names for community based voluntary positions should not have the same procedures as corporate style job candidacies. However, the Board of Trustees, with the presence of the members of the National Council, chose to overlook the technical concerns (maybe due to the pressure of time) and opted to go ahead with the proceedings.

Armavia Air Dubai-Yerevan-Dubai flights Friday, September 14, 2007
Armavia logoArmavia Air operates from Dubai International Airport Terminal 1.
Click here to see the schedule (valid until 27 October 2007).
For more information call 04-2240055, 04-2660122

Dubai: Hye-Lounge 4 Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hye Lounge LogoOne more great gathering for Armenian Youth.

Time and Place: 12 September 2007 at 8:30pm.

Location: Sapphire Lounge - Century Village next to Irish Village, Dubai.

Contact Info Email.

Having received a lot of positive feedback regarding Hye Lounge 3, we have decided to organise this event again in the same place.

All kinds of music are going to be played with of course some good Armenian ones.

The entrance is free. Do not hesitate to come with friends; we will be waiting for you there.

The Hye Lounge Team.

Location of Hye Lounge in facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2443481495 (sign-in required)

Defining the goals first Monday, August 27, 2007
Azad-Hye: We all know how active the Armenian youth in Dubai and Sharjah have been lately. This started by Hye Lounge team with the announcement of their first event, followed by other events on almost monthly basis. The emphasize was given on social gatherings.
For most of the participants it was a surprise to realize that the number of young and professional Armenians in the UAE was bigger than any previously known figure. Hundreds of Armenians now are connected through these events and others wait their turn to be "discovered" and get involved.
Read the rest here.

Enquiry: Tourist visa to Dubai Friday, August 17, 2007
Dear Friends,
My name is Baltasar Bagdassarian. I am an Argentinean resident and I am trying to send my parents for 10 days to Dubai as tourists, but I need tourist visa sponsor. Can you assist me?
Shad shenorhagalem
Dear Baltasar,
Thank you for writing to us.
The usual way tourists get visa to the UAE is by booking into a 4 or 5 star hotel. The hotel then processes the visa. The other way is to ask the airline company (such as Emirates Airlines) to issue the visa. In both cases the original visa is deposited in the airport and the visitor gets it in hand upon arrival. He or she can board the plane by showing a photocopy of the visa.
Residents in the UAE can sponsor their relatives or close friends, while companies sponsor their employees.
Hope your parents will enjoy Dubai.
Members of the community who know more about this subject can write to Baltasar directly.
Best regards,

Sharjah: Meeting with Armenian member of the National Assembly Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Questions and Answers session

The Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates would like to announce that a gathering is going to be held on Tuesday 10th July 2007 at 8:30 p.m. in Pierre Keusseyan Community Hall.

We are pleased to have Mr. Hrayr Garabedian, Member of parliament in Republic of Armenia amongst us to conduct this session.

You are all invited to this gathering to discuss the latest situation in Armenia.

Sharjah: Holy Mass during July 2007 Friday, July 06, 2007
Holy Mass will be conducted in the Armenian Church of Sharjah twice during July 2007:
Dates: 8 and 22 July 2007.
Celebrant: Father Aram Deyirmendjian.
Time: 11:00 - 12:45 hrs.
Note: The Holy Mass service will not be performed during the month of August due to the summer holidays.
For further information contact:
P.O.Box 41117, Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Armenian grammar course for youth and adults Thursday, July 05, 2007
We have received the following announcement from the Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates:
Armenian grammar course for youth and adults
We are pleased to inform the public that the National Council has taken decision to establish special courses for teaching Armenian grammar. 
The courses will take place according to the following schedule:

Every Monday from 7-8pm and repeated on Fridays 10-11am, in the premises of the Armenian weekly Ohannessian School (see photo on the left side).
The courses will commence on Friday 9 July 2007 for a duration of two months.
All those who wish to improve their knowledge of the Armenian language are encouraged to register by calling to the office of the Armenian Community Center (telephone 06-5660320), everyday from 8am to 1pm, except Fridays. 
The courses are offered free.
See more including the text in Armenian here.
Read comments on the subject by Nishan Basmajian, Hovig Manjikian and others in the Forum.
Forums logo

UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah receives a letter from his Armenian counterpart Saturday, June 30, 2007
Sheikh Abdulla receives message from Armenian Foreign Minister
Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Foreign Minister, received on 28 June 2007 a message from Vartan Oskanian, Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The message was handed over by the Armenian Ambassador to the UAE, Vahagn Melikian.
In his message, the Armenian Minister invites Sheikh Abdullah to visit Armenia.
Sheikh Abdullah discussed with the ambassador relations between the two countries and the ways to strengthen them, besides a number of issues of mutual interest in the light of regional and international developments.
Compiled by Azad-Hye using material from WAM and Khaleej Times

Sharjah: Ohannessian Weekly School's Board of Trustees (2007-2009) Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates would like to inform you that the Board of Trustees of the Ohannessian Armenian One Day School members for the coming two years 2007-2009 are as mentioned below:

Mrs. Arin Zohrab
Mrs. Lena Kazanjian
Mrs. Maral Haroutiunian
Mr. Garo Missirlian
Mr. Harout Kalmajian
Mr. Nishan Basmajian
Mr. Sebouh Armenagian

We wish them the best of luck.

P.O.Box 41117,
Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
E-mail: armcom@emirates.net.ae

Webpage of the above story

Hye Lounge Team is back with something new Tuesday, June 19, 2007
We received the following message from the Hye Lounge Team:
Subject: Hye Lounge 3
Dear All,
After a busy period for the Hye Lounge Team, we are back with something new. What about having a Hye Lounge Party: A very trendy place in between Sharjah and Dubai, good music, drinks, and a nice dance floor with of course a Lounge areaˇK
How does it sound?
In order to organise this, we would like to know how many of you would like such an event. You can come for a drink or two or even dance all night long. Of Course we are going to play some Armenian Music and have couple of Kotcharies.
We would be planning this Hye Lounge 3 event on a Friday, end of June or beginning of July.
It is very important for us to know how many of you would like this to happen through a confirmation mail. If the number is to low we would just pass on the idea.
We are waiting for your mails, an answer before Wednesday the 20th of June would be good as the event may take place in the coming weeks.
Looking forward to meet you all again,
The Hye Lounge Team
17 June 2007

Concert in aid of Zatik Orphanage! Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dear Friends,

The concert "An Evening of Chamber Music" in aid of Zatik Orphanage in Yerevan, Armenia was a beautiful event.

We had many generous donations, but the target was not reached.

The funds will be sent to Zatik Orphanage within 10 days.

If you are interested in making a donation YOU CAN STILL DO IT NOW!

Please let me know & I will be happy to collect your donation for this noble cause.

God Bless

Gulizar Jonian

16 June 2007


Comment by 'Hayg Nahabed' Saturday, June 16, 2007
Dear Sebouh Armenagian,
I have read all you articles and the recently published "Barahantes".
Although you are not hiding your name, but your articles always try to give a message by hiding certain facts and I would like to comment as follows:-
1) Apparently you are aware the real name of "HT", but you tried to be provocative.
2) The "Table issue" always will be a big headache for the organizers regardless who is sitting at grand places.
3) Your article ends up by an announcement that there are certain "groups" in our community. Again you tried to provoke something.
Be more specific
Hayg Nahabed

The above message was posted in the Forums section. Te express your views about the barahantes click here:

BARAHANTES by Sebouh Armenagian Friday, June 15, 2007
BANNERSebouh Armenagian is one of the active members of the Armenian Community in the UAE. He was the founder of the first Armenian website in the UAE. Later Armenagian took part in the formation of Azad-Hye and he continues to provide his support to this project.
Read here one of his recent comments (titled "BARAHANTES" meaning Dancing Ball), about our community life, where it becomes clear that the virtue of an Armenian is in fact related to where he belongs and not to what he knows. Belonging to the dominant stream inside the ruling party is important in all kind of trivial and gross issues altogether.  
Click the above icon to read this satire by Sebouh Armenagian.

Rafi answers Serjei on Hye Lounge issues Friday, June 15, 2007
As part of the Hye Lounge Team I am going to quickly set two three points.
- Hye Lounge was not created to compete with any body or other groups, we are not here to replace or do others job.
- Hye Lounge is a gathering, and should be approached that way, if you do not want to meet new people or think it is boring...well I hope they have good programs on ShowTime Tv.
- And, last but not least, where is the issue of meeting new people and having chats on different subjects informally...
I am sorry Serjei if Hye Lounge doesn't meet all your needs and expectations, we are not here to change the world, we just want to meet every few weeks with our friends...and share our friendships with new comers.
Thank you for reading,


Robert A. Matossian has some practical suggestions:
What a lot of negativity, regardless of whether there was some "political" alter plan behind the Hye Lounge thing, I for one enjoyed it sort of, it was nice easy going and I met some new people!
It is simple, those who do not like it do not have to go to it! Chill..
I would like to thank the team for their efforts and only wish that next time it is done in a place that is not divided in 2 and perhaps come up with some sort of "get to know you" formula.
See you next time.
Robert A. Matossian

Sharjah Armenian Church Committee members appointed Friday, June 08, 2007
The Council of the Armenian Community in the Northern Emirates has appointed the members of the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church Committee for the coming two years (2007-2009) as follows:
Vicken Kelendjian
Mardiros Kasbarian
Hratch Manjikian
Raffi Baghdoud
Hagop Karayacoubian
Sebouh Segian
Kegham Bedourian
Six out of seven members are hailed from the traditional Syrian-Armenian town of Kessab.

Armavia Air operates from Dubai Airport Terminal 1 Friday, June 08, 2007
Summer schedule Effective 01 June 2007 Armavia Air will fly to Yerevan from Dubai International Airport's Terminal 1 (instead of Terminal 2). 
Flying times are very convenient. See schedule on the right side.

Abu Dhabi: Chamber music evening in aid of Zatik Orphanage Friday, June 08, 2007
Zatik OrphanageDate: 14th June 2007, 7pm
Location: Theatre, British School Al-Khubairat, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Clarissa Payne, Instrumental Tutor at the British School Al-Khubairat, invites you to a fundraising concert in aid of Zatik Orphanage, Yerevan, Armenia.
The concert aims at raising money to meet the cost of the coming year’s pastoral and academic needs of Zatik Orphanage. See below for more details regarding the orphanage and its work.
The concert promises to be an exciting evening, featuring the talented staff of the British School Instrumental Scheme. The programme will feature chamber music from England, France, Germany, Russia, and Armenia.
Read more here.

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