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Ambassador Morgentau's Story

Posted 06 February 2005

AZAD-HYE (6 February 2005): Henry Morgenthau was United States Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire between 1913 and 1916. He witnessed the Empire's entry into the World War I and the Genocide of its Armenian population.

"Ambassador Morgenthauís Story", first published in 1918, was a denunciation of Turkish leaders for the mass murder of over a million Armenians. It was a book written with the authority of a first-hand witness. It was reprinted several times, the last one being in London 2003, by "Sterndale Classics" (see
Ambassador Morgentau's Story).

We are pleased to host the digital form of this valuable resource in the "Downloads" section. Two modes are available: text only (includes the text of the book) and full mode (exact copy of the original book, with text and photos).

Acrobat Reader is required to open both files.

here to download the book.

Contents of the "Ambassador Morgentau's Story" (1918):

Editor's Introduction
1. A German superman at Constantinople.
2. The "Boss System" in the Ottoman Empire and how it proved useful to Germany.
3. "The personal representative of the Kaiser." Wangenheim opposes the sale of American warships to Greece.
4. Germany mobilizes the Turkish army
5. Wangenheim smuggles the Goeben and the Breslau through the Dardanelles.
6. Wangenheim tells the American Ambassador how the Kaiser started the war.
7. Germany's plans for new territories, coaling stations, and indemnities.
8. A classic instance of German propaganda.
9. Germany closes the Dardanelles and so separates Russia from her Allies.
10. Turkey's abrogation of the capitulations. Enver living in a palace, with plenty of money and an imperial bride.
11. Germany forces Turkey into the war.
12. The Turks attempt to treat alien enemies decently, but the Germans insist on persecuting them.
13. The invasion of the Notre Dame de Sion School.
14. Wangenheim and the Bethlehem Steel Company. A "Holy War" that was made in Germany.
15. Djemal, a troublesome Mark Antony. The first German attempt to get a German peace.
16. The Turks prepare to flee from Constantinople and establish a new capital in Asia Minor. The Allied fleet bombarding the Dardanelles.
17. Enver as the man who demonstrated "the vulnerability of the British fleet." Old-fashioned defenses of the Dardanelles.
18. The Allied armada sails away, though on the brink of victory.
19. A fight for three thousand civilians.
20. More adventures of the foreign residents.
21. Bulgaria on the auction block.
22. The Turk reverts to the ancestral type.
23. The "Revolution" at Van.
24. The murder of a nation.
25. Talaat tells why he deports the Armenians.
26. Enver Pasha discusses the Armenians.
27. "I shall do nothing for the Armenians," says the German Ambassador.
28. Enver again moves for peace. Farewell to the Sultan and to Turkey.
29. Von Jagow, Zimmermann, and German-Americans.

Upper-Left Photo: Cover of the last edition of the book, London 2003.

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