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Armenian collectors
Inform us about your collection (stamp, coins, art items, maps, etc). This will help you to find people with common hobbies and interests.
Artistic creations for sale
Works of art for sale. The items belong to genuine owners. Further documentation and/or proof of ownership should be required directly from the owners.
Business leads
You can post here information that can help enlarge your business or locate new collaborators, etc.
Post here competitions of scientific, athletic, social and other natures.
Educational sponsorship
Financial assistance to pursue education.
Invite the public to your activities.
Job offers
Check the job description and other particulars with the announcing companies or individuals. Be aware that a position cannot stay available for long time. Therefore, a position offered one or two weeks ago is considered an old one and it may hardly be still available. But the same company might have similar positions or can give valuable advice.
Job seekers
Post your job request with your qualifications here. Submit your text in presentable way. You can also add your CV or other details as a link. In any case, be concise and up to the point and do not forget to provide info about how the potential employer may contact you...
Looking for Armenian books and publications
Searching for Armenian books and publications. Send your enquiry to post@azad-hye.net
Looking for friends
If you have lost contact with an old Armenian friend and Facebook did not help you to locate him/her, you can post a message here and members of the Armenian communities in the Middle East will read this and try to help you, if possible. Give as much information as possible. You can write also in Armenian.
Looking for relatives
Armenian reality has created stories of families living apart for decades. If you are looking for any living family members you can post your request here.
Non-governmental organizations
Introduce your non-governmental organization here.
Online biographies
Send your online biography or information about your academic and educational achievements.
Promotions or career movements
A great number of Armenians are in the move. New opportunities arise and new positions are offered with better payment and employment conditions, combined with recognition and self-fulfillment. Send your promotion news or information about your job advancement and we will keep the readers updated. Use post@azad-hye.net   

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